How Jones Dairy Farm Achieved 75% Higher Efficiency with Artwork Flow

Mitha Shameer

October 5, 2023

From sausage to software: How Jones Dairy Farm ditched their manual creative process and increased efficiency by 75% with Artwork Flow.

Jones Dairy Farm is a leading meat products manufacturer with an unmatched reputation for high-quality products. What sets Jones Dairy Farm apart is its commitment to its craft, which they have honed and perfected for over 130 years. Their signature pork sausage and Canadian bacon are sure to impress even the most discerning of palates. 

A little background

Jones Dairy Farm, a 7th-generation family-owned and operated premium meat manufacturer in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, has been shipping products all over the world since 1889. Lisa Caras, their Marketing Manager, is responsible for ensuring that their creatives and designs are top-notch and always innovative. 

She works directly with multiple agencies and consultants to create bespoke designs, develop new products, and craft new items while also managing the development of all kinds of assets such as videos, images, and social media posts for their upcoming campaigns.

The roadblocks encountered

For Lisa, updating and creating brand assets was a cumbersome process that involved countless emails and iterations, leading to a significant loss of time and value. 

The design and asset development process at Jones Dairy Farm was convoluted, involving countless emails, iterations, rework, and complicated version control that were not effective at all. The operating cost of that process was high, and the results weren't satisfying.

The solution that worked

To achieve their marketing goals in a small business that values every minute, Jones Dairy Farm needed an efficient and effective solution that would closely connect all team members responsible for packaging design, development, and asset management.

The company recognized the issue and reached out to Artwork Flow, who helped streamline their creative development significantly and helped Lisa deliver creatives more efficiently for various marketing campaigns.

The benefits experienced

Since the introduction of Artwork Flow, Jones Dairy Farm has been able to package developments in a quarter of the time it used to take, with projects leaving the door 50% faster than they used to. 

The tool's comment and version comparison features have enabled the company to negate emails entirely and avoid rework, while the AI-driven asset library saves time spent locating brand files.

As Lisa highlights, Artwork Flow has enabled Jones Dairy Farm to achieve extreme efficiency, saving time, and providing several benefits across multiple departments, with the company increasing its efficiency by 75%. 

Artwork Flow's impact has been invaluable to Lisa, allowing her team to be quick with results, avoid time-consuming emails, and prioritize more strategic work.

Lisa Caras loves Artwork Flow because it allows her to collaborate directly with her agency partners and consultants, saving time and producing optimal results. She uses the platform to develop designs, iterates upon new content, and create innovations every day. She finds the ability to compare one version to another and add comments extremely valuable, allowing her to avoid rework and keep track of all the assets in the library.

Creating a positive impact

As Lisa notes, Artwork Flow has had a significant impact on Jones Dairy Farm's marketing game by reducing the need for emails and rework, saving time, and increasing efficiency. The platform has allowed Lisa and her team to create optimal designs, collaborate with partners and consultants, iterate on new content, and manage all their assets effortlessly. 

The collaborative tool's ability to connect all team members, keep tasks in order, and store designs and iterations in one place has been a game-changer for the company. 

Moving forward, Lisa and her team is eager and excited to see what new features will be introduced to Artwork Flow and be part of its constant innovation.

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A healthy American snack brand that uses only clean and sustainable



Products launched



Faster speed to market



Fewer revisions

LesserEvil offers a variety of organic, vegan, paleo, keto, gluten, dairy, and grain-free snacks such as Buddha Bowl Popcorn, Space Balls, Grain-Free Paleo Puffs, and Salt and Apple Cider Vinegar Potato Chips. 

Today, LesserEvil's snacks can be found in stores like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers, as well as online marketplaces like Amazon, Thrive Market, and Vitacost.

“The importance of packaging is something I’ve experienced firsthand as someone who designed a lot of my own packaging at the beginning. It’s not that I did a terrible job, but we quickly saw the power of a slickly packaged, quality product after we got some help making our products look more cohesive.”   
-Charles Coristine, CEO, LesserEvil, as quoted in FOODBORO

The challenge: Streamlining communication for growth

The LesserEvil team was previously using Asana as their creative project management system. However, they quickly saw that the platform, coupled with long email threads, didn’t help them easily manage their packaging design projects. It was difficult for the team to manage multiple projects, track feedback, accurately proof key line dimensions (KLD), or even find the latest design files.  

With so many product launches and ongoing plans, the LesserEvil team needed a better artwork management solution now more than ever before.

The solution:
Why Artwork Flow?

After a detailed demo, the LesserEvil team used Artwork Flow for two weeks on a trial period. This helped the team experience the full suite of features and tools and understand how they could efficiently manage their artwork.

Streamlining the artwork approval process

LesserEvil’s artwork management process includes a sequential workflow.

Once the designer uploads the artwork in PDF format onto the platform, the artwork is reviewed by 4 collaborators in sequence starting with the brand manager.

The collaborators are assigned checklists that help them know what to review in the artwork. After multiple rounds of feedback, the designer revises the packaging design and uploads the final printer proof which is shared with the printer after final approvals.

Improved communication for all

As LesserEvil’s products fall under the food & beverage category, they need to comply with FDA regulations. This means that any error in the packaging design can cost them extensive product recalls and fines.

Artwork Flow comes with a suite of online proofing tools that the LesserEvil team uses to accurately proof artworks.

Centralized storage and access

The LesserEvil team modifies and approves up to 40-50 artworks per month. Often the same team is involved in reviewing multiple projects leading to miscommunication and confusion.

So, if a project manager needs to share the latest version of the artwork, then they needed to comb through never-ending email threads.

A task that is now easy on Artwork Flow’s cloud library, which features version control. Every time the designer uploads an artwork, it automatically gets assigned as the latest version. Collaborators can also easily filter and access any file, at any time.

The result: A seamless, error-free lifecycle

LesserEvil’s creative operations have improved significantly since implementing Artwork Flow. The team needed fewer reviews to process each artwork and has since launched over 50 products through the platform with a 60% reduction in their time to market.

“Artwork Flow has streamlined our packaging artwork management team’s processes. Before we started using this software, it was far too easy for the details of our various projects to fall through the cracks in the back-and-forth of email. Now, everything is consolidated in one place. Our team has found the digital proofing tools intuitive and easy to use. When we’ve needed technical support, the customer service team has always been responsive and helpful.”

Manny Arthur
Design Manager, LesserEvil

About Artwork Flow

Artwork Flow has been the go-to solution for all things creative management for brands like LesserEvil across industries. Artwork Flow’s user-friendly interface and AI-led features including digital asset management, creative collaboration, online proofing, and project management can streamline the creative lifecycle for any organization. Let Artwork Flow take the complexity out of your creative projects and help your team deliver top-notch results with ease.

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