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Creative Operations
September 29, 2023
February 13, 2024

Top 43 Creative Operations Tools For Fast-Growing Brands

Gouri Sasidharan

Top 43 Creative Operations Tools For Fast-Growing Brands

September 29, 2023
February 13, 2024
Gouri Sasidharan


Are you now trying to search inside the box to see if any epic campaign ideas are left?

Or, do you end up having sleepless nights because you have an extravagant idea but shudder at the thought of executing your creative vision with your large team?

The ideas are endless, but putting them into action, communicating them to the team, getting your ducks in a row, and launching them can be quite the struggle in creative operations.

Here is where creative operation software comes into play. 

What are creative operations?

Imagine you’re planning to run a digital marketing campaign on various platforms. The campaign includes a series of banner ads, social media graphics, a launch video, email marketing banners, and a landing page. To ensure quality, consistency, and compliance with your brand guidelines, you need to brainstorm, create, optimize, scale, distribute, and derive performance insights while keeping your team in the loop. With a creative operations application, you can easily streamline all these steps in a matter of minutes. 

Creative operations refers to the strategic and systematic approach to managing the processes, people, and technology involved in the creative production and marketing of content and assets while maintaining brand quality.

The different stages of creative operations

Different stages of creative operations

1. Ideation and creation: This stage involves conceptualizing, researching, and creating initial drafts of content, visuals, or concepts.

Suited team/role: Creative teams including content and copywriters and designers.

2. Creative automation: The next step is making your content creation easier or multiplying them into different variations. Creative Automation is the combination of technology and tools to streamline repetitive or time-consuming creative tasks.

Suited team/role: Marketing and advertising teams 

3. Creative workflow and project management: Managing the entire creative process requires effective project management. This stage involves planning, scheduling, and overseeing the execution of creative projects. 

Suited team/role: Project managers, creative directors, marketing managers.

4. Creative asset management: In this stage, the focus is on organizing, storing, and retrieving creative assets such as images, videos, and design files that you have created or generated using AI.

Suited team/role: Brand managers, designers, digital marketers.

5. Creative analytics/optimization: . It's crucial to analyze its performance. This stage involves gathering data on how creative assets are performing and using insights to optimize future content. 

Suited team/role: Growth and performance marketers and data analysts.

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Each of these stages plays a critical role in the creative process, and the involvement of different teams and roles ensures that creativity is efficiently utilized, automated, managed, and optimized to drive success for businesses. And who’s at the forefront of getting all of these different teams together? A creative operations manager!

If you’re struggling with creative operations, here is a list of 43 tools that can help ease your troubles.

Creative operations toolbox: 43 must-have tools 

Creative operations play a crucial role in businesses of all sizes, but the specific needs and strategies can vary depending on whether it's a small business, a mid-sized business, or an enterprise. 

Here, we’ve listed the top 43 creative operations tools for various teams and roles within the business scale along with their features, flexibility, pricing, and customer ratings. Find the right fit from here to elevate your team's day-to-day creative operations management.


They engage in extensive and complex creative operations, managing vast amounts of creative assets and campaigns across multiple teams and regions. They implement advanced digital asset management, data analytics, and marketing automation solutions. Enterprises emphasize global brand consistency, compliance, and data-driven decision-making to have a strong advantage in the market.

1. Artwork Flow

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.9/5 9.6 Workflow management $$

Artwork Flow is a versatile creative operations platform that provides functionalities such as workflow management, online proofing, creative automation, and digital asset management to make the lives of marketing teams easier.

Artwork Flow - creative review process


  • Smart proofing tool exposes to you the typos, errors, and compliance issues in your creatives.
  • Replace emails with the Artwork Flow platform and get all your design feedback worked out in one place instantly.
  • Track daily tasks and ease the approval process among team members with customizable and creative workflows.
  • Scale/resize your creative assets without losing the quality and send personalized messages regardless of geographic borders using creative automation software
  • Running a festive campaign? Generate stunning backgrounds for your creatives using AI-background image generator tool.
  • Artwork Flow generates AI-enabled tags for every asset in the library helping to retrieve a brand asset from the past within seconds.


  • AI-powered DAM library.
  • The team always releases enhancements that make the experience better. 
  • Customer team checks with you regularly to ensure everything’s running smoothly.
  • Clean interface and easy to use.

Effortless Collaboration: Artwork Flow Keeps Feedback in One Place

Susthir G.  


  • Important features are hard to figure out from the interface.

The dashboards can have more fields to see individual performances in a month.

Jonaki P. 

What gives it a competitive edge

Using Artwork Flow's Studio, you can create a basic ad, import it, and use a CSV file to get the copy edited into different languages for regional ads, expanding the global reach.

2. Monday.com

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.7/5 9.0 Creation & Assignment $$

This Monday pretty much drives your work blues away by making creative management fun. With a user-friendly interface, Monday.com offers flexible visibility, and projects can be customized to fit every individual’s needs. 

Creative ops functions- Monday.com
Source: Monday.com


  • Manage and track each part of the communication with stakeholders easily.
  • Monitor your KPIs and optimize project campaigns accordingly.
  • Create live-action items by embedding boards, dashboards, and other components into work documents.
  • Monday AI is a recently introduced feature that is available in the beta now. From generating your weekly project plans to rephrasing your emails, this feature eases your work.


  • Great customer service.
  • Intuitive dashboard and interface.
  • Customization options for specific projects. 

Game Changing WorkFlow Management


  • The layout can be confusing.
  • To get certain features, you might need to upgrade the plan.

I have had a pretty mediocre experience with Monday.com. If you are not a project manager or are only managing the most simple of projects with minimal tasks associated, then it may work for you. But for a seasoned project manager, it will leave you frustrated.

