How Teabox improved their artwork management process with Artwork Flow


October 5, 2023

How Teabox improved their artwork management process with Artwork Flow. With real-time progress tracking, reporting metrics and an audit trail, they now get Artworks released to market, in time.

Teabox is an online tea shop based out of India that delivers the freshest teas from estates in Darjeeling, the Nilgiris and Nepal to tea lovers everywhere, every single day. It sells over 600+ products across various brands and categories and each product is packaged uniquely to communicate the essence of the tea to the consumer.

teabox case study
Teabox is tea brand that sells and tea-based products sourced from Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiris, and Nepal.

As a result, the Teabox team has multiple packaging artworks to manage with internal and external stakeholders. Artwork Flow helps Teabox supercharge their go-to-market through efficient artwork management with custom approval workflows and online proofing tools. We talked to them to understand why Artwork Flow is the preferred partner to manage everything artwork at Teabox.

Challenges before Artwork Flow

Before using Artwork Flow, Teabox relied on emails, Google drive and Excel sheets to manage approvals on artwork files and store all versions of approved and pending artworks. Some of the common challenges faced were:

#1. Delays

Each artwork approval took 5-7 days on average

Time spent on searching for the thread with the latest approved version of an artwork

Excess time spent on updating excel sheets, sending emails and managing folders on Google drive

#2. Accountability

No clear accountability and visibility on project delays

#3. Accuracy:

Errors that resulted in wrong artworks being sent to the vendor sometimes

Introduction To Artwork Flow

The Teabox team came to know about Artwork Flow through a referral. They took the software demo and proceeded to start with the trial. They added all the users involved in the process, created their custom approval workflow and added a checklist for each user in Artwork Flow to start with the trial. The different teams involved were Design, Content, Packaging and Regulatory Team.

teabox artwork management case study

The single biggest benefit of Artwork Flow is its ease of use. User interface is very intuitive to use for everyone in the company - Nagendra Chiluvru, Head of Innovation and Quality

Impact of Artwork Flow

teabox packaging case study

#1. Accountability:

With real-time progress tracking, reporting metrics dashboard and an audit trail, they now know how long each user takes for approval, the most common reasons for artwork rejection and the reasons for project delays. 

#2. Efficiency:

Artwork approval time reduced to 2 days from 5-7 days. Automatic tasks are assigned to stakeholders for review with a due date, to ensure zero delays and minimal manual intervention.

#3. Visibility and convenience:

The team benefitted from having a single platform to manage all their artwork approvals and store versions. Designers directly release files on the platform, each stakeholder reviews the file, updates the status on the platform and all the approved files are also readily accessible in the library. They no longer need to scour through mails and folders to find files and have easy access to the latest version of approved artwork.

teabox case study
‘‘Artwork flow has brought in accountability in the team. Now we know the reasons for delay in artwork approvals. Our productivity has also improved becauseapproval workflows automatically assigns approval taska to all the stakeholdersand once gets approved, it automatically moves to approved folder’’ - Gopal Upadhyay, Head of Procurement and Packaging

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