Artwork Flow for
Project Managers

Manage any complex workflow with Artwork Flow

Make project management more efficient with a bird’s eye view of the entire creative project from end to end.

Create complex workflows

Build custom workflows that meet your team’s specific needs and adapt to your business requirements. Manage any project from start to finish efficiently.

Get end-to-end visibility

Track progress through a project’s entire lifecycle. Get complete accountability from teams and detect bottlenecks in real time so you can address them right away.

Bring your team together

Get all project stakeholders into one shared workspace to ease collaboration and multi-stage reviews of creatives. Avoid silos and ensure everyone gets the complete picture.

Send automated follow-ups

Ensure no creative gets held up by a single team. With real-time visibility and automated follow-ups, you can notify reviewers right away so your project progresses with no delays.

What our customers say

"Thanks to Artwork Flow, collating comments on creatives and setting up workflows is seamless now. Also, what I really liked about the platform is the digital library, being able to have different versions of our creatives has been really good for our technical and food safety teams."

William Page
William Page
Marketing and Branding Manager

What our customers say

“Before we started using this artwork approval software, it was far too easy for the details of our various projects to fall through the cracks in the back-and-forth of email. Now, everything is consolidated in one place.”

Manny Arthur
Manny Arthur
Design Manager, LesserEvil

What our customers say

“Artwork Flow is a fantastic product with an amazing team behind it to support.”

Leo Smirnov
Leo Smirnov
Creative Director, DS Healthcare Group
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