Free Font Finder Tool Online

Extract fonts from PDFs and other files using Artwork Flow’s free font finder. This smart font recognizer will pick out the fonts used in your files so you can maintain consistency in design.

What is a font finder tool?

A font finder tool is an online application or software that allows users to identify the name of a font used in an image or document. Users can upload an image or provide a link to a webpage, and the tool will analyze the text and provide a list of font options that match the style of the text. 

Artwork Flow’s free font finder tool is built to help users identify the fonts used in any file, along with their style and thickness. You can upload any file and find the fonts used in the design to make sure they are consistent with your guidelines.

Benefits of font finder tools

Using a font finder tool can significantly improve the quality of your creative output. Here’s how a font finder can help you and your team deliver better creatives:

  • Save time in identifying the fonts used.
  • Maintain accuracy in your creatives.
  • Get inspiration for new fonts from other designs.
  • Makes it convenient to work with new fonts.
  • Helps identify cost-effective alternative

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Use the right fonts in your design

Find fonts

Get the exact type and size of the fonts used in your designs with this PDF font finder tool. You can also check AI files using the font finder.

Tool for everyone

This font recognizer can be used for all kinds of designs and will help everyone from Branding to Legal teams in your organization.

Build your brand

Maintain font consistency in line with your brand guidelines using this font finder tool. Upload your creatives, we’ll do the rest!

Save staff hours

No more digging through open files for the right font. With Artwork Flow’s font finder, you’ll have what you need in seconds.

How does a font finder tool work?


Upload your creative

Begin by uploading your design file — in AI or PDF format — to Artwork Flow secure servers. If you don’t have a creative to upload, you can use our sample file to see how the font finder works.


Process the file for fonts

Our AI-powered engine gets to work and picks out the fonts used in the design so you can view and verify them. Here are the details you get with Artwork Flow’s font recognizer:

  • Name
  • Style
  • Size


Check spelling and other errors

Artwork Flow’s font finder tool also offers a spell check option to check your designs for spelling errors. You can make sure your designs go live error-free and improve the quality of your campaigns.


Check colors

You can also check the colors used in your design and verify them against your brand guidelines. Artwork Flow’s tools give you their exact codes in case you’d like to use the same shades in other designs.

Who can use font finder tools?

Artwork Flow’s digital proofing software is built to accommodate every team involved in the creative review process.


For both branding and marketing teams, it is essential to ensure that every element they use in their designs is consistent and in line with the brand guidelines. These teams can use the Font Finder, as well as the Color Extractor and Online Measurement Scale to ensure consistency in design.

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The design team needs to ensure they follow font recommendations or guidelines in every design. It is necessary to check every creative for the fonts used before sending out the final version to be published.

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In the case of maintaining regulatory guidelines, font size and style need to be maintained carefully to avoid non-compliance and costly rollbacks. Legal teams can check label designs with a font finder tool to make sure the fonts are being used as per guidelines.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a tool to identify fonts?

There are several font finder tools online that can help you detect the fonts in your files. Artwork Flow’s free font finder tool is a solution that gives you more details on the fonts used in your designs. It supports both AI and PDF files and generates fonts used in these files instantly.

What is the best font finder?

The best font finder is one which gives you more details on fonts used in your designs and lets you do more in your creative reviews. Artwork Flow’s font finder is one of the best solutions for fonts as it shows you the font type, size, and style applied in every design and it also gives you more details on your design, such as the colors used, the dimensions of elements in your design, and more.

How do I identify a font in a PDF?

You can easily identify a font in a PDF using Artwork Flow’s font finder tool. All you need to do is upload your PDF file to the font finder and the fonts used in your file will be identified instantly.

How do I identify a custom font?

Identifying a custom font can be tricky, but some font identifier tools can identify custom fonts. Upload your file to Artwork Flow’s font finder and the tool will look for a possible match. You could also search for similar fonts in a font gallery to find the font you’re looking for.

How do I identify a font style?

Identifying font styles in your designs is simple with Artwork Flow’s font finder tool. Once you upload your designs, the font finder will pick out all the fonts used in your file. It will also show the style of each font used along with the size of the particular font.

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