How Havmor Went From Grappling With Ineffective Communication To Approving 10 Artworks Everyday

Mrignayni Pandey

October 5, 2023

How Havmor improved its Retail Speed To Market by over 70% with Artwork Flow. This case study lays out Havmor’s challenges and how Artwork Flow resolved them to bring desirable results.

Havmor is a popular ice cream brand with a diverse product line of ice cream cones, cakes, and authentic kulfis. The brand sells more than 160 ice cream products across India and adds three new flavors every quarter. 

Havmor prides itself on using innovative products to keep customers’ love for them intact. But more products meant keeping track of various labels and label changes.  Earlier, the brand struggled with artwork delays as they didn’t utilize artwork management tools to streamline their approval process. 

ice cream brand artwork management case study

This case study lays out Havmor’s challenges and how Artwork Flow resolved them to bring desirable results. 

havmor case study


Scattered Communication

Before using Artwork Flow, Havmor’s teams communicated feedback through emails and WhatsApp chats. Soon, it became tough to keep track of the feedback from various members across different teams. This resulted in approval delays. 

Lack of Accountability

Havmor’s cross-functional teams faced difficulties collaborating and tracking accountability due to the endless email loops and chat threads.  Havmor needed an packaging label design software that allowed all stakeholders to collaborate on a single platform to expedite the approval process. 

What Success Would Look Like for Havmor

  • Eliminating multiple communication channels and transitioning to a single platform to monitor communication.
  • Maintaining transparency in the artwork management process. 
  • Reducing artwork delays and the time to market. 
ice cream brand packaging and  label management case study

How Artwork Flow Solved Havmor’s Artwork Management Problems

Streamlined Communication

Before signing up with Artwork Flow, the team had to inform each other of updates and approvals through calls. Now, concerned team members get an email notification whenever changes have taken place, and every department is kept up to speed on the progress.

All communication is transparent, and members don’t have to remember verbatim feedback or search for it in emails and chats. 

Creating a Sorted Approval Process

Artwork Flow’s robust features helped Havmor organize its artwork approval process into stages and assign tasks and deadlines to members. Every stage has a checklist that’s either pre-built or custom-made by Havmor to help track progress. 

Team members receive emails every time a project is initiated and completed. Members assigned to a task also receive a reminder and overdue emails to prompt timely delivery. If the artwork submitted is rejected, the concerned team member receives another email to notify them of the rejection. 

Version Control 

Artwork Flow’s centralized storage system stores every artwork version created, and its Compare feature points out the differences between any two versions. This helped Havmor access any artwork version and assign it as the current one whenever needed.

ice cream brand packaging label management ase study
client review

Other Stories



A healthy American snack brand that uses only clean and sustainable



Products launched



Faster speed to market



Fewer revisions

LesserEvil offers a variety of organic, vegan, paleo, keto, gluten, dairy, and grain-free snacks such as Buddha Bowl Popcorn, Space Balls, Grain-Free Paleo Puffs, and Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar Potato Chips. 

Today, LesserEvil's snacks can be found in stores like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers, as well as online marketplaces like Amazon, Thrive Market, and Vitacost.

“The importance of packaging is something I’ve experienced firsthand as someone who designed a lot of my own packaging at the beginning. It’s not that I did a terrible job, but we quickly saw the power of a slickly packaged, quality product after we got some help making our products look more cohesive.”   
-Charles Coristine, CEO, LesserEvil, as quoted in FOODBORO

The challenge: Streamlining communication for growth

The LesserEvil team was previously using Asana as their creative project management system. However, they quickly saw that the platform, coupled with long email threads, didn’t help them easily manage their packaging design projects. It was difficult for the team to manage multiple projects, track feedback, accurately proof key line dimensions (KLD), or even find the latest design files.  

With so many product launches and ongoing plans, the LesserEvil team needed a better artwork management solution now more than ever before.

The solution:
Why Artwork Flow?

After a detailed demo, the LesserEvil team used Artwork Flow for two weeks on a trial period. This helped the team experience the full suite of features and tools and understand how they could efficiently manage their artwork.

Streamlining the artwork approval process

LesserEvil’s artwork management process includes a sequential workflow.

Once the designer uploads the artwork in PDF format onto the platform, the artwork is reviewed by 4 collaborators in sequence starting with the brand manager.

The collaborators are assigned checklists that help them know what to review in the artwork. After multiple rounds of feedback, the designer revises the packaging design and uploads the final printer proof which is shared with the printer after final approvals.

Improved communication for all

As LesserEvil’s products fall under the food & beverage category, they need to comply with FDA regulations. This means that any error in the packaging design can cost them extensive product recalls and fines.

Artwork Flow comes with a suite of online proofing tools that the LesserEvil team uses to accurately proof artworks.

Centralized storage and access

The LesserEvil team modifies and approves up to 40-50 artworks per month. Often the same team is involved in reviewing multiple projects leading to miscommunication and confusion.

So, if a project manager needs to share the latest version of the artwork, then they needed to comb through never-ending email threads.

A task that is now easy on Artwork Flow’s cloud library, which features version control. Every time the designer uploads an artwork, it automatically gets assigned as the latest version. Collaborators can also easily filter and access any file, at any time.

The result: A seamless, error-free lifecycle

LesserEvil’s creative operations have improved significantly since implementing Artwork Flow. The team needed fewer reviews to process each artwork and has since launched over 50 products through the platform with a 60% reduction in their time to market.

“Artwork Flow has streamlined our packaging artwork management team’s processes. Before we started using this software, it was far too easy for the details of our various projects to fall through the cracks in the back-and-forth of email. Now, everything is consolidated in one place. Our team has found the digital proofing tools intuitive and easy to use. When we’ve needed technical support, the customer service team has always been responsive and helpful.”

Manny Arthur
Design Manager, LesserEvil

About Artwork Flow

Artwork Flow has been the go-to solution for all things creative management for brands like LesserEvil across industries. Artwork Flow’s user-friendly interface and AI-led features including digital asset management, creative collaboration, online proofing, and project management can streamline the creative lifecycle for any organization. Let Artwork Flow take the complexity out of your creative projects and help your team deliver top-notch results with ease.

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