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Mohsin Digankar

January 28, 2021

Two major updates were released on Artwork Flow over the last month - Team Tasks on project workflows and building your own catalog system in Artwork Flow

It is 2021. I can think of quite a few 2020 jokes, but I think you are way past that and I would let the focus stay on the features we shipped over the last 2 months. Let's dive right in!

Teams on Artwork Flow:

This feature will be useful to you if your use case fulfils any of the below:

What's The Feature About?

artwork flow update

artwork flow update

Minimum Approvers - If you have 5 assignees on a team, and you set minimum approvers to 1, any one of your assignees can pass the Team Task by approving the file, even if the other assignees reject it

Minimum Reviewers - If you have 5 assignees on a team, and you set minimum reviewers to 1, the action of the first assignee will determine the stage results. If the assignee rejects the file, it fails to clear the Team Task. If the assignee approves the file, it clears the Team Task

artwork flow update

To elaborate, if you set 3 teams i.e., Marketing, Legal, Operations as reviewers on Stage 2, the workflow will wait for results from all Teams and only when all actions are complete, the course of the stage is decided

In the above case, if all 3 teams approve, the file will clear Stage 2

If any of the teams (or their individual assignees) reject, the file will not clear Stage 2, and will go back to Stage 1 for a new file version

Catalog Systems on Artwork Flow (Enterprise only feature):

Why Do You Need This Feature?

artwork flow update
Old Project Form

artwork flow product update
Custom Project Form

What's This Feature About?

For example, if your products are categorised by region first, then brands, then business units and so on, you can simply set the upload forms to reflect these fields

For example, if your company has only two regions - North and South, you can define the hierarchy for all products to fall under North or South

Alternatively, if your highest classification level is by business unit and region is simply an additional field, you can specify that as well

Future solutions based on this feature:

Improvements in the Artwork Library:

Two small, but impactful features have been released:

A ‘project approved’ label on the library artworks

Project Assets in Artwork Library

artwork flow update

Bug Fixes:

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