Drive Efficiency with Resource Management Software

Manage resources effortlessly and free up your teams to do more every day. With Artwork Flow, you can easily track tasks and workflows, eliminate bottlenecks, and whittle down operational overheads to maximize your returns.

Maximize utilization with resource planning

Break free from the bounds of complex operations. Artwork Flow’s resource planning software helps you build workflows that account for your team’s needs, so no excess processes and no time lost.

Balance resource allocation during projects

Ensure tasks are evenly distributed within your team. Track assigned resources effectively, view task status in real-time, and reassign tasks where needed to avoid any burnout.

Quantify tasks and activities

Put numbers on the work you do every day. With resource management on Artwork Flow, you can keep an eye on your daily tasks along with detailed figures on your team’s activities on the platform.

Maintain comprehensive audit logs

Keep your work on the record, every time. Artwork Flow’s resource management software allows you to store a detailed list of activities, so you can always go through the workflow and improve efficiencies where needed.

What our customers say

“What stands out most about Artwork Flow is its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s remarkably user-friendly, turning the complex dance of artwork management into a breeze. Overall, the platform has been instrumental in cutting down the approval time and boosting our go-to-market speed with a fun and efficient workflow.”

Valentine's testimonial on Artwork Flow.
Valentine F.
Innovation Project Manager

What our customers say

“Artwork Flow has made hard copy reviews obsolete and helps us share files with anyone anywhere anytime.”

Renee's testimonial on Artwork Flow.
Renee Lau
Senior Graphic Designer

What our customers say

"We found Artwork Flow to be a very comprehensive and well-thought-out piece of software that had been developed through the lens of the user. The training and support were first class with weekly check-ins which was so helpful."

Susan's testimonial on Artwork Flow.
Susan E
Marketing Director, Quest Personal Care

What our customers say

"Artwork Flow allows us to collaborate in a way that we haven’t before. The ability to create designs, make notes, compare versions and store them in one place has allowed us to not rely on emails and the cumbersome tools we have used in the past. It also keeps me honest by making sure I'm meeting my tasks on time."

How Jones Dairy Farm used Artwork Flow's creative management software
Lisa Caras
Marketing Manager, Jones Dairy Farm

What our customers say

"Thanks to Artwork Flow, collating comments on creatives and setting up workflows is seamless now. Also, what I really liked about the platform is the digital library, being able to have different versions of our creatives has been really good for our technical and food safety teams."

William Page
William Page
Marketing and Branding Manager, Simply Lunch

What our customers say

“Before we started using this artwork approval software, it was far too easy for the details of our various projects to fall through the cracks in the back-and-forth of email. Now, everything is consolidated in one place.”

Manny Arthur
Manny Arthur
Design Manager, LesserEvil

What our customers say

“Artwork Flow is a fantastic product with an amazing team behind it to support.”

Leo Smirnov
Leo Smirnov
Creative Director, DS Healthcare Group
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