Chemicals Major Indofil Expedites Label Launches Using Artwork Flow

Sumedha Gurav

February 16, 2024

Artwork Flow enabled Indofil to seamlessly implement a digital solution while their teams were working remotely. It helped them reduce their approval time and increase efficiency

Artwork Flow’s Impact

Meet Indofil

For more than five decades, Indofil Industries Limited’s team of 60+ qualified and dedicated scientists has innovated products that assist with crop care. With extensive manufacturing capabilities, their product range includes insecticides, fungicides, bactericides, herbicides, acaricides, surfactants, and plant growth regulators. Their mission is to offer farmers the tools to consistently yield better results and improve their crop’s maintenance and quality. 


Indofil artwork management

The Challenge - Bridging The Gaps In Artwork Approval Processes

Disorganized Workflows 

For many years, Indofil didn’t have a company-wide artwork management system. They relied heavily on reviewing and approving printouts of product artworks. Collaborators would mark their feedback on the hardcopy, sign it to signify approval, and then share it with the design agency. 

While this process might work for one artwork project, it gets complicated when you look at Indofil’s range of 70+ products. Just last year they launched 4 new products in the market.

indofil artwork management

When the design agency shared the revised version, multiple collaborators across five teams would have to review the entire artwork all over again. They would also have to remember their earlier feedback. Multiple artwork projects only created confusion.

Inability To Track Project Status

Indofil’s product artwork also needs to comply with any changes in regulations. These compliance changes are often rolled out by the concerned authorities and vary by geography.  For instance, a state government’s regulation update insists that product labels should mention the distributor’s address. Additionally, this regulation update should reflect on all the labels in two months. In this case, Indofil has to revise the artwork of all the products that are distributed in that state under a strict deadline.     

With multiple ongoing projects, getting a progress update on any artwork project involved a lot of back and forth.   

“There was a lack of visibility and transparency on different projects. We had to constantly follow up and didn’t know which artwork everyone was reviewing unless we asked them and the answer would only be for that moment.”
Vrishali Hirlekar, Executive Marketing Support

Consequently, managing artworks on such a large scale through manual processes was getting tedious and confusing. To sum up, they had trouble with:

  • Gaining visibility over the progress of the artwork approval process
  • Multiple follow-ups with collaborators   
  • Unable to track feedback 
  • No accountability of tasks
  • Difficulty maintaining a single source of truth 

The Solution - Adopting a Unified System to Streamline Workflows 

Why Artwork Flow?

“With the onset of lockdowns due to COVID-19, our manual processes couldn’t possibly continue. We shifted to reviewing digital versions of the artwork through emails, chats, and calls. However, this didn’t solve any of our challenges.”
- Vrishali Hirlekar, Executive Marketing Support.                    

Instead of disconnected email threads to approve artworks, Indofil wanted a single system that would give them visibility on projects, and simplify the feedback and approval process.  

Indofil came across Artwork Flow during their research. After a comprehensive demo, and a trial period to understand the features, they found Artwork Flow to be the ideal solution to take their artwork management.    

indofil artwork management

Parallel Workflows

As Indofil’s artworks are created externally, multiple design agencies needed to be on boarded onto Artwork Flow right from the beginning. Once the design agency uploads the artwork, Indofil’s internal process involves approval from 5 departments. Earlier, due to the manual process, getting feedback and approval on the artwork hardcopy at the same time from different collaborators was difficult. 

Artwork Flow’s custom workflows were what clinched the deal. Unlike other artwork management softwares in the market, Artwork Flow allows users to create custom workflows. Now, Indofil easily initiates parallel workflows and sends out the artwork to be reviewed by collaborators from the 5 teams including packaging, legal, production at the same time. 

Total Visibility

The collaborators are notified about their tasks and can take action immediately. Assigned checklists offer a blueprint to systematically review artworks and not miss anything..     

The project manager can view the project status, see who’s reviewing or who has rejected or approved artwork. An audit log helps the project manager to see project history, get a view of the tasks undertaken, and track feedback, resolving any accountability issues.   

artwork management indofil

Organized Feedback Loops

With all their departments working on Artwork Flow, all the feedback and approval now happens through the platform. 

indofil artwork management

“Our team likes the intuitiveness of the online proofing tools. Especially the PDF comparison tool which helps in knowing exactly what’s been revised from the earlier version and giving effective feedback.” - Vrishali Hirlekar, Executive Marketing Support

After reviewing the artwork files through online proofing tools, the collaborators use the comments and annotation features to give feedback and accordingly approve or reject the artwork.  

Here are some more benefits the team has experienced:

  • Launch new projects with templatized workflows
  • Centralized digital asset management to store all artwork files
  • Project managers can assign any artwork version as the current version 
  • Send notifications to collaborators on pending tasks

indofil case study

What’s Next For Indofil And Artwork Flow?

Within four weeks of subscribing to Artwork Flow, the teams have adapted to online artwork approval processes. After completing a few projects, the teams have become comfortable using the platform. Earlier, they would have to revise every artwork 5 times and now, they do it 3 times.     

With Artwork Flow, they want to further reduce the number of revisions per artwork, decrease errors and increase their overall efficiency. They have also requested features to increase visibility and efficiency across teams, which has been included in Artwork Flow’s current roadmap

Indofil constantly innovates and launches new agrochemical products and as stated earlier, often, has to revise current product artworks to comply with regulations. 

“Indofil’s vision is to help farmers everywhere take care of their crops and improve their yield’s quality. Deploying products faster is critical to our business. Thanks to Artwork Flow, we have digitized our artwork management to do just that. For our future projects, we are now prepared to speed up artwork approvals and go-to-market faster.”
- Vrishali Hirlekar, Executive Marketing Support

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