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Inside Artwork Flow
August 20, 2021
May 8, 2023

Artwork Flow Roadmap - Artwork Flow


Artwork Flow Roadmap - Artwork Flow

August 1, 2021
May 8, 2023


Hey there, as you know, we love solving problems and our team is working very hard to bring you new features and improvements. Here is a glimpse of what the future of Artwork Flow looks like:

1. Improved Renderer

With our new renderer you will have better navigation and accessibility for the proofing and collaboration tools. Make maximum use of the screen available to zoom into the artwork. We will also allow users to be able to comment while being able to access the proofing tools

2. Auto Checklists

Auto checklists will allow users to check the presence of certain elements in the artwork with the click of a button. For example: Barcode, Nutritional Facts, Veg/N-Veg icon, Fssai logo, etc.

3. Improved Comments Module

Our comments section will now allow users to format their comments using a rich text editor. We will also allow users to edit their comments and filter between comments made by different users

4. In App Notifications

With our in-app notifications, you will no longer need to juggle between your emails and Artwork Flow, as we plan to bring you all your Artwork Flow related notifications in one place

5. Access Controls

Access controls will allow admins to select permission levels for users at every micro-level. Example: View access for asset library, Edit access for Projects, No access for workflow templates, etc.

6. Product White Labeling

We will allow you to add your brand logo alongside our logo so that you feel like home while collaborating on Artwork Flow.

7. Flexible Workflows

We realise how dynamic process approvals can get, and to accommodate for that we plan to bring in a flexibility which will give users an option to change their workflows on the go. You will also be able to define the nature of the tasks

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