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Eliminate outdated asset sharing practices
Ditch the emails and endless Slacks to make changes to and get approval for your artwork. Share files of any size with both your own team and external vendors effortlessly.

“Artwork Flow has been instrumental in streamlining our process as a packaging artwork management team.”

Manny Arthur
Design Manager
Lesser Evil

Store all label assets in one place
Save all your artwork files, label designs, and brand collateral in a centralized digital asset library. This way, everything’s on the cloud, accessible 24/7, and completely secured.

“Artwork Flow made end-to-end communication smoother and helped us manage all artworks inone place.”

Anupam Kapoor
General Manager, Supply Chain and Manufacturing
Forest Essentials

Never lose an asset again
Search for labels and artwork created by your predecessors within the asset library instead of creating them from scratch when tasked with a redesign.

“The best part is that everyone stays in the loop and we know who’s working on what.”

Devashree Kulkarni
Supervisor, Food Safety and Compliance

Save time on label management
Use version control to easily find the latest editions of labels instead of spending precious time searching for the right — and latest — assets.

“Artwork Flow has been a game changer. Our approval time has gone down from a week to 2-3 days.”

Meet Shah,
Sr. Marketing Executive
Havmor Ice Cream

Label Management Has Never Been Simpler

Reduce errors with
online proofing.

Compare color pantones and text font styles, check spelling errors, measure dimensions, and more. Learn more

Adhere to regulatory compliance mandates.

Comply with the FDA, FSSAI, 21 CFR, MDR, IVDR, and any other mandate effortlessly to make label creation even smoother. Learn more

Simplify your packaging workflow.

Use customizable workflows and checklists to ease multi-stage approval and improve cross-team collaboration. Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in your label software?

All our global paying clients have seen their ROI in just about a month of investing in the software. We’re very confident that our artwork management solution will amplify productivity in your organization and give you more time to focus on core areas of your business. And if that’s not enough, you can try our software for a fortnight and see for yourself. If you don’t see everything that we’ve talked about, you can always opt-out. No questions asked.

Why do you need a separate artwork proofing system for label management?

Turnkey project management solutions like Asana, Basecamp, Monday, etc. cannot solve the unique artwork creation challenges. These include carrying assembly, audit-ability, and traceability from the start of the artwork created to the end, comparing content across design components, etc. Plus, these systems don’t have regulatory review structures where electronic signatures might be needed for change management in the artwork. Every element of your design, package, and artwork adds to the trust consumers place in your brand. Therefore, it’s critical to invest in software that can handle the unique challenges of industries where regulatory compliance is mandated.

Why should I prefer a cloud based artwork management solution?

A cloud computing infrastructure means that all your information is secure and absolutely safe. With zero manual intervention, the chances of data risk are minimized. Plus, cloud solutions are built to scale as you grow.

Which industries can use Artwork Flow?

Cosmetic, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Paints, Manufacturing, Packaging, Design agencies, and marketing companies that have regulatory compliance can benefit the most from our solution.

Why do I need an artwork management software?

Our artwork management software helps you bring your whole team to one place, proof artworks faster, and manage your assets in one place, meaning faster approvals, fewer iterations, and more productivity.

Do you have a dedicated support team?

Yes, we have email and chat support built into the platform.

Manage your artwork and go to market faster with Artwork Flow.

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