Verified user  

What gives it a competitive edge

Tracking the progress of a project and checking in with collaborators to make them accountable, improving efficiency. 

3. ClickUp

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.7/5 8.5 Creation & Assignment $$

Many marketing agencies use ClickUp to manage campaigns, clients, operational procedures, and more.

ClickUp tasks board
Source: ClickUp


  • Helps to set clear project expectations with time estimates and monitor time spent with detailed reports. 
  • Offers multiple templates for various marketing workflows.
  • The ability to sync with your calendar to view all your tasks, events, and reminders in one place.
  • Connect your marketing apps with 1000+ integrations.


  • Ease of use.
  • Automations are easy to set up. 
  • Captures accurate client feedback and interdepartmental communication.

ClickUp impressed me so much, I ended up pivoting my business and becoming a ClickUp Consultant

Saskia M.  


  • At times, you might lose a card while trying to upload it due to the delay.
  • Does not facilitate communication through emails every time. 

For the first time users it can be overwhelming but once you begin how it works it becomes easier. You have to be careful when assigning a task and setting the targeted time so that you don't bother other teams with notifications.

Prince C.  

What gives it a competitive edge

With ClickUp’s sprint feature, visualize, and speed through any tasks by automating them to hit your target.  

4. Creative Force

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.7/5 9.0 Digital asset management $$$-$$$$

Creative Force is a creative operations platform that streamlines the creative workflow by providing tools for managing product images, organizing content, and facilitating collaboration among creative teams.


  • Say goodbye to administration work with workflow automation and focus completely on productivity and creativity.
  • Creative Force allows businesses to store, organize, and manage all of their creative assets, such as images, videos, and documents.
  • Review different versions of your creatives with side-by-side comparisons using version control.


  • Keep track and inventory of all the creative assets diligently.
  • Real-time video production and tracking
  • Service levels are satisfactory.

Creative Force has allowed us to create uniform scalable processes and drastically reduce manual work and mistakes. Their integration with post processing vendors has also significantly reduced our turn around time. The CF team is also incredibly responsive and helpful in answering questions and helping us tailor our workflow


  • Important features are hard to figure out from the interface.

Anytime there is a change in style guide or workflow for a product already in progress, we need to reset the whole production and reupload existing images. It will be great to have the option to copy over images from one client to the other one.

What gives it a competitive edge

Creative Force is launching an AI-based content generation tool called Dreem.ai to identify and elevate e-commerce values for brands.

5. Smartsheet

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.4/5 8.4 Due dates - Project management $$

Smartsheet provides work management, content automation, and collaboration features that help marketing teams organize, track, and automate various projects and tasks.

Smartsheet's creative proofing


  • Improve your team's productivity using utilization reports. It spots important trends from historical data such as the busiest months for your company, who's overboard on a project, and which teams have performed well.
  • Remind your team of their tasks and deadlines with automated alerts and reminders.
  • The platform can integrate with Google Workspace, Slack, Salesforce, Jira, and more. 


  • Group information from all projects and track their progress.
  • Access projects from the mobile app 
  • Points out tasks with the most dependencies when managing an important project. 

A perfect Solution for anyone who is a beginner, or advanced and anywhere in between!

Holly M.  


  • You might find the workflow complex at times. 
  • For integrations like Zapier, you need to pay extra. 

Relatively effective but still a bit complicated to realise full benefit for the organisation. Data capturing is somehow complicated. The outlay isn't clear leading to need to consult on many aspects.

Blessing M.  

What gives it a competitive edge

The Smartsheet solution continues to improve user experience by adding functions and features requested by users.

6. Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
3.7/5 6.6 Notifications - Advertiser campaign management Custom quote

Adobe Advertising Creative is a suite of tools within the Adobe Creative Cloud designed specifically for ad creation and optimization.


  • Adobe’s integration with its creative apps helps in seamless collaboration between teams and automatically scales over thousands of creatives within seconds.
  • You can search and retarget customers using ad automation.
  • Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative offers a variety of tools that businesses can use to create ads, including templates, drag-and-drop editors, and AI-powered tools


  • Find all the essential creative tools in one place. 

It provides one of best suites for integrated cloud based software.

Verified user  


  • The programs tend to crash.
  • Opening files created in previous versions is impossible.

Easy to learn; can be frustrating to use.

Jordan M.  

What gives it a competitive edge

With all the Adobe integrations, you can centralize your workspace into one without the need to depend on any third-party apps.

7. Screendragon

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.8/5 9.2 Data repository Contact team

Screendragon provides creative operations features tailored for marketing and creative teams. With features like project management, workflow automation, budgeting, and more, it streamlines the creative process and improves team coordination.


  • Ensures brand governance by managing all brand resources in one place.
  • With powerful dynamic forms, generate proper briefs and make use of features like real-time form calculations and multi-media previewing.
  • Workflow automation is implemented in all content briefs, campaigns, localizations, and much more.


  • Navigate like a pro with its user-friendly interface. 
  • Advanced workflow capabilities. 

The perfect tool to help organisations really level-up their marketing operations

Alec O.  


  • The loading time can be slow.

In certain instances, it is quite plain and has requirements for too many details that might not be ready in test instances.

Yash N.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Screendragon lets you bid farewell to lengthy hand-over and tracking of old email correspondence by streamlining and improving the project oversight.

8. Bannerflow

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.6/5 9.0 Dynamic versioning Custom quote

Manage campaigns and personalize ads at a pace with Bannerflow’s creative management platform which specializes in creating, managing, and optimizing digital advertising campaigns.

