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September 18, 2023
January 30, 2024

5 Ways How AI-powered Marketing Tools Can Increase Your ROI?

Shirly Christy

5 Ways How AI-powered Marketing Tools Can Increase Your ROI?

May 11, 2023
January 30, 2024
Shirly Christy


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AI has been the talk of the town in recent times. While AI has come as a blessing in disguise, most marketers are uncertain on how they can use it best. The intriguing question is, "What's its value? How can I measure its ROI?” In this article, we are going to talk all about AI in marketing and how AI tools for marketing can increase your ROI. Let's get started.   

What is AI in marketing? 

Before jumping in, we need to understand AI's role in marketing. There’s no doubt that AI is reshaping the way we conduct business. With AI tools for marketing, marketers can leverage brand growth with ease. Several AI tools in the market can help scale creative production, pull out actionable consumer insights, and localize brands for different global markets. This leads to improved ROI and helps brands to tap into new markets. With all the buzz around AI and AI-powered marketing, the benefits anticipated are more significant than life for the brand.

What role does artificial intelligence play in marketing?

With the ever-dynamic marketing landscape, several businesses are implementing AI-based solutions to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing campaigns and deliver the best possible results. Let's explore the different ways through which AI-powered marketing tools, including label design software, can help increase your ROI.

1. Helps in making better decisions

Marketers are held in loops of continuous decision-making which are crucial for the brand. With increasing complexities in advertising, brands are highly concerned with taking personalization seriously, leading to increased privacy and consumer data regulations. AI-powered marketing tools can provide actionable insights that can help brands create a personalized and engaging experience for their customers. Integrating workflow automation into marketing processes can streamline operations, ensuring smoother execution and consistent results.

2. Scaling your creative process 

Creatives are the way through which brands communicate with their target audience. While every brand wants to create stunning visuals that catches the eye of its target audience, it is often hard to develop such high-performing creatives within a short period. With AI tools for marketing, you can make personalized creatives in real time while developing unlimited variations that serve relevant segments of your audience. 

Let's take the example of Artwork Flow's innovative creative automation feature, which can help you create thousands of creatives with a single click. In addition, our  creative Intelligence can help you study what works best for your brand and how to create winning creatives every single time. Find out how you can make your winning creative.

3. Mitigate advertising risks 

Most brands spend a lot of money on A/B testing and finding what is working with your audience and what isn't. AI tools for marketing can help brands mitigate these advertising risks by reducing any negative impact and increasing the effectiveness of their campaigns. It can automatically scan your creatives and flag potential risks visually and verbally, which can go unnoticed by the naked eye. 

AI in marketing : Top 3 Brand Use Cases You Should Check Out

1. 7 million designs in one go

The most loved brand, after all, is Nutella! But have you heard of Nutella Unica? Well, that's a brand born all out of AI! Nutella is special to all of us, but what if we make it unique and limited? It was probably the brief that Nutella might have thought of. Nutella handed the task of creating standout packaging to an advertising agency, Ogilvy, in Italy. They used an AI-based algorithm and created 7 million unique labels that appeal to Italian consumers — that's how Nutella Unica was born. These 7 million Nutella Unica jars flew off the shelves as soon as they hit the store! 

2. Doubling fresh orders

One of the infant use cases of AI in marketing was by HelloFresh. HelloFresh is a food and meal-kit company based out of Germany. When they started their service in the US, they faced two significant challenges — tracking incoming messages on social media platforms and low response rate. Here is what they did differently to solve the issue — they tapped into the AI world and used chatbots as a solution. One of their members on the social media team created Freddy, their chatbot!

With Freddy on their team, the HelloFresh team successfully kicked off their Black Friday campaign in 2017 and 2018. All Freddy did was make users play answer posts and riddles, with every correct answer winning users a free promo code. In 2018 alone, the campaign had a 64% conversion rate, encouraging more than half of the users to place an order.

3. Baking from grandma’s to millennials 

Nestle, one of the most loved brands, found it hard for their sub-brand, Nestle Toll House. The brand wasn't reaching its intended audience — the millennials. With its primary goal to reach and engage new-age bakers, it used a hyper-targeting strategy where the brand could micro-target its audience. With an AI-powered targeting strategy, Nestle Toll House increased its page views and visitor engagement by 88%. 

How can AI-powered marketing tools increase your ROI? 

Returning to this article's most critical question, how can AI marketing tools help increase your ROI? Here are a few ways AI marketing tools can help your brand. 

1. Enhanced customer targeting 

What if we were told that most AI tools for marketing could help you better target your audience? AI-powered marketing tools are like superheroes that can read into your massive target audience and process key insights like customer preferences, behaviors, demographics, etc. These tools read data to ensure your marketing campaigns are highly effective. They cannot help you understand your audience better but it will allow you to deliver the right message at the right time, leading to a higher conversion rate and boosting your ROI. 

2. Personalizing user experience 

You might have a thousand customers, but what if we could tailor the experience for every single one? That's precisely what AI tools for marketing can do for your business. With an intelligent AI tool, you can personalize your content, and messaging and even localize your brand to the audience segment. Most AI tools can help you understand your audience preferences and deliver content that resonates with them, increasing engagement and ROI. 

3. Predicting understanding 

Many AI marketing tools are built on the foundation of predictive capabilities, which means they can see into the future and tell you what works and what doesn't. Well, in its functioning, it uses advanced algorithms that can forecast your audience behavior, help you optimize your marketing strategies, and reduce risks. With AI tools for marketing, you can make a move at the right time, and you will see your conversions starting to increase to new heights. 

4. Improving customer retention 

It is hard to get a lead to convert, but it is even harder to retain them. But AI tools can eliminate hurdles in the process and help you keep your customers. With new-found AI tools for marketing, you can use chatbots and virtual assistants who are available round the clock to help you interact with your customers 24/7. These bots and assistants offer personalized recommendations and create a seamless experience for your customers. It can help build loyalty and drive repeated business, leading to a higher ROI.

5. Automating your routine 

AI tools for marketing are built to remove the redundancy of your mundane tasks. All AI tools can help you automate data analytics, campaign management, and even content creation. Several AI-powered tools in the market can help you scale your content and creative production process. These tools handle all the heavier tasks, leaving you with ample time to work on any strategic or creative tasks. With AI tools, you can make more intelligent workflows, effectively produce outcomes, and drive healthy ROI to your brand. 


Yes, we agree! Marketing can tend to become an 11th-hour job. When you use AI tools for marketing, it can bring you a host of benefits and drive revenue to your brand. AI tools can save time and resources, personalize your customer experience, and boost your ROI. If you are looking for an AI tool to help you creatively manage your brand by streamlining workflows, scaling creative production, and making your teams up to 10x productive, check out Artwork Flow and start your free trial today. 

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