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October 5, 2023

How Chitale managed to save time, cut down launch delays, and reduce revision and recall errors. This case study details challenges faced at Chitale and how Artwork Flow revolutionised their process.

Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale is an Indian snacks enterprise established in 1950. It manufactures and sells food products like namkeen, mithai, and dairy products. 

They launch 10-15 products every month, and their team works on 50 artworks a month in different languages. And this huge volume of artworks brought a unique set of challenges for Chitale. 

This case study outlines these challenges and how Artwork Flow helped solve them. 

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The Challenge: Tracking Project Progress And Launching Products On Time

Five departments (Production, Quality, Marketing, Regulatory, and Design/Branding) in Chitale work in tandem to create and revise an artwork to ensure they meet FSSAI standards. 

Most of their approval process was manual and nobody knew which task a team member was working on in a given time. 

As a result, communication got messy and product launches were delayed. Here’s a closer look at the exact challenges this snacks enterprise faced. 

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Plummeting Productivity And Increased Frustration

As Chitale used emails and Google Drive to work on artworks with five different teams, it became impossible to keep track of errors and tasks assigned to team members.

They also searched through endless email threads and numerous artwork files for the right artwork versions and artwork-related messages. The fruitless searching and version tracking also added to the team’s frustration and confusion. 

Lengthy Approval Process

Chitale printed artworks and their checklists to send to different teams for review. So, they had to deal with a lot of back-and-forth emails. Suggestions got missed because emails weren’t read, and sometimes, reviews would fall through the cracks because someone forgot to read and respond to an email.

Since artwork errors lead to grave consequences, the team at Chitale decided to look for a better way to communicate feedback and suggestions.  

Launch Delays

Being a well-known brand in the snacks industry, Chitale often creates different artworks for different seasons and festivals. 

A widely-celebrated festival like Diwali would mean working on 50 labels in a short period. And in such cases, even an approval time of 2 days can be excessive and cause launch delays. 

So, Chitale looked for a tool that would make their artworks and approval process more efficient. 

The Solution: An Artwork Management Tool That Decluttered Communication And Set Up A Foolproof Process That Reduced Revisions And Approval Times

Artwork Flow’s features are geared towards optimising a business’ artwork management process from the start to finish. 

The custom checklists, dependency tasks, etc. revolutionised Chitale’s artwork process and saved the team over 1000 man hours. Here’s how:

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Streamlined Communication And Improved Accountability

Creating Dependency tasks helped Chitale’s team quickly upload the documents and brief that the five teams required. The team no longer had to follow up with the concerned party for briefs and documents, thus saving them time even before starting the artwork process. 

The excess time allowed them to map out an organised and connected workflow that prepared them for contingencies and minimise the delays that may arise. After the artwork was uploaded, the five teams at Chitale could comment on the artwork itself. This feature brought clarity and was a better alternative to email because no detail or comment was left out of sight. 

Another feature that resolved their accountability and transparency problems was the escalation matrix. With fixed due dates and escalation management, the project manager could rest easy and save efforts by receiving automated deadline notifications. 

They could also take a quick snapshot of the project’s progress through the analytics dashboard and spot bottlenecks quickly. Thus, every team knew the progress being made, and nobody needed to remember feedback or search for it in thousands of emails. 

Once the designer incorporated suggestions and submitted the piece, every approver e-signed the document at the stage they were assigned the task. This greatly improved the accountability in the proofing stage as well. 

Thus, Chitale saved 7-8 hours per team and more than 1000 hours every month with Artwork Flow's features.

Staying Compliant Made Easy

Chitale used Artwork Flow’s custom checklist to ensure their artworks adhered to FSSAI regulations and followed guidelines. They created custom checklists for different departments with a list of items each reviewer must check prior to approval.

This quickened the approval process and improved the accuracy of the artwork because the reviewer no longer relied on conjuring mental lists to check an artwork.  Moreover, the possibility of the slightest oversight during the review process was also eliminated as reviewers were given a comprehensive checklist. 

Apart from using checklists, the team also used the proofing tools, rulers, and artwork comparison feature to avoid major revision and recall errors. While the proofing tool highlighted typos, the artwork comparison feature allowed them to compare different versions of the artwork to check if the changes were made. 

Since the FSSAI has also laid down guidelines for letter height, Artwork Flow’s ruler feature was a huge relief, as it helped them check the height and made compliance a breeze.

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We can now add comments to artworks, upload checklists, and use the proofing features and rulers to ensure compliance. This used to be difficult before as we manually printed labels and checklists to send for reviews. 

The best part is that everyone stays in the loop, and we know who’s working on what. Overall, Artwork Flow’s intuitive features have ramped up the efficiency of our artwork process and helped us do more in less time.”

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