Sarvotham Care Achieves 80% Faster Approvals with Artwork Flow

Sumedha Gurav

January 29, 2024

See how contract manufacturing brand, Sarvotham Care onboarded Artwork Flow to improve alignment between teams and speed up their artwork approval processes for efficient workflows.

Artwork Flow Impact

artwork flow case study

Meet Sarvotham Care

artwork flow artwork management case study

Established in 1996, Sarvotham Care is a global leader in manufacturing a wide range of personal care products such as hand sanitizers, cleaning agents and creams for a host of brands. 

Sarvotham Care’s extensive production ability drives brands to succeed and grow in the market, producing products that put customers first.    

The Challenge    

Sarvotham Care works as a third-party manufacturer, producing similar products for different brands. 

As an external collaborator, they often work on multiple artwork projects at the same time. With multiple stakeholders and contributors involved, it was almost impossible to achieve the visibility they needed.

It usually took them one to two weeks for every iteration, further delaying the approval process. Ultimately, multiple rounds of revisions made it difficult to meet deadlines and release artworks faster.          

With their teams working remotely due to the pandemic, Sarvotham Care knew it was time to find a way to simplify their artwork management planning and execution.

First, let’s take a look at one of their project workflows: 

artwork flow Artwork Approval Process case study

The Solution 

Why Artwork Flow?

At Sarvotham Care, we value security and solution-oriented folks, and we found the perfect match in Artwork Flow. Our teams work with brands to create products & often work on multiple projects at the same time. Artwork Flow made it possible to manage and track workflows without worrying about losing data or feedback. They have an amazing customer support team ready to solve any queries and help out any time!
Ganesh Vuttaravilli, Manager, Packaging Development

100% Visibility On Projects 

Workflows made it possible to outline how a project would progress. Project managers could set down deadlines for every task and assign checklists to ensure the collaborators knew exactly what they were reviewing and when.  

Rather than sift through email threads and chats, Artwork Flow’s project dashboard made it easier to see the progress of each and every project.   

What once seemed like an uphill battle, project managers could now track down the latest version file in the library in seconds.  

Fostering Accountability

artwork flow artwork management case study
Audit Trail in Artwork Flow

Sarvotham Care team typically works on over 50 projects in a span of six months with varying objectives. Some projects focus on new product development while some are about revising existing labels. Their teams often overlap and work parallelly on multiple projects as well.   

The audit trail feature enabled project managers to understand if the collaborators had completed assigned tasks and offered accurate feedback.  

Improved Feedback Cycle 

artwork flow case study
Annotation and comment features for simpler feedback loop

Earlier, every feedback loop would take approximately two weeks to be completed. The annotation and commenting features helped teams to track and understand what exactly needed to be revised. 

Online proofing tools, especially PDF compare tool helped to reduce errors and made it possible to cut down their feedback cycle. 

To sum up, Artwork Flow helped Sarvotham Care with: 

- Improve alignment between teams 

- Accurate error-proofing for multiple projects

- Increase in efficiency and visibility 

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