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Varun Baliga

March 27, 2023

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Looking for a solution that brings your marketing team closer than ever? In this blog, we compare the best creative workflow management software for marketing teams, so you can take your pick!

If you’re a project manager in a marketing team, then it’s understandable you’d want to simplify an increasingly complicated process. To make your search easier, we’re exploring the different options available for workflow management software in the marketing industry and which ones are the best for your team. 

We will look at the key features of each solution and the pros and cons of using them for project management in marketing operations. Finally, we will discuss how to choose the right creative workflow management software for your team.

What is creative workflow management for project managers in marketing teams?

For marketing teams, creative workflow management is the process of planning, organizing, and managing the tasks, resources, and activities that are necessary to complete marketing projects. 

This type of workflow management focuses on ensuring that all of the tasks involved in a marketing project are completed on time and within budget. To do this, project managers must use a combination of tools and techniques to keep the project on track and ensure that the team works efficiently. This includes setting up milestones, tracking progress, and managing resources. Additionally, project managers should provide regular feedback to the team so that everyone is on the same page and knows what is expected of them.

Top creative workflow management solutions for marketing teams

1. Artwork Flow

As a creative workflow management software, Artwork Flow is one of the most all-rounded solutions available for marketing teams today. It offers a robust digital asset management solution coupled with a highly flexible workflow builder while helping you streamline creative reviews with smart proofing tools.

Key features

  • Workflow builder with templates
  • Task management
  • Smart online proofing
  • Dynamic feedback
  • Version control
  • Automated brand and legal compliance


  • Build complex workflows effortlessly. Customize your own flow or autocomplete based on the tasks you’ve added to your project.
  • Use preset templates to start projects faster or save your own workflows as templates for future use.
  • Proof 160+ file types, including videos, with smart annotation tools and notify concerned stakeholders in real time.
  • Automatically check for brand and regulatory compliance and ensure error-free creatives before you launch.


  • Does not offer a free plan, but you can get a free trial for 7 days through the Pro Plan.

The verdict

Artwork Flow presents a comprehensive creative management solution for project managers in marketing teams. It has everything you need right from brand asset management to automated online proofing and workflow management. If you need one platform to manage all your creative operations, then Artwork Flow is one of the top options to consider.

Smooth creative workflow management with Artwork Flow

2. Air

Yet another option that serves as an all-round creative operations solution, Air provides Kanban boards to manage projects alongside a powerful digital asset management solution and online proofing capabilities.

Key features

  • Kanban boards
  • Dynamic feedback
  • Version control
  • Workspace
  • Integrations


  • Keep everyone on the same page with Kanban boards and workflows.
  • Collaborate easily with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Add accurate comments to your creatives with dynamic feedback.
  • Use smart search to speed up editing and distribution of assets.


  •  The free version of the platforms offers limited features.
  • The software tends to lag at times owing to bandwidth issues.

The verdict

With Kanban boards and a light workspace, Air is a good choice for smaller organizations with simpler workflows. However, as your requirements grow, you might find the need for a more comprehensive solution that can handle more complex use cases that come with larger marketing teams.

3. Ziflow

Ziflow is an asset management and creative collaboration solution designed primarily for marketing agencies. This platform offers a number of creative workflow management capabilities that make it easier for you to collaborate with external users such as clients or other agencies.

Key features

  • Workflows
  • Autoroute project management tool
  • Email notifications
  • Version compare
  • Version management


  • The tool is designed to help review multiple formats of your files at the same time.
  • It is easier to include external collaborators and clients in every step of the review and approval process.
  • All stakeholders stay in the loop during the project as email notifications are sent out at every step.


  • Users have noted that uploaded files tend to appear blurry at times.
  • The folder structure is not too intuitive, making it challenging to sort files efficiently.

The verdict

Ziflow is a tool that enables smooth external collaboration. If your marketing team works with more external agencies or you’re part of a team that offers marketing services to other organizations, then Ziflow might be an option to consider for your operations.

4. Bynder

Bynder has established its reputation as a leading digital asset management solution, with creative collaboration being added to the platform through more recently developed features.

Key features:

  • Project workflows
  • Workflow analysis
  • Version control
  • Flat DAM taxonomy
  • Dynamic asset transformation


  • Makes it easy to search for any asset and share them externally.
  • Comprehensive digital asset management solution allows you to store and organize assets online.
  • Eliminates complicated file structures and allows you to create content faster.


  • Some users find it tricky to create and manage collections, while the DAM taxonomy isn’t too intuitive.
  • The platform offers limited customization options to users.

The verdict

Bynder is a good solution if you’re primarily looking for a digital asset management solution. But with the lack of flexibility on the platform, you might find it challenging to manage complex projects that require more customization on your end.

5. Filestage

Filestage is a creative collaboration and digital asset management platform that lets you manage marketing projects, communicate with stakeholders, and organize your creatives online.

Key features

  • Unlimited files and reviewers
  • Automated due-date reminders
  • Automated workflows
  • Version compare
  • Project templates


  • External collaborators don’t have to sign up to the platform to review or take actions on files.
  • Allows you to present the latest versions of creatives to reviewers.
  • Smart annotation tools help reviewers leave accurate feedback on any part of the files.


  • Users get a limited number of folders and folder templates for each project.
  • The platform tends to run when you have too many projects in progress at the same time.

The verdict

Filestage has a number of features to support collaboration within large teams, but with the limitations faced when executing more projects simultaneously, it might be a better option when have to collaborate on fewer projects at the same time.

Choosing the best creative workflow management software

Now that we have looked at the top creative workflow management solutions for project managers in marketing teams, let’s see how we can pick the best solution for your team’s specific needs. Here’s what you need to look for in a creative collaboration software and how these features can help your team.

Task Management: A creative workflow management solution should have an easy-to-use task management system that allows managers to assign and manage tasks, set deadlines, track progress, and prioritize tasks.

Collaboration Tools: The software should have collaboration tools for communication and collaboration between team members, such as shared documents, messaging, and real-time chat.

Time Tracking: Such solutions should have a time tracking feature to monitor how long tasks take and identify areas where improvements can be made.

Resource Management: A workflow management software should have a resource management feature to help managers allocate resources to tasks and manage availability.

Reporting and Analytics: These solutions should also have reporting and analytics capabilities to provide insight into how the project is progressing and identify areas for improvement.

Automation: Automation capabilities will help streamline time-consuming tasks and free up managers to focus on more important tasks.

Wrapping up

Choosing a creative workflow management software depends on how your team works together and the collaboration gaps you need to fill within your organization. If you’re looking for a solution that streamlines your review and approval cycles while helping you centralize access to your brand assets with a smart solution, then Artwork Flow is one of the top options to consider. If you’d like to see how Artwork Flow would work for your team, get started with a free 7-day trial today!

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