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May 3, 2024
May 3, 2024

The Key to Building a Cross-generational Brand (And Why It Matters)

Rangan Das

The Key to Building a Cross-generational Brand (And Why It Matters)

May 3, 2024
May 3, 2024
Rangan Das


In a world where trends shift faster than ever, one thing remains constant: the power of connection. And what better way to connect than by building a cross-generational brand that transcends generations, resonating with grandparents, parents, and children alike? 2023 saw a surge in brands successfully bridging the generational gap with a focus on multigenerational branding. Patagonia's commitment to environment activism attracted Gen Z and Baby Boomers alike, while Spotify's personalized playlists kept both millennials and their parents grooving. These brands prove that age is just a number when it comes to building enduring loyalty through cross-generational marketing.

But what makes a brand truly cross-generational? It's more than just catchy slogans or trendy aesthetics. It's about tapping into shared values, fostering authenticity, and offering experiences that resonate across the board. Let’s learn from how these brands grew in 2023 and what you can do to build a successful multigen brand.

Cross-generational brands that grew in 2023.

Building a brand that spans generations is a journey, not a race. Here are some brands that are known to cater across generations and here’s how they did in 2023. 


Beyond environmentalism, Patagonia's dedication to adventure and exploration forged a bond with both seasoned wilderness veterans and Gen Z's nature-loving explorers. Their worn-in aesthetic and commitment to ethical manufacturing resonate with consumers who value quality and responsible practices across generations.

Patagonia has experienced consistent revenue growth, currently estimated at $3 billion, with an annual revenue of $100 million. Over the past decade, the company's sales have quadrupled, reaching approximately $1 billion annually.


Personalization isn't just Spotify's game. Grandma might be grooving to classic jazz playlists, while her grandkids rock out to K-pop. The platform's focus on family accounts and collaborative playlists further bridges the gap, creating shared listening experiences that bring generations together.

Spotify Technology's revenue has consistently grown, reaching $13.647 billion for the twelve months ending September 30, 2023, a 12.01% YoY increase. In 2022, annual revenue was $12.356 billion, up by 8.02% from 2021, and in 2021, it was $11.438 billion, marking a significant 27.07% increase from 2020.


Remember those pixelated Minecraft sets? LEGO's genius lies in bridging the gap between nostalgia and innovation. Parents relive childhood memories with classic bricks, while kids build robots and spaceships fueled by their imaginations. This constant reinvention keeps the brand fresh for all ages, proving that creativity truly has no age limit.

LEGO Group's first-half 2023 earnings are in, with revenue reaching DKK 27.4 billion, marking a 1% growth from H1 2022. Despite a challenging toy market, consumer sales soared by 3%, showcasing robust market share growth. Positive results reflect the company's resilience and market strength.


Vans' commitment to inclusivity goes beyond marketing campaigns. Their custom shoe programs empower individuals to express their unique style, attracting everyone from artists and skateboarders to fashionistas and office workers. This commitment to self-expression transcends generations, creating a community where age is irrelevant.

Despite recent challenges due to supply chain issues, VF Corporation reported Q4'FY23 results in line with guidance, with revenue at $2.7 billion. The company showcased strength in international business as we

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Beauty isn't one-size-fits-all, and Glossier gets it. Their minimalistic approach to makeup and skincare resonates with millennials and Gen Z who value practicality and authenticity. But their focus on skin health and self-care also appeals to older generations seeking effective solutions without the heavy emphasis on trends.

Glossier's optimistic expansion plan includes product launches every four to six weeks and an increase in its presence to 600 Sephora stores. Anticipating global growth, the beauty brand had aimed for retail sales of $275 million in 2023, according to a source familiar with the matter.


More than just a gaming giant, Nintendo has mastered the art of weaving nostalgia and family fun into its DNA. The Nintendo Switch, with its detachable Joy-Con controllers and versatile docking/handheld design, is a prime example. It allows grandparents to relive Mario Kart glory with their grandkids, creating shared experiences and laughter across generations. Classic titles like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda bridge the gap further, sparking memories and introducing timeless gameplay to new audiences.

Nintendo raised its operating profit forecast for the fiscal year ending March by 11% to ¥500 billion ($3.32 billion), citing the ongoing success of its popular franchises on the aging Switch console. The company's strategic updates and acclaimed game releases, such as "The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" and "Super Mario Bros. Wonder," contributed to the positive outlook. With 6.84 million Switch units sold in the first half of the fiscal year, Nintendo continues to demonstrate resilience and growth in its market presence.


Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all television. Netflix has redefined entertainment with its vast library of content catering to every taste and age group. From Korean dramas like "Squid Game" that captivate teenagers and young adults to documentaries exploring history and science that resonate with older viewers, Netflix offers something for everyone to watch together. Family movie nights featuring animated adventures or classic comedies become bonding experiences, strengthening the family unit through shared laughter and tears.

In Q3 2023, Netflix joyfully welcomed 8.8 million new subscribers, building on the positive momentum of the preceding quarter with an additional 5.9 million. Their global subscriber base has now reached an impressive 247.2 million.

The North Face

Adventure knows no age limit, and The North Face embodies this spirit perfectly. This outdoor apparel brand seamlessly blends its rich heritage with cutting-edge technology, creating gear that appeals to seasoned mountaineers and young explorers alike. Experienced climbers seeking durable jackets and tents for their next Everest summit can trust The North Face's legacy of quality and innovation. Meanwhile, young hikers embarking on their first camping trip find stylish and functional backpacks and apparel that fuel their love for the outdoors. The brand fosters a sense of community and shared passion for adventure, uniting generations through their love of nature and exploration.

In the fiscal year, The North Face's revenue reached $11.6 billion, reflecting a promising 3% growth in constant currency. The International business showed robust performance, with an impressive 8% increase in constant currency. Particularly noteworthy was the EMEA region, soaring by 12% in constant currency.

While we talk of 2023, the foundations of these brands were laid long back, and this growth was merely a part of a multi-year endeavor. These three brands showcase the power of understanding and catering to diverse audiences. By bridging the gap between generations, they foster connections, create shared experiences, and build lasting loyalty. From nostalgic video games to diverse streaming content and high-performance outdoor gear, these brands collectively prove that age is just a number when it comes to building a brand that truly connects with everyone.

The core markers of a cross-generational brand

Building a brand that transcends generations and resonates with audiences of all ages isn't just a marketing feat; it's an art form. To truly succeed, you need to understand the soul of a cross-generational brand, the elements that weave together diverse demographics into a loyal community. Let's dive into the core markers that make a brand timeless and universal:

1. Shared values

Forget fleeting trends and focus on the bedrock of humanity. Brands like Patagonia, with their unwavering commitment to environmentalism, tap into a universal desire for a healthy planet, attracting both Gen Z activists and Baby Boomer conservationists. Think about what binds your target audience across generations—values like social justice, family, creativity, or personal growth can be powerful unifying forces.

2. Authenticity and trust

In a world saturated with marketing messages, sincerity rings true. Brands like IKEA, with their focus on practical home solutions and family-friendly spaces, build trust by prioritