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September 30, 2020

We have been hard at work improving Artwork Flow's usability experience over the last couple of months. We have also added some of our most requested features. Read on for more details!

External Users In Artwork Flow:

artwork low update
Adding external users to any project

So what’s important about this? Imagine having tens of vendors (printers, consultants, agencies) who work with you on an interim basis. Proofing any file with so many reviewers is a painful process. You simply will not be able to track comments, changes, new file versions and maintain an audit trail for the same. Additionally, getting external users to sign up on any platform to get work done is easier said than done.

To solve this very problem, Artwork Flow will now allow you to add external users within a project itself. Simply enter the email address of the vendor you would like to include temporarily in a project, and assign them a review or file upload task. They get an email and can complete their task in 2 clicks - no sign up required. They don’t get access to anything else in your project or library, so your IP is protected.

How can this feature be used?

They get to simultaneously review your file and include suggestions so you don’t have to run another internal approval after receiving printer feedback

They get to upload your file without having access to any previous files or projects in your library

They get to ensure all label data is in compliance right at the outset without resorting to changes later on

Have to chase senior stakeholders to get final approvals? Include them in your project as an external user. You get their inputs in 2 clicks

Consider the amount of time it would save to your GTM strategy. Did I mention that this is a free feature for a limited time?

Source Artwork Optional

artwork flow update
Changing source file settings for any project

Artwork Flow was originally built with certain functionalities, one of which was a mandatory source file upload in projects after all reviewers have approved the file

A new landing page for Artwork Flow

Task Due Email

artwork flow update
Setting up email reminders for your team

Time Zones

artwork flow product update
Changing your company's timezone

Some big features released before September we are proud of

Have some feedback for our product? Would you like to request some features? Reach out to us at

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