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“...Our team has found the digital proofing software intuitive and easy to use. When we've needed technical support, the customer service team has been responsive and helpful.”
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Indofil’s vision is to help farmers everywhere take care of their crops and improve their yield quality. Deploying products faster is critical to our business. Thanks to Artwork Flow, we have digitised our artwork management to do just that
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Artwork Flow has been instrumental in streamlining our process as a packaging artwork management team. Before we started using this artwork approval software, it was far too easy for the details of our various projects to fall through the cracks in the back-and-forth of email. Now, everything is consolidated in one place
Design Manager
Lesser Evil
Artwork Flow is the kind of technology that Brand Managers can make use of in order to reduce go-to-market time while also bringing in transparency and accountability within the team.
Brand Manager
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We agonize over every detail so that you can stay compliant, proof artworks faster,  and increase your speed to market.

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Ensure regulatory compliance with customisable workflows and checklists which you can use for future artwork proofing and label design
Automate your workflows
Build workflows and checklists that will help you hold your team members accountable and get work done on time.
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How much can you save with ArtworkFlow every year?

What is your total revenue in a year ? (in $ million)
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Plus, all the little things that make artwork proofing a little less complex

Label Management from initiation to final approvals - All at one place

Organise your assets with label management platform
Organise your assets at one place

Wield a single source of truth and manage all your packaging artwork, label design and brand collateral in our asset library

Organised feedback loop artwork management tool
Use an organised feedback loop

Use markups and annotations to give feedback to collaborators and notify them about tasks

integrate with printers using artwork approval software
Collaborate with external agencies and printers

Allow print artwork proofing by collaborating internal users with external agencies and print vendors

Ditch rigid workflows with online proofing system
Compare content across components

Employ a suite of proofing tools to compare colour pantones, text font styles, check spelling errors, and much more

Compare content across components with digital proofing software
Ditch the rigid workflows

Set up a templatised process suited to your organisation and reuse it for other artwork approvals

Keep track of changes with artwork management system
Manage changes with version control

Carry audit-ability and traceability from start to end with automated versioning

Artwork Flow has been instrumental in streamlining our process as a packaging artwork management team. Before we started using this artwork approval software, it was far too easy for the details of our various projects to fall through the cracks in the back-and-forth of email. Now, everything is consolidated in one place
Manny Aurthur
Design Manager
Lesser Evil
Lesser Evil logo
Single biggest benefit with Artwork Flow is its ease of use. User interface is very intuitive to use for everyone in the company
Nagendranath Chuluvuru
Head Innovation, Quality & Procurement
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See how life science, manufacturing and marketing companies are using ArtworkFlow to launch artworks faster
faster product launch
improved collaboration & communication
faster product launch
case study on artwork management

Forest Essentials is a global luxury Ayurveda brand that infuses ancient wisdom and modern aesthetics to craft organic products. Since its inception in 2000, the brand has expanded to 120 Countries.

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man hours saved
increase in approval rate
man hours saved
case study on artwork management

How Havmor improved its Retail Speed To Market by over 70% with Artwork Flow. This case study lays out Havmor’s challenges and how Artwork Flow resolved them to bring desirable results. 

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Reduced Errors
Decreased time to market
Reduced Errors
case study on artwork management

Read how Lesser Evil, the snack brand trendsetter onboarded Artwork Flow to increase efficiency, reduce labeling errors and release artworks faster.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A few more things for you to know us and digital label management better

Can I try artwork management before committing to it?

Yes, absolutely. You can opt for a free trial without giving us any credit card details, use the solution, and see the magic yourself.

Why should I invest in your label software?

All our global paying clients have seen their ROI in just about a month of investing in the software. We’re very confident that our artwork management solution will amplify productivity in your organization and give you more time to focus on core areas of your business. And if that’s not enough, you can try our software for a fortnight and see for yourself. If you don’t see everything that we’ve talked about, you can always opt-out. No questions asked.

Why do you need a separate artwork proofing system for label management?

Turnkey project management solutions like Asana, Basecamp, Monday, etc. cannot solve the unique artwork creation challenges. These include carrying assembly, audit-ability, and traceability from the start of the artwork created to the end, comparing content across design components, etc. Plus, these systems don’t have regulatory review structures where electronic signatures might be needed for change management in the artwork. Every element of your design, package, and artwork adds to the trust consumers place in your brand. Therefore, it’s critical to invest in software that can handle the unique challenges of industries where regulatory compliance is mandated.

Why should I prefer a cloud based artwork management solution?

A cloud computing infrastructure means that all your information is secure and absolutely safe. With zero manual intervention, the chances of data risk are minimized. Plus, cloud solutions are built to scale as you grow.

Which industries can use Artwork Flow?

Cosmetic, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Paints, Manufacturing, Packaging, Design agencies, and marketing companies that have regulatory compliance can benefit the most from our solution.

Why do I need an artwork management software?

Our artwork management software helps you bring your whole team to one place, proof artworks faster, and manage your assets in one place, meaning faster approvals, fewer iterations, and more productivity.

Do you have a dedicated support team?

Yes, we have email and chat support built into the platform.

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