Label Management for Life Sciences

Artwork Flow is a life science label management software that helps life science companies adhere to strict regulatory compliance across different geographies and collaborate with distributed teams across the supply chain.

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Secure changes with e-signatures

Life science labeling software such as Artwork Flow help you establish a strict regulatory review structure with electronic signatures that your team members can input for any change management in the artwork.
Artwork Label Management with Smart Checklist

Draw on checklists for regulatory compliance

Stay compliant with a smart checklist that’ll make it easy for you to work quickly and correctly. Ensure no label goes to print without having been through all items on your checklist first.

Foster collaborative proofing

Collaborate with your team members, bring down the approval cycles, iterate less, and ensure that you get your artworks right the first time with this life science artwork collaboration tool.
Creative Collaboration tool for Life Science Industry

Leverage version control

Use the power of version control to access a history log of all your project activity. Use the traceability functionality to audit changes and avoid costly inventory losses.

Establish your own workflows

Set up a workflow that matches your organization’s process and is meant to solve the unique challenges of the life science industries.

Utilize the asset library

Ensure brand consistency by reusing content from your asset library and comparing them across your labelling and packaging components.

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