3X Faster Approvals, Zero Errors: This Retail Conglomerate's Artwork Flow Transformation

February 22, 2024

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3X Faster Approvals, Zero Errors: This Retail Conglomerate's Artwork Flow Transformation



Faster approval rate



Reduction in revisions



Reduction in system entropy

This global powerhouse, encompassing everything from groceries to gadgets and home improvement, boasts an impressive 200,000+ employee force managing a diverse multi-brand portfolio. With 249 million registered customers across its various formats, it's safe to say they know a thing or two about retail.


The challenge

Inefficient email communication

Before Artwork Flow streamlined their label review process, this retail giant depended on the clunky, time-consuming world of emails for artwork reviews and approval. Their effort-to-impact ratio was also quite high, with users having to provide detailed feedback even for minute changes.

The excessive back and forth during reviews meant feedback often slipped through the cracks, having costly repercussions. The overall ad hoc nature of reviews also meant there was insufficient documentation around their creative review process.

The solution

Why Artwork Flow

After a personalized trial and an in-depth analysis of the company’s pain points the retail behemoth finally implemented Artwork Flow with an elaborate onboarding process to ease the training of 160+ users on a whole new platform and process. Artwork Flow presented a transparent, accountable system, complete with features designed to accelerate time-to-market without compromising quality.

Understanding and filling operational gaps

By offering a personalized trial and thoroughly understanding the different pain points of the brand, the Artwork Flow team was immediately able to fill in the operational gaps the brand had been facing. This meant understanding their previous email review process despite insufficient documentation, identifying traceability issues, and finally, presenting the exact artwork management features that would help them get to market faster.

Crafting a customized solution

Accessibility and project visibility were the two biggest pain points for this retail giant. Being a large organization with different operational standards and necessities than usual, the Artwork Flow team customized a few offerings to align with their specific requirements.

From onboarding to ongoing success

With a user base as vast as their product range, extensive training was paramount. The Artwork Flow customer success team was a big plus as to why they eventually chose the tool. The team was available on-hand for any questions the platform users had and even handed over a personalized instruction manual post onboarding so future users could have flawless onboarding as well. 

Weekly open house sessions and regular refreshers ensured the team continued to get the most out of Artwork Flow, long after the initial onboarding.

The result

A flawless artwork management process with 100% accountability

Fast forward six months, and the transformation is undeniable. The retail giant has successfully completed nearly 300 projects on Artwork Flow, leaving the chaos of email reviews behind. Gone are the days when it would take 8-10 minutes to retrieve an artwork from email chains — now file retrieval just takes less than 30 seconds.

About Artwork Flow

Artwork Flow has been the go-to solution for all things creative management for brands like LesserEvil, Jones Dairy, and Trinchero. Artwork Flow’s user-friendly interface and AI-led features including digital asset management, creative collaboration, online proofing, and project management can streamline the creative lifecycle for any organization. Let Artwork Flow take the complexity out of your creative projects and help your team deliver top-notch results with ease.

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