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We employ the best-in-class data security and compliance measures, so your team can collaborate in the comfort of complete privacy.

Comprehensive security from end to end

Our powerful security measures are designed to protect your data in every sense.

Physical security

All of our infrastructure is hosted on multiple data centers of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The data server structures at AWS are built to mitigate the effect of any operational disruptions and protect your information at all times.

Information security

We have always strived to maintain the highest standards of information security at Artwork Flow. Our consistent efforts have been recognized with certifications for ISO 27001:2013 and SOC 2 Type II. We remain focused on raising the bar higher to provide only the best experience to our users.

Server management

Artwork Flow’s servers run on Ubuntu LTS, while they’re managed with automated systems such as Jenkins and Zendesk Samson. This indicates our servers are protected by the latest security patches and data access is limited to authorized personnel only.

Audits and firewalls

Security audits

Artwork Flow works closely with the best teams in application and infrastructure security to perform penetration tests and audits of our platform. We continuously monitor our product for any security vulnerabilities as we keep growing.

Network protection

Secure firewalls supported by the latest updates and patches are used to protect Artwork Flow’s network. Only individuals with the highest security privileges have direct administrative access to our servers and only through a virtual private network (VPN).

Activity logging

We employ an effective log data collection and maintain a complete audit trail of all events. All identification and authentication actions are logged, while redacting any sensitive information like passwords and tokens.

21 CFR compliance

Artwork Flow helps organizations in the food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics industries to comply effectively with Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Our platform allows you to maintain audit trails and electronic signatures on all your reviews, besides ensuring your data is protected by the highest level of security measures.

Enabling round-the-clock security

Secure sharing

Artwork Flow’s data sharing mechanism complies with the best-in-class security standards. All data at rest and during transit are encrypted.

Secure backups

Artwork Flow’s data durability at 99.9% is designed to keep your files and information secure at all times. Digital files on Artwork Flow are backed up every day and following any failure within the system, back-ups can be restored within a single business day.

Security certifications

As we build on securing our operations further, we are following up on our ISO 27000:2013 certification with a deeper commitment to information security. Artwork Flow has now been attested for SOC 2 Type 2, demonstrating our ability to protect customer data and maximize privacy on our servers.


We make sure our teams are updated on our security standards through regular training sessions, involving tutorials that ensure key security documents are studied by everyone working on the platform and compliance is maintained at all times.

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Artwork Flow can help you with label management and creative collaboration.

What is Artwork Management?

Artwork management is the process of simplifying busywork while launching new packages and label designs. Usually, label development involves issues such as regular bottlenecks, compliance errors, launch delays, and sometimes, even costly recalls.

Label management software and tools for creative collaboration such as Artwork Flow can help you overcome these challenges and go to market faster. With advanced and intuitive features such as proofing, compliance management, digital asset management, and a complex workflow builder, Artwork Flow can help you meet all your labeling and creative collaboration needs.

What are the benefits of using artwork management software?

Companies still using traditional labeling and artwork management systems struggle with endless email loops, longer approval times, siloed team communication, and complex workflows.

Implementing an artwork management tool can help you streamline the entire label management workflow, reduce revisions, and speed up time-to-market. Artwork management tools such as Artwork Flow also come with additional creative collaboration features to boost team productivity and ease cross-media marketing. This way, you can avoid the pitfalls of traditional channels of communication for packaging labeling and artwork management.

Label management systems also help you with digital artwork management, storage, and discovery, artwork version control, and faster approvals. As an artwork workflow software, Artwork Flow also streamlines the most complex of project management tasks with an intuitive workflow management system.

Who should use artwork management tools?

Artwork management tools are for designers, brand managers, legal teams, project managers, and any other stakeholder involved in the process of creating, reviewing, approving, or launching a label design.

Brand managers need a label management system to get end-to-end visibility into creative workflows and establish a smart artwork approval system. They also need it for digital artwork management and digital asset management so they can repurpose creatives for seasonal campaigns.

Designers use online artwork collaborative tools to streamline the design lifecycle and for creative collaboration with other teams. With an artwork management solution like Artwork Flow, they can rework designs, access all assets in one place, and accelerate multi-stage reviews.

Legal teams use labeling and artwork management to make the compliance process easier. A label management system can help them ensure all required elements make it to a packaging label and they are compliant with regulatory mandates.

Project managers use label management software to manage complex workflows and get a complete overview of a creative project. Label management systems that double up as collaboration tools make multi-stage reviews and approval so much easier.

What is a collaboration tool?

Online collaboration tools help teams to get on the same platform and ease multi-stage reviews and approvals. Project collaboration tools in the context of packaging artwork management help streamline creative workflows and get products from the web to shelf faster. Artwork Flow is one such artwork collaboration tool that helps with creative collaboration, online proofing, digital asset management, and compliance — making it the go-to collaboration tool for design teams.

While team collaboration tools such as Monday and Asana exist, they can’t meet all the niche creative collaboration requirements of a consumer goods brand. What such brands need instead is project collaboration tools like Artwork Flow, where they can build complex workflows at scale.

How collaboration platforms can help with label management?

Remote collaboration tools help brands get all stakeholders on to one platform to make iterative design reviews easier. With project management collaboration tools, stakeholders from different departments can all leave comments, annotations, and markup on creatives. That’s how collaborative design platforms such as Artwork Flow have cemented their position as an important collaboration tool for designers.

What are the benefits of online collaboration tools?

Enterprise collaboration tools help with multi-stage reviews, iterative design and rework, and breaking down silos between different departments. A creative collaboration tool like Artwork Flow takes it up a notch with intuitive online proofing features, complex workflow functionalities, and a strong digital asset management library. Since everything is cloud-based and accessible 24/7, such platforms are the perfect collaboration tools for remote teams. If you’re looking for collaboration tools online, look no further!

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