Improve workflow and save time with Bannerflow
Source: Bannerflow


  • Bannerflow specializes in DCO, enabling marketers to create personalized, data-driven ad campaigns that adapt to user behavior, leading to higher engagement.
  • Delivers high-quality ad campaigns with lower production costs.
  • User-friendly interface and responsible support team.


  • Quicker turnaround for banners.
  • Integrations quickly with internal tools.

A fast and scalable tooling to push creative visuals forward

Verified user  


  • High refresh time on the web.
  • Pricing structure is inflexible. 

Not too intuitive. To find what to do one has to dig and actually click around. I didnt find a lot of trainning options.

Max F. 

What gives it a competitive edge

If you want a robust platform that balances creativity, ease of use, automation, and analytics, then Bannerflow is your go-to platform.

9. Celtra

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.4/5 8.3 Campaign Scheduling Contact team

With this platform, digital marketers can create interactive or video creatives using well-designed templates, collaborate with their agencies, and evaluate the creative process via analytics.

Scale your creatives with Celtra
Source: Celtra


  • Mobile-specific solutions and custom ad formats elevate creative abilities and improve campaign performance. 
  • Create, edit, and execute videos. Helps to schedule campaigns. 
  • The platform also provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities to track the performance of creatives and make informed decisions about campaigns.


  • Robust reporting capabilities and the ability to customize it. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Great customer support.

The elegant solution that stands out from the crowd

Verified reviewer  


  • Listing campaigns in dropdown is time-consuming. 

Panels. They are very uncomfortable. we cannot use them at the same time unless we have a big wide screen.

Julieta M.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Celtra upscales the quality of creative production in terms of creation, speed, and engagement. It allows you to explore unique creative solutions.

10. Air

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.7/5 9.3 Digital asset management $$-$$$

Air is a creative operations platform for trend-setter marketers. Its UI is sleek, it helps you become creative and collaborate with stakeholders including external agencies. 

Air: Creative operations platform
Source: Air


  • Leave annotations frame by frame in high-quality videos if you need to get anything changed. 
  • Smart search functionality helps you find digital assets faster. (search by keywords, metadata, and tags).
  • With Kanban view, get a 360-degree view of your project and track its progress.


  • Easily collaborate with external stakeholders.
  • Speed up editing and distribution with smart search 
  • See who has access to your assets quickly with rights management.

The Dropbox & OneDrive alternative I was looking for

Dhrumil D.  


  • Available on web browser and Mac only. No integrations with other devices. 
  • The free version of the software has very few features. 

Good software but needs work

Jennifer L.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Air’s UI is specifically built for visual assets. Thus it is a perfect tool for marketing and creative teams to find, manage, and collaborate on their visual assets.

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11. Wrike

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.2/5 8.0 Task management $$

Wrike is a creative project management and collaboration platform that provides task management, Gantt charts, real-time collaboration, and reporting. 

Wrike's creative workflow feature
Source: Wrike


  • Reporting and analytics features provide insights into project progress, team performance, and resource allocation.
  • Manage budget like a pro with customizable currency preferences.
  • Automated workflows.


  • Easily helps you to manage and keeps you on top of projects.
  • Great interface and simple to use. 
  • Transition to the software is smooth.

I've researched & tested every major player in the "project management" space and Wrike Leads All

Gabirel L.  


  • Ensure to check with the team and inform them before you upgrade your plan or buy anything. Customer service has mixed reviews.

I've used other software that I find better for an advertising agency.

Jackie S.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Wrike is the perfect example of creative collaboration among teams. It allows easy task handover and prioritization.

12. Bynder

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.5/5 8.9 Asset management Custom quote

Bynder helps marketing professionals hustle through asset creation, streamlined collaboration, and content workflow across various teams.


  • The creative workflow feature lets you standardize, approve and even analyze the project workflow.
  • Studio feature helps you to create, resize, and distribute video content smoothly.
  • Bynder has an in-depth analytics tool where you can see how your assets are being shared, downloaded, or viewed.
  • Bynder assists you in content creation with its generative AI tool.


  • Clean and intuitive user interface allows you to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders effectively. 
  • Finding assets and sharing them with others is made easy. 
  • Eliminates complicated file structures. 
  • Provides educational resources to get comfortable with the platform.

Bynder is a highly customizable tool with a great team behind the product to support your needs.

Sarah H.  


  • Random bugs.
  • Creating collections and managing them can be a little tricky. 
  • Doesn’t offer many customization options. 
  • Downloads all the versions of an asset instead of downloading only the latest or specific version. 

Lots of resources and support; uncertain about how well Bynder will meet our core needs once in use.

Verified user  

What gives it a competitive edge

With the quality of support rated 9.2, Bynder has an agile customer support team to hear customer feedback and work to improve the experience.

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13. Jira

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.3/5 7.9 Kanban board - product management $$

Jira is one of the top platforms that provides a range of tools for creating and assigning tasks, setting priorities, tracking progress, and collaborating with team members.

Track your projects with Jira
Source: Jira


  • Jira has a flexible and customizable workflow to work for both technical and non-technical users in the product and project management teams.
  • Scrum and Kanban boards help you break down complex tasks and help them visualize the workflow.
  • Make better product decisions by prioritizing tasks and collaborating effectively with your team from anywhere.


  • Integrates with BitBucket and Zendesk which saves time from moving one program to another. 
  • Proper agile and Scrum approach helps in learning progress and plan releases.

Jira is a great scrum management tool

Verified reviewer  


  • Cannot clone tasks once they’re done.
  • You can't use plugins for a limited number of users.

Jira Atlassian software online is the best but could easily be so much better!

Verified reviewer  

What gives it a competitive edge

Jira has an improved user interface and a neat dashboard within a reasonable price range. It is a convenient platform to work for all the roles in project teams.

14. Canto

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.3/5 8.6 Asset management Contact team

If you want to manage your generated creative assets, Canto is a great platform for it. It also helps you to collaborate on the same creatives with other team members. 


  • Canto’s DAM tool offers AI-driven tagging and facial recognition abilities.
  • It prevents you from the maintenance of a bunch of assets and the repetition of the review and approval process.
  • You can keep track of your creative assets, remove the outdated ones, and store them for future reference.
  • Enhance your video and find them using AI-enabled search.


  • It's a good alternative to Dropbox and has more powerful features.
  • Creative assets are accessible under a single roof for all the team members. 
  • Facial recognition feature among assets is a huge boon during searching of creatives for campaigns.

Canto is a step ahead and in some ways almost too good to be true!

Pamela M.  


  • Sometimes it might show the wrong tags with assets.
  • Some users have written about the platform not being user-friendly.

Canto is not terribly user friendly. Customer service is great and is eager to help you, but some features are buried and if not in frequent use you'll find yourself asking for help for the same tasks.

Cari E. 

What gives it a competitive edge

When it comes to user experience, the platform makes sure it delivers digital content from servers near customers across the globe for faster page load times.

15. Workamajig

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
3.7/5 6.9 Time & expense - project management $$

It offers a robust project and resources management medium for creative teams. 


  • Workamajig helps understand client profitability and gain real-time metrics—You can look at projects, budgets, scheduling, reporting, and accounting in one place.
  • Customize your projects by adding your preferences in the project intake form.
  • Workamajig provides clarity in the direction of your goal with the information and insights it provides for your creative operations. 


  • Project time allocation.
  • Constantly releases updates.

14+ years using WMJ

Rachel D.  


  • Updating projects can be time-consuming.
  • Misunderstanding among users leads to scheduling errors.

Complex functionality, boring interface

Marin H.  

What gives it a competitive edge

The schedule feature shows you how many hours you have and are left helping you to manage time with efficiency. 


G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.1/5 7.7 Budget tracking Contact team

Kantata Cloud (formerly Mavenlink + Kimble) nurtures you in effective collaboration and proactive resource planning with its flexible platform.


  • Save time by creating reusable templates and workflows.
  • Streamline financial activities by adding input in the timesheets and expense claims quickly and easily.
  • With business intelligence, gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.


  • Easy to gather report time sheets.
  • Versatile user permissions.
  • Private messaging.

The complete solution for efficient project management.

Ronald Abilmar R  


  • Poor interface and slow at times.
  • It doesn’t distribute time automatically when a due date changes.

Too complicated time entry

Kevin C.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Kanata is useful for planning and maximizing your resources. Using it, you will be able to determine who is accessible based on skills and competencies and how much work they can handle.

Medium-sized business solutions

If yours is a mid-sized business, you probably manage larger volumes of creative content and campaigns. You will need more sophisticated creative management tools and processes, emphasizing collaboration, brand consistency, and marketing automation. Here are a few software you can consider to meet your creative operations needs.

17. Airtable

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.6/5 8.9 Views - project management $$

Airtable is a project management tool that makes importing data, sorting it, and using it very easy and straightforward. 


  • A flexible grid-like interface that allows users to create and structure databases according to their specific needs.
  • There are 100+ pre-built templates available. If you don’t want to use a template, you have the freedom to customize the template for exactly what you need.
  • Store and access user personas, keywords, types of content, etc. in one view.


  • User-friendly workflow. 
  • It has smart features that reduce your workload. 
  • It is flexible and good for client and customer reports.

Best for sme, easy setup and deploying

Vu L.  


  • Limited reporting capabilities. 
  • Lack of action from the support team.

Great product let down by non-existent support

Dave V. 

What gives it a competitive edge

If you’re looking to replace your spreadsheets, Airtable is a suitable choice. It has the ability to customize everything making the platform users’ choice. 

18. Ziflow

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.5/5 8.9 Permissions - video CMS $$

Ziflow speeds up your creative operations by auto-routing project management along with asset management and creative collaboration.

Make quick decisions with Ziflow
Source: Ziflow


  • Save time by reviewing, commenting, approving, and collaborating in one place.
  • Ziflow lets you sync your projects and tasks to the respective assets.
  • Proof all components of a digital campaign in one place including web pages and videos.


  • Collaboration is easy as multiple users can add feedback in multiple formats. 
  • Every team member can stay in the loop without back and forth as the system sends email notifications once feedback is posted, and an approval stage has been completed.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple tools like screengrabs, annotation tools, PDFs, and emails as it has the necessary functionality for collaboration. 

Easy setup, keeps people and projects organized, and makes the reviewing process a breeze

Skylar F.  


  • Buggy plugins and glitches.
  • The uploaded files may appear blurry sometimes.
  • When reviewing multiple assets, if there are any changes in the revisions, all the reviewed assets need to be uploaded again which leads to a waste of time. 

Close to being a great product but has some issues.

Verified User  

What gives it a competitive edge

Ziflow makes tracking work easy. You can easily learn who has seen or not seen the comments or feedback on a creative which helps to streamline the review process quicker.

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19. Smartly.io

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.4/5 8.3 Retargeting - advertiser campaign management Custom quote

Smartly.io empowers marketers like you to create, manage, and optimize advertising campaigns across various channels. Its automation feature enables you to scale your campaigns efficiently and achieve better results through data-driven strategies. 


  • The platform offers dynamic creative optimization tools that personalize ad content based on user behavior and data. This ensures that ads are tailored to specific audiences, increasing relevance and engagement.
  • Smartly.io's automation features enable advertisers to scale their campaigns efficiently and achieve better results through data-driven strategies.
  • Automate your workflows and deliver the content — be it image or video ads — to relevant audiences on Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform.


  • Easy to navigate across multiple accounts and platforms.

Smartly drives efficiency through scaled creative capabilities and easy reporting visualizations

Allison W.  


  • The chat help feature is not helpful.
  • Bugs cause momentary delays in meeting deadlines that need to be addressed.

Can be buggy Reverting to different accounts/ time periods when switching through reports, libraries, etc.

David F.  

What gives it a competitive edge

For companies managing various social media campaigns, it is easy to create campaigns and set up target audiences faster, especially with a clean UI.

20. Storyteq

4.4/5 Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.4/5 8.4 Dynamic versioning Custom quote

Storyteq’s creative operations platform enables marketers to collaborate, create, and deliver personalized video and image content at scale.


  • Generate image and video content in local and personalized messages aligning to your brand and legal guidelines.
  • You can have your content live in a very short time frame because of the fast render time and direct ties to social networks.
  • Live notifications update every stakeholder on the spot helping you to get faster feedback and approvals on your creatives.


  • Easy to implement and work on.
  • Collaboration with teammates is a breeze.

Particularly adds value for local adaptions in terms of translation, A/B test versions and local products/artworks. Significantly improved time-to-launch against acceptable costs.

Lieke V.  


  • Sometimes you could encounter bugs but the team is pretty responsive with it. 

It took a lot of effort and time to make (the scenes for) the video, to test all the variables and to connect with our e-mail marketing system. But when it's live, it works very well.

Lotje G.  

What gives it a competitive edge

It is a really good solution when creating content for different markets with different needs, languages, and products and is very cost-efficient.

21. Pixis

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.6/5 9.6 Brand Guidelines Contact team

It helps you create creatives targeting the right audience and optimize campaigns with AI in the center. 


  • Create assets that get your brand the attention it deserves with AI-led design suggestions.
  • Scale your top-performing creatives with generative AI and make better decisions to maximize ROAS with proprietary AI models.
  • Easy integration of Pixis into your marketing channels and other platforms.


  • AI infrastructure integrates with your existing tech stack.
  • Built-in workflow and insights help you to make decisions better.

Pixis AI has been helpful in optimizing the campaign and generate 10-20% better performance.

Suraj L.  


  • There’s room for improvement in the interface of Pixis.

Like any tool it takes time to get used to the UI, and how to use it. I wouldn't say that it is a dislike as much as it is just learning another system. The Pixis team was super helpful throughout the process.

Verified user  

What gives it a competitive edge

It facilitates simple AI deployment and rolls out new features every quarter to improve the product.

22. Airtory

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.5/5 8.6 User, role, and access management Contact team

Airtory is a creative management platform that focuses on helping advertisers build ads and improve ad performance through interactive elements.


  • By integrating Airtory into your creative operations, speed up your decision to drive superior results.
  • The ad builder platform lets you create interactive static and video ad creatives. It also includes drag-and-drop functionality.
  • The library offers custom, rich media creative templates.


  • A wide range of media formats are available.
  • They update their library with interesting formats from time to time.
  • Support from tech is great.

A relatively easy way to bring custom rich media creatives to your site. Excellent customer service!

Charles O.  


  • The standard plan offers only limited templates.

The basic standard campaign features can be put in a single section…

Kiran P.  

What gives it a competitive edge

You can build an ad creative using Airtory for a fraction of the cost of hiring an outside creative agency.

23. Zuuvi

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.5/5 8.2 Banner type - Display ad design $$-$$$

Zuuvi helps brands create immersive content that drives user interaction and encourages positive engagement. 

Create ads and scale them with Zuuvi


  • Produce multiple professional data-driven ads using an ad automation feature.
  • Make edits to your copy while the ad is live.
  • Generate ads of multiple formats and sizes.
  • Create animated banners without a coding background.


  • Preview functionality makes it a breeze to get feedback from stakeholders.
  • Good customer support.

Zuuvi free up a lot of production time

Verified user  


  • Takes time to get accustomed to the studio. 

The Studio (backend) is a bit difficult to understand and use, takes quite a lot of knowledge to understand how the templates are intertwined.

Verified user  

What gives it a competitive edge 

It offers an all-in-all solution for enhancing digital advertising, creative production, and marketing collaboration in your team, catering to the diverse needs to create impactful brand experiences.

24. Rocketium

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.1/5 8.2 Ad template Contact team

A popular creative operations platform that combines AI, creativity, and analytics to streamline the creative process in teams.


  • Create localized videos and download them in multiple dimensions using pre-defined templates.
  • Make quick edits with insights drawn from creatives for better results.
  • Stick to your brand identity with an AI-powered compliance tool.


  • Easy to use API.
  • Rocketium is flexible while creating the videos of your dreams.
  • Create personalized content by adding the media (images and music) you like.

Fast and complete tool for Video Automation

Enrico K.  


  • Depending on your plan, there’s a limit in videos per month.
  • The timings function is a little complicated to understand.
  • A few users claim that customer support is not cooperative.

What gives it a competitive edge

Rocketium comes in handy if you are dealing with a variety of creatives and their operations daily hoping to reap good results in return. 

25. Papirfly

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.5/5 8.6 Brand Guidelines Contact team

Papirfly is a platform designed to assist growth and performance marketers with the tools they need to effectively create, manage, and optimize their marketing campaigns and materials.


  • Papirfly offers templates to create high-quality marketing materials aligning with your brand guidelines.
  • It supports compliance and localization efforts by tailoring assets to meet local regulations and preferences.
  • Papirfly can integrate with ad platforms and marketing automation tools, making it easier to seamlessly transfer assets and campaigns to the preferred advertising channels.


  • Easy to get started with and highly configurable.
  • Manage multiple brand campaigns with ease.

Professional, from beginning to end, from sales through to support. A great product and look forward to see where they go from here.

Daren J.  


  • User management system is time-consuming.
  • Reporting features need to be expansive.

The platform is ok but there are some need for improvements.

Nils S.  

What gives it a competitive edge

It helps brands remain consistent by ensuring they follow the brand guidelines with all the digital and offline assets.

26. Mediawide

G2 rating Top-rated feature Pricing
4.8/5 Personalized interactive video platform Contact team

Mediawide is a creative marketing platform that focuses on enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your creative production particularly in the media channels. 


  • Scale your creative assets to various sizes and upload them to major ad networks globally through integrations.
  • It allows you to conduct surveys, and customer profiling and include call-to-action buttons in HTML5 videos to increase and optimize interaction with the consumer.
  • You can pre-scale, remarket, and upsell videos using a personalized interactive video platform in Mediawide.


Firstly i love the working and how this software has been so useful.

yash b.  


  • Customer support isn’t quick to act according to some reviews.
  • Pricing can be better.

Very easy to place ads and campaigns for our targeted audience. Ads of any type whether digital or physical can be placed.

Danish A.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Mediawise helps growth marketers distribute personalized messages on a global scale gaining more traction and enhancing the customer experience.

27. Filestage

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.6/5 9.1 Annotations - video CMS $$-$$$

Filestage is a good project management tool for graphic designers that helps with the content review and approval process.


  • Add time-stamped comments for videos and audio.
  • The reviewer doesn’t have to create an account on the software to add comments and annotations.
  • Automatically emphasizes the changes made in the latest version of the creative while comparing.


  • Handles varieties of file formats.
  • Easy to get specific feedback as reviewers can add comments to any part of the file. 

Filestage is a great review platform, very intuitive for the user.

Trina S.  


  • Limited number of folder templates and folders for each project.
  • The software has a few bugs that may cause you to revert to emails again. .
  • The software lags when you have too many projects. 

Great tool but room for improvement.

Verified user 

What gives it a competitive edge

Filestage is easy to navigate and users can collaborate on different projects with both internal and external stakeholders without any complicated onboarding process that wastes time and budget.

28. Hive

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.6/5 8.9 Creation and assignment $$

Want to know how productive were you last week? Keep track of it and also your tasks with a collaboration platform like Hive.


  • Hive lets you write perfectly drafted emails for your clients using AI.
  • Executes the perfect design plan and lets all the stakeholders stay on the same page with automated updates.
  • Hive lets you view project layouts in six different ways: Gantt, Kanban, calendar, portfolio, table, and label views


  • Teams can use it seamlessly increasing in efficiency.
  • You can leave reviews through the mobile app.

The Only Project Management Software with the Features I need.

Robert F.  


  • Sometimes you don’t receive the notifications.
  • Software can slow down when too many people send messages or media.

Good Software but can be glitchy

Tom W.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Hive increases your team’s productivity by keeping you all accountable to your responsibilities with its automated updates on time tracking and scheduling.

29. ProofHub

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.6/5 8.7 Task Prioritization $$

ProofHub is a creative management software that lets design teams share ideas, visualize workflows, and share files and feedback effectively.


  • It provides discussion boards for teams to exchange ideas and feedback in one centralized location.
  • Track your tasks and projects with ProofHub’s reporting tool.
  • Communicate in multiple languages.


  • Allows every member to count task progress easily and get everyone on the same page. 
  • Third-party integrations. 
  • Allows you to drag and drop files directly into the software. 

Keeping the entire team on the same page is super-easy with ProofHub!

Erica R.  


  • The Mobile version is not very user-friendly.
  • Limited template options.
  • Detailed timesheets are not available. 

I have had some issues with the mobile app which could be more responsive. The app lags sometimes and you don’t get granular control over notifications, which can be quite annoying.

Dharvi S.  

What gives it a competitive edge

ProofHub helps you to work, collaborate, and manage creative projects in real-time from a single spot.

30. GoVisually

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.4/5 9.0 Online proofing $$

GoVisually is a creative project management software designed for creative teams. It allows users to review and provide feedback on creative content such as designs and videos in a collaborative environment.


  • You can leave real-time comments including private comments, and annotations on creative assets, facilitating clear communication.
  • GoVisually tackles design bumps flawlessly with the review process, which is also a public favorite.
  • Video reviewing and proofing available.


  • Value for money.
  • It stores revisions of a creative which the users can go back and check it.

Client Friendly Creative Review Tool

Jason S.  


  • Limited features.
  • Organization of the project structure could be better.

The login is problematic and sometimes new revisions get tucked behind old ones.

Megan D.  

What gives it a competitive edge

You don't even have to leave Photoshop or Illustrator because of the direct plugin that will upload files to GoVisually.

31. Podio

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.2/5 8.3 Creation & assignment $$

Podio lets you get your work done with your teams through its collaborative work management system and intuitive AI tools.


  • Customizable and automated workflow.
  • Smooth transfer of data from other data sourcing platforms.
  • Podio’s chat feature allows you to directly communicate with your team members on the platform itself.


  • Track all your important emails, tasks, and projects stress-free. 

VG, it's been my bread and butter

John D.  


  • Scaling is not easy with limited features.
  • Lacks time-lapse feature to see how long tasks may take.

Podio with both Great Power but also some Issues

Mikkel L.  

What gives it a competitive edge

The platform is flexible and user-friendly. You can access projects on your phone or desktop from any remote part of the world.

Also read: 5 Strategies To Best Manage Your Remote Design Team

32. Cloudinary

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.4/5 8.5 Lazy loading - Image optimization $$-$$$

Cloudinary is a creative media management platform that provides comprehensive solutions for storing, optimizing, scaling, and delivering images and videos.


  • Catch objects in the image or video through smart tags.
  • Generate and scale videos using existing elements and colors.
  • Deliver engaging web experiences by optimizing the page and the page speed.


  • Cloudinary's free plan has innovative features that are suitable for booming websites.
  • The platform is backed with strong technical support.

Best media resizing, Transformation, Storage and sharing platform

Prem P.  


  • At times, you can’t retrieve the files you are looking for.
  • Some reviewers claim the documentation is complicated to navigate through.

Loaded features, but complicated and unorganized documentation

Nick M.  

What gives it a competitive edge

From creation to storage, you can manage your images and also optimize and distribute from the same platform while eliminating the need to depend on other tools.

Small business essentials

Got a creative team of 1, ChatGPT, and a prayer? This section is for you.

Creative operations for small businesses include using cost-effective tools for project management, content creation, and marketing. Here are our top picks.

33. AdCreative.ai

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.3/5 8.9 HTML5 authoring - creative management platforms $$-$$$

Is your copywriter or designer busy? With AdCreative.ai, you can be both of them! It is one of the top creative management products that leverages AI and automation to transform the way digital advertising creative is generated. 


  • Create ads of all sizes for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., or display advertising and repurpose them.
  • With Creative Insights Pro, receive insights on ad CTR and top-performing colors in your creatives which helps you to optimize your ad creatives accordingly.
  • Once you input your website link, the tool itself analyzes your website from which it will tell everything about your brand. This helps when you want to generate a strategy or creative.


  • It’s savvy enough for non-designers to use, so it's perfect for small businesses that don't have the budget to hire a full-time graphic designer.
  • Helps you eliminate dependency and save time by creating your own professional ad creatives along with generating copy that converts.

AdCreative.AI for scaling our creative output for marketing and advertising efficiently and reliably

Ritu J.  


  • No room for customization after the content is generated.
  • At times, it’s hard to scale images the right way for landscape-oriented posts.

Once the designs are populated and the existing image is replaced, on rendering some designs retain the previous images. Not being able to edit the design once populated.

Tasha R.  

What gives it a competitive edge

For its users, Adcreative.ai has been a pleasant and financially profitable experience compared to other AI tools.

34. Scoro 

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.5/5 8.6 Creation & assignment $$

Scoro combines project management, time tracking, collaboration, invoicing, and reporting into a unified platform. It is designed to help teams streamline operations and improve collaboration.


  • Time tracking and resource allocation help teams understand where their time is spent, optimize workflows, and increase overall productivity.
  • Users can create customizable dashboards to monitor key performance, facilitating data-driven decision-making.
  • Manage your budgets effectively without overdoing it using the tool.


  • Clean display and powerful time tracking tool.
  • The flexibility of its setup makes it an excellent option for a small business.

It's very intuitive - the whole team loves it, and as a bonus, the development team at Scoro seems to be developing it all the time. Unlike Traffic, which we had for years.

Martin D.  


  • The custom PDF templates are quite limited.
  • Sometimes it is very hard to understand, especially for beginners.

As a new developing system not always all my wishes can be implemented by 100% but it is sort of understandable.

Raimonds S.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Scoro ensures that you don’t waste your time and resources while looking to streamline your creative process. It solves all scheduling, planning, and tracking of projects.

35. NEXD

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.8/5 9.4 Ad templates - Creative management platform $$-$$$

NEXD is a creative management platform that specializes in creating interactive and engaging ad experiences.


  • Create campaigns without adding any code.
  • Run successful campaigns with data-backed insights on your ad creatives.


  • The platform is easy to use.
  • The customer team is very supportive throughout the whole subscription.

It's simple, it's complex in a great way. You can do a lot of creative things using there templates and once you master how to do that you can become creative in other ways.

Prashant P.  


  • Technical glitches come up often after an update.

Incorrect data sometimes. When downloading the report, NEXD misses a few impressions and clicks. Report and platform data should match.

Bijay G.  

What gives it a competitive edge

You can quickly implement creative concepts for consumers without requiring extensive programming knowledge.

36. Trello

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.4/5 9.0 Creation & Assignment $$

Want to check off everything from your to-do list one by one? With its drag-and-drop functionality, Trello’s board and card system allows users to organize and prioritize tasks effortlessly. 


  • Recognize and automate repetitive tasks with intelligent automation.
  • Devise and create a work breakdown structure (WBS) according to the project scope.
  • The email-to-board feature lets you add tasks to the boards via email, even when not directly accessing the platform.
  • Trello integrates with 200+ popular tools like Slack, Google Drive, Hubspot, and more.


  • Design and user-friendly interface that’s visually pleasing. 
  • Helps organize tasks and days better.
  • Attractive templates and educational blogs.

Scalable and flexible project planning and task management software.

Danny D  


  • The task management system is not upto the mark. 
  • You lose what you’ve typed as a comment because you exited or minimized the app.

I really dislike that you can't manage multi-accounts, so you need to logout, login to the new account and do the job.

Verified User  

What gives it a competitive edge

You can keep a close eye on your tasks by breaking down them further into smaller tasks by adding checklists. 

37. Basecamp

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.1/5 8.5 To-do lists - project management $$-$$$

Want to meet deadlines and discuss feedback without drama? Basecamp lets you do it easier for your daily ongoing tasks and creative project management.


  • View your projects in one place and step-by-step.
  • Form a fresh perspective on your projects and creatives with useful insights and reporting features.
  • Automate your tasks on Basecamp with integrations such as Zapier, Ziflow, etc.


  • It has the right amount of features which is not too complicated to use for various teams.
  • Mobile support is very efficient.

Our go-to project management tool!

Joanna D.  


