FSSAI Compliance Smart Proofing

Speed up the compliance review process and go to market faster with Artwork Flow’s free AI-enabled smart proofing tool. Upload your artwork and let the tool do its magic — you’ll know in seconds if your label complies with FDA guidelines or not.

  • Secure file uploads
  • PDF file size limit - 50MB
  • Currently includes proofing for ingredients and nutrition information, license number, and a few additional checks.

Packaging artwork proofing, when done manually, is a costly and time-consuming process.

Packaging artwork smart proofing is an automatic verification process that can help you save time and cost. This tool uses a deep learning approach on our custom object detection model and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to validate your uploaded artwork within seconds.

Packaging artwork includes components like, logo, barcode, tabular and textual information, and more.

This tool extracts and validates ingredients, nutritional facts, barcode, net quantity, logos, and font sizes from the textual information on your artwork. It also immediately highlights any mismatches in your label according to brand guidelines.

Is your food label compliant?

Check compliance status

See how you comply with the different guidelines of the FDA using this tool’s intuitive interface.

Avoid costly recalls

Eliminate product recalls that cost money and can tarnish your reputation.

Save time and money

Make your proofing process faster and avoid the penalties that come with non-compliance.

Avoid human error

Discover errors that the human eye might miss with AI-based proofing.

Free Online Tools For Proofing Artwork Designs

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