How Forest Essentials Reduced Significant Costs With Efficient Artwork Management

Mrignayni Pandey

February 16, 2024

Forest Essentials is a global luxury Ayurveda brand that infuses ancient wisdom and modern aesthetics to craft organic products. Since its inception in 2000, the brand has expanded to 120 Countries.

Forest Essentials is a global luxury Ayurveda brand that infuses ancient wisdom and modern aesthetics to craft a wide range of organic products for the body. Since its inception in 2000, the brand has expanded its presence to 120 countries.

Their global presence combined with the increasing SKUs made their artwork label management system unbearably complex. In addition to that, their team managed artworks via email which meant that it was difficult to track accountability and approvals. This caused a lot of frustration within the team and led to product launch delays. They needed an artwork management system to manage all their artworks in one place and improve the efficiency of their internal communication to reduce artwork delays.

So, they signed up for Artwork Flow.

Our intuitive interfaces, checklists, and smart reporting systems helped Forest Essentials create a standardized artwork approval process and reduce artwork approval delays by 60%.

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Absence of a Standardised Artwork Process

Before signing up for our digital proofing software, Forest Essentials didn’t have a process to assign work to individuals. As a result, it was tough to determine which team member was working on a specific task. This resulted in confusion, frustration, and artwork delays.

Managing the Artwork Repository

Forest Essentials has more than 375 SKUs for each country (which has its labeling requirements). The brand was looking at 3,750 SKUs for 10 countries and didn’t have an efficient way to manage all artworks in one place. This meant risking a loss of brand reputation if the labels didn’t adhere to the regulatory compliances of each country.

Artwork Delays

Forest Essential’s team communicated only via email, and the endless chain of communication caused confusion and product launch delays, resulting in revenue loss.

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How Artwork Flow transformed Artwork Management Process at Forest Essentials

Artwork Management Became a Breeze

Artwork Flow’s checklists and the team’s internal process helped track progress and kept everyone accountable.

Improved Communication

The team no longer spent hours searching for artworks or figuring out whose responsibility a certain task was as they had a clear idea of their roles and responsibilities.

Improved Artwork Approval Rates

Since the team was kept accountable and spent their time more productively, artwork approval went down by at least 60%.

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