How Prana Organic Streamlined Creative Collaboration with Artwork Flow

Varun Baliga

December 26, 2023

Find out how the Canadian food brand, Prana Organic, uses Artwork Flow to accelerate their packaging design reviews and reduce time to market.

Prana Organic is a responsibly-sourced food product company that sells plant-based food products as Canada’s top organic snack brand. 

The organic food market continues to grow in Canada, with an estimated size of USD 5 billion by 2025. For Prana Organic, this means consolidating the market and branching out into new categories.

With the increase in communication during design reviews, it was becoming critical for the team to move away from email threads and set up a more efficient system for everyone involved.

Prana Organics


So far, Prana Organic’s creative operations were relatively disjointed.

With multiple teams and external stakeholders working together on every project, their collaboration was lacking in accuracy and efficiency. 

“We were using multiple channels like emails and spreadsheets for our operations, so it made every step very slow and the risk of errors was very high,” says Jeanne Florentin, Project Manager at Prana Organic.

Collaborating over emails meant that it was always likely for the team at Prana Organic to miss feedback during a review and take a lot longer to complete projects. Whether they needed to find the right version of a design or get proper approvals on time, the team was finding it challenging to implement a consistent system that streamlined creative collaboration effectively.


As creative operations for packaging design became more complicated, Prana Organic started their search for a solution that would help them streamline their internal processes and make collaboration easier for everyone involved. Ultimately, it was the ease-of-use and comprehensive suite of features that drew them towards Artwork Flow.

It was easy to adopt for a cross-functional team that now manages all its packaging design workflows through the platform. With complete visibility into the process, Jeanne can step in where needed and address bottlenecks right away to keep projects moving with any issues.

The artwork proofing tool has helped the team effortlessly eliminate errors from their designs. Feedback is now streamlined and centralized within designs, with smart annotations showing everyone on the team what changes need to be made.

Collaborating with external stakeholders is now simpler and faster than ever at Prana Organic. The team can easily share the approved versions of their packaging designs with the printers and ensure every product launch is managed smoothly from start to finish. Overall, on a daily basis, the team would streamlined creative collaboration.

Artwork Flow’s digital asset management library has also caught the eye at Prana Organic. Having impressed their regulatory and quality assessment teams, the library will soon be put to greater use at Prana Organic to secure and manage all versions of their digital assets on a daily basis.

“The Artwork Flow library is one of the features we would like to implement as our regulatory and quality teams would like to be able to easily access the last version of packaging designs for approval at any given time,” says Jeanne.


Today, Prana Organic uses Artwork Flow to manage every aspect of their packaging design workflow, with the qualitative and quantitative benefits of the platform crystallizing further with each passing day.

There is a perceptible change in the quality of creative operations at Prana Organic since adopting Artwork Flow. Most notably, here’s what the team can see improving:

  • End-to-end visibility: The team now knows how every project is moving and any bottlenecks can be identified and addressed immediately.

  • Efficient reviews: With Artwork Flow’s smart proofing and annotation tools, files are reviewed and revised faster and projects are completed with greater efficiency.

  • Simpler operations: Since implementing Artwork Flow, the entire packaging design process at Prana Organic has been streamlined. Creatives are easier to retrieve, no version of the design is ever lost, and all feedback is centralized to minimize chances of miscommunication during reviews.

  • Streamlined creative collaboration: It has become much easier for Prana Organic to collaborate on creatives with both internal and external stakeholders and launch projects faster.

On the quantitative side, there’s a marked improvement in Prana Organic’s creative processes. The most notable of these include:

  • 100% transparency: Everyone on the team can track the project status at any time, with audit logs keeping track of all activities during any project.

  • Minimum revisions: Thanks to efficient, centralized feedback, creative reviews on packaging designs are now far more effective at Prana Organic.

  • Faster completion rate: Projects are now completed on shorter timelines, with reduced back and forth between teams, and fewer errors leading up to launch.

The team at Prana Organic has also been most impressed by Artwork Flow’s prompt and proactive support. From a comprehensive onboarding process to helping the team streamline their operations on the platform, Artwork Flow’s support has ensured a smooth experience with the platform at every step.

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