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Artwork Flow helps you ensure consistency in label proofing, support dynamic strategies of the cosmetic industry, and fulfil regulatory requirements of the FDA. Manage your cosmetic and makeup labels from one platform to accelerate product launches and go to market faster.

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Foster collaboration and simplify artwork creation

Collaborate across medical, legal, and design teams to meet product labeling and safety requirements and increase speed to market with this artwork proofing and cosmetic labeling software.
Artwork Proofing Tool to Stay Consistent

Use our proofing tools to stay consistent with your design

Search and compare artwork elements across your product labels within seconds. With this artwork approval software for cosmetic packaging labels, you can easily maintain brand consistency across your entire product line.

Optimize accuracy with customizable workflows

Artwork management software for personal care labels are particularly important to ensure brand consistency. Use bespoke workflows to deliver consistent labeling statements and imagery on all your labels and packages.
Customisable Artwork Workflow Management Software

Always stay compliant with smart checklists

Ensure that your cosmetic product packages and labels conform with FDA requirements through custom checklists. With artwork proofing of beauty product labels, you can easily make sure all regulatory requirements are complied with.

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