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Mohsin Digankar

December 24, 2020

This is a post about Artwork Flow product updates for December. We have added an analytics dashboard for you to view your account related statistics.

Our most requested feature of the current quarter was an analytics dashboard. Guess what feature has been shipped before the quarter is over?

Yes, Dashboards.

Let me explain a little in detail.

Artwork Flow already provided detailed project level metrics, audit logs and file statuses, basically covering every facet of an artwork approval project management process. These features provided you with information on the stage of a file, any delays associated with a project, and checklist items that have been or were pending to be approved by your team.

What was missing was a complete breakdown of how our team was performing.

The answer is 4 simple widgets. Navigate over to your Dashboard here.

Widget 1 - Team Tasks:

artwork flow update
Team Tasks Widget

The purpose of this widget is to give you a straight forward summary of tasks pending on your team. We give you a simple breakdown by,

Pro-tip: Bring your overdue team tasks to 0, and keep rejections low. A high number of rejected tasks could indicate that your internal SoPs aren't well refined or your designers aren't getting the right briefs.

Widget 2 - User Tasks:

artwork flow update
User Tasks (yes, half my users are named for me)

While we covered a total count of tasks under Team Tasks, you would also like to know the efficiency of individual users in your organisation.

This widget provides 4 tabs:

Pro-tip: The count of open tasks indicates the current workload of every user. A large proportion of red indicates that your timelines or TATs may not be realistic. You should always prefer a smaller graph full of blue over a large graph with more red.

Pro-tip: If you have just one designer in your organization, the count here will be the same as 'Rejected' tasks in widget 1. It is always a good idea to rein in your rejected tasks so that project timelines don't go for a toss.

Pro-tip: Appreciate the users who have a tall bar graph and mostly blue. These are the users who have been powering your use of Artwork Flow.

Pro-tip: If you have only a few mins to read the dashboard, do keep an eye out on this tab. Overdue tasks result in delayed projects and hence, slower GTM. Since this graph also breaks the overdue tasks down by user, you will be aware of which users are completing their tasks on time or which team members are inefficient, or in some cases, overloaded with work.

Widget 3 - Project Status:

artwork flow tool update
Project Status for Active Projects

This is the go-to widget for all details regarding your projects. Projects are the core of Artwork Flow, and good projects' health will indicate an optimal usage of the platform by your team.

This widget covers the following data:

Pro-tip: Your active projects tab reflects the current health of your projects, so try and ensure you have a high % of ahead of schedule projects.

Pro-tip: While active projects are important from a perspective of your current product launches, it is necessary to look back once in a while to ensure that the project history also indicates a high level of time efficiency. This selection gives you a birds eye view of your historic usage on Artwork Flow.

Widget 4 - Project Completion Performance:

artwork flow software update
Project Completion Performance over the last 6 months

This widget covers the following data:

Pro-tip: This widget allows you to select a time period and understand the number of projects completed week on week during this interval. This section will allow you to also understand the peak time periods with regards to your artwork approval process.

Other Features just about to released:

1. Improvements in Audit Logs

One of the pain points of users adding multiple files to projects was the inability of sorting through the audit log of each file. We have added a file level filter in audit logs. Simply select a file and view actions taken on that specific file including approvals, rejections et al.

We also went ahead and added a 'print' option on audit logs if you would like to save or print file specific details for any audit or compliance requirements

2. Deletion of Artwork File

This is one of those really small features that exponentially improves your experience on Artwork Flow. Imagine a wrong file uploaded by your designer or a specific product's launch is delayed or put on hold - without an option to delete that artwork, your project's completion metrics will get affected as a result.

With the launch of this feature, a project manager or admin can simply delete an artwork file. Do note that files deleted through this feature are not retrievable and any review tasks associated with this file are removed from your assignees' dashboards.

3. Force Logout

This is an enterprise only feature that will allow you to define an auto-logout period and your users will be automatically logged out after every session. This should ideally be used if your organisation mandates such security protocols. This feature is available only for Admins under 'Settings'.

Upcoming Features In January:

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