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Find fonts, extract colors, measure dimensions, and compare two design files in seconds using Artwork Flow's free proofing tools.

What is an online proofing tool?

Online proofing tools are a set of collaborative cloud-based applications that help creative, publishing, and marketing teams to upload, review, compare, edit, and share creatives and artworks before sending the final files for printing or publication.

Artwork Flow’s online artwork proofing software solutions are built keeping in mind the challenges faced by new-age design teams and the need to collaborate with project managers, as well as branding, marketing, and legal teams on a daily basis.

Benefits of online proofing tools

Online proofing tools streamline the review and approval process for teams managing creatives and artwork within any organization. Here’s how your teams can use our online proofing solutions to improve your workflow:

  • Streamline communication between stakeholders
  • Avoid compliance issues and product recalls
  • Simplify workflows to speed up approvals.
  • Avoid multiple revisions with error-free designs.
  • Improve transparency and accountability
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Get started with online proofing of your designs

Correct fonts and colors

Find font type, size, and Pantone and CMYK colors used in your packaging labels or marketing collateral using this free online proofing tool.

Maintain proper dimensions

Keep every design accurate and minimize feedback loops. Use our measuring scale to track dimensions of various elements in your designs.

Compare designs for any changes

Use our compare tool to make sure your latest design is up to date. Compare two versions of a design file for any text or graphics changes.

Faster design approval

Streamline communication with all your comments in one place and real-time notifications. Reduce your time-to-market with faster approval.

How do online proofing tools work?


Begin by uploading your creative

Get your online proofing process underway by uploading your creative files — anything from PSD and AI design files to PDFs or JPGs — to Artwork Flow’s secure servers. These files are then ready to be shared between your teams instantly. You can manage and change access settings to ensure files are only available to accountable individuals across the various teams involved in the review and approval process.

7 Best Practices for Secure Artwork File Sharing


Proofing your creatives

Once your document is on the server, you can choose from any of Artwork Flow’s various online proofing software and check your design for any errors. Here’s what you can do with Artwork Flow’s creative proofing tools:

  • Check spellings in text.
  • Compare different versions of your artwork.
  • Measure graphic elements in any design.Extract color codes.
  • Identify font styles and sizes.

The No-sweat Guide to Proofing Your Artworks


Collaborating across teams

Once the creatives have been proofed, each team can add their comments to the document. The comments will be visible to everyone and threads will be maintained to avoid any confusion in communication. Designs can thus be proofed faster and no errors will be left behind, ensuring your workflow is simplified and projects are completed without a hitch.

10 Best Practices for Optimizing the Review and Approval Process


Synchronize communication

With Artwork Flow’s creative proofing software, changes can be suggested and managed in real-time. All accountable members will be notified of new comments and changes made over email, allowing teams to stay in the loop at all times. Say goodbye to miscommunication and welcome greater efficiency to your projects.

How to Collaborate Better During the Proofing Process

Who can use online proofing tools?

Artwork Flow’s digital proofing software is built to accommodate every team involved in the creative review process.


Branding and even Marketing teams need to ensure that every design is completely aligned with the brand guidelines and every element used is in the recommended proportion. These teams can use the Color Extractor, Font Finder, and Online Measurement Scale tools to examine and verify the colors, fonts, and graphic elements used in the design and deliver accurate feedback to the design team.

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The design team needs to ensure their last version is up to date with all the changes recommended and avoid further back-and-forth. Artwork Flow’s proofing software for designers includes the Artwork PDF Compare and Online Spell Checker tools. These solutions are built to help designers to deliver error-free designs to the Branding, Marketing, and Legal teams for review.

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As creatives get published and labels get printed, they are immediately subjected to regulatory checks or public scrutiny, both of which call for guidance from the legal team during the approval and review process. These teams can comment on the changes they need and use the Artwork PDF Compare tool to confirm the necessary changes before the project enters the final stages.

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Find out how your team can use Artwork Flow’s online proofing system to level up your projects.
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How much time can be saved with online proofing tools?

Online artwork proofing allows designers to minimize gaps in communication as comments from every team can be found in the same place. Designers can also ensure all changes are made by comparing different versions of the creatives before sending them back for review.

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Label Managment Software for Designers
How much time can be saved with online proofing tools?
Brand Managers

For brand managers, it is essential to keep every design aligned with the brand guidelines. Artwork Flow's proofing software will allow brand managers to set up checklists that help them track every aspect of the design quickly and complete their checks without missing a single detail.

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Creative Collaboration software for Brand Managers
How much time can be saved with online proofing tools?
Legal teams

For teams looking at regulatory compliance, it is important to make sure no detail is missed out and avoid expensive product recalls at a later stage. Legal teams can set up checklists for compliance and use smart proofing to quickly ensure all necessary elements are in place.

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Artwork Approval Software for Legal Teams
How much time can be saved with online proofing tools?
Project Managers

Project managers need to oversee the workflows and collaborate with multiple departments to eliminate blockers and move projects along at a faster pace. With Flexi Flows, project managers can optimize workflows to suit their teams and facilitate smoother collaboration between teams.

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Artwork Management Software for Project Managers
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