  • To work with different versions of Basecamp is a little overwhelming. 

Sometimes I would find myself having a hard time when I tried to go back in different groups to find certain messages.

Shelbea F.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Basecamp makes collaboration a breeze between team members across geographic boundaries along with simplifying task management. 

38. Hightail

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.2/5 8.8 File sharing - project collaboration $$

Hightail lets you share large media files along with enhancing creative collaboration within your teams and streamlining project management. 


  • You can create "spaces" where all types of files can be stored, and links to this space can be shared with anyone inside and outside of the organization.
  • Facilitates time-stamped commenting on audio and video files.


  • Simple and intuitive platform.
  • Transfer important files with high security.

Good option for sharing large files

David O.  


Retrieving assets from cloud storage is tricky at times.

Hightail has some really awesome customer service. Other than that, I feel there are other cloud storage and file sharing applications that are more superior.

Sheila Z.  

What gives it a competitive edge

The platform helps speed up creative workflows by providing a centralized space for project-related assets and discussions.

39. Clipcentric

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.0/5 - Cross-platform ads Contact team

Clipcentric is a creative production and automation platform that focuses on simplifying the process of building and delivering HTML5 display and video ads.


  • It offers features for creating responsive ad units that adapt to different screens and devices. 
  • Clipcentric enables you to save time by allowing you to make small changes to the design instead of scraping them completely. 
  • Build an ad from scratch from a database of video clips.


  • Produce ads across platforms quickly and easily.
  • Get valuable insights into how to maximize your advertising impressions.
  • The platform is available on many devices.

They let us advertise more effectively, increasing our conversion rates and promoting our business. We've definitely seen an uptick in business performance since using Clipcentric.

Jack E.  


  • Too many options on the platform that aren’t necessarily used by users.

There is perhaps too many options to choose from when producing advertising. The features bar on the left of the screen is full of options, most of which will never be used by every day designers.

Verified user  

What gives it a competitive edge

Clipcentric's technology helps you to create visually appealing and responsive ads without extensive design expertise which reduces dependency.

Also read: Video Automation 101: Everything You Need to Know

40. Paymo

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.6/5 9.0 Creation & assignment $$

A simple creative project management tool that bundles task management, time tracking, and invoicing.


  • Find out the scope of your project and make business commitments by seeing the schedule of the whole group.
  • View all projects in one place with the Kanban board.
  • Record and categorize billable and non-billable hours on timesheets with the built-in time tracking tool.


  • It’s easy to switch from another software to Paymo.
  • Track time of your projects to plan better for future commitments.

Paymo represents agility in the execution of projects and quality assurance.

Marianela F.  


  • Hard to export anything from the platform.

Would NOT recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest of "outside the box" process for projects or billing/invoices.

Cameron N.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Paymo provides insights into how time is spent on various tasks, helping teams optimize their productivity.

41. Infinity

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.6/5 8.7 Use-case templates $$

Infinity is a flexible tool that enables users to customize workflows, project structures, and data views. It supports various use cases, with advanced filtering and sorting options.


  • Customizable workflow and project structures.
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options, helping users find and focus on the most relevant data within their databases.
  • Various templates are available for design sprints, product roadmap, web design, and more.


  • Affordable software.
  • Intact customer support team.

Very customizable and affordable project management

Michael S.  


  • There are no reminders in accordance with the due dates.
  • Mobile version is not very desirable. 

I found it rather slow, to be honest. That was what really ticked me off. :( I'm not sure if it was my location, but because of the speed, it's hard for me to use it.

Krish A.  

What gives it a competitive edge

Customized templates for each use case facilitate better team collaboration and easy understanding of high-priority tasks.

42. Miro

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
4.8/5 9.2 In-browser - collaborative whiteboard $$

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboarding platform that allows teams to visualize ideas, brainstorm, plan projects, and conduct workshops in real-time.


  • It offers a wide range of templates and frameworks for various use cases like brainstorming, agile planning, and design thinking.
  • With Miro AI, automate your workflow directly. 
  • Integrates with popular tools like Slack, Trello, and Jira, allowing teams to incorporate visual collaboration into their existing workflows.


  • The free hand feature lets you experience that you’re doing it physically. 
  • Various team members can collaborate on brainstorms, mind mapping, and flow documentation at the same time. 
  • Miro makes work-from-home collaboration easier. 

One of the best collaboration tools I've used

Rafael P.  


  • Lack of integrations with tools like MS and Google Suite.

Miro was fine but it didn't seem to work the way I expected it to

Ryan M.  

What gives it a competitive edge

From the first canvas to the final documentation, Miro can streamline the creative process for any designer making it a suitable platform for visual collaboration.

43. Adzymic

G2 rating Ease of use Top-rated feature Pricing
5/5 - Creative management platform Contact team

It offers a creative management solution that is beneficial for creating ads, improving ad relevance, increasing engagement, and ultimately driving better campaign results.


  • Create banners or ad units with ease by just adding the title, description, images, and destination URL.
  • Adzymic provides APIs that developers can use to seamlessly integrate with all DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) into their applications or websites.
  • The proprietary smart tag technology automates the generation of personalized ads rather than doing it manually, especially in e-commerce websites.


  • Dynamic optimization with real-time data.
  • Easy to navigate the platform for beginners.


  • Limited customization features.
  • May not be suitable for small businesses with limited budgets. 

What gives it a competitive edge

It saves a lot of time through automated generating and optimizing creative variations in real-time, allowing for highly customized and engaging ad experiences. 

Time to upgrade

That’s the end of the list and we hope you’ve got detailed facts about the best creative operations tools for your team. 

It's a lot to take in, so take your time, decide which platform best suits your team, and then get started with your ideal creative operations platform. 

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