Free Color Finder Tool

Struggling to extract colors from visuals? Stop looking further. Our free online Pantone color finder tool extracts colors directly from your designs. It goes beyond the basic color pickers and offers additional tools like a color palette extractor and helps you find every color in your creative.

What are online Pantone color extractor tools?

Online Pantone color extractor tools are web-based applications that allow you to extract colors from all your creatives. Our online color extractor tool takes it one step further by letting you extract entire palettes too.

You can capture specific colors from creatives and use them for all your design projects. It's a time-saving solution for designers who need to ensure color accuracy and consistency across projects, especially when working with marketing and promotional materials.

What are the benefits of the Pantone finder tool?

Our free online Pantone finder tool will help you identify and extract colors in your creative. With our tool, you can instantly find Pantone and CMYK colors effortlessly for your next design. Here’s how our pantone finder tool can help you:

  • Saves time by automating the color extraction process, instead of manually searching them individually.
  • Identify colors accurately with precise color values such as HEX codes, RGB values, Pantone, and CMYK colors.
  • Easily accessible through all web browsers anywhere and at any time

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Elevate your design process and extract colors instantly.

Extract colors 

Our online color extractor tool allows you to extract colors from your images instantly through our web-based application.

Identify color codes 

Our online color extractor tool can help you identify Pantone, CMYK colors, and so much more.

Compare colors 

With our free online color extractor tool, you can compare all the colors in your creatives with your original and active version of your creative.

Faster creatives 

Take all the guesswork out of your designs and scale creative production with our free online color extractor

How does this online color extractor tool work?


Upload the image 

Simply begin by uploading your file — in AI or PDF format — to Artwork Flow secure servers. If you don’t have a creative to upload, you can use

our sample file to see how it can help you 

extract colors from your creative. 


Let our AI tool work its magic 

Let our AI-powered engine guide you through, and proof your creative and extract all Pantone and CMYK colors.


Proof your creative

Artwork Flow’s online spell checker tool, font finder, and online measurement scale  tool options to make sure your designs are error-free.


You’re all set to go live! 

Voila! You have the perfect creative for your campaign, it’s time to  go live now.

Who can use Pantone color extractor tools?

Artwork Flow’s digital proofing software is built to accommodate every team involved in the creative review process.


For brand teams, it is essential to utilize Pantone color extractor tools to analyze their brand creatives, as well as website and social media visuals to extract the colors used to create more consistent designs.

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It is important for design teams to ensure that all their creative projects are in line with the brand colors. Our online Pantone color finder tool can help designers and design teams to extract colors for illustrations, logos, marketing collateral, and much more.

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Product development teams and project managers who work on digital products can instantly use our Pantone color extractor and extract colors from the creatives.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I extract color from a website?

With Artwork Flow’s free online color extractor tool, you can upload your image through a web browser and extract colors instantly.

How can I remove color from a picture for free?

With Artwork Flow’s online color extractor tool, you can instantly extract colors from your image efficiently.

How can I remove color without damage?

You cannot remove colors from your image but you can extract all the different colors used in your image, including their Pantone and CMYK codes.

Is the color extractor tool free?

Yes, our online color extractor tool is completely free to use.

What are some other free online proofing tools?

In addition to our online measurement scale tool, you can also check out our font finder tool, spell checker tool, PDF compare tool, and much more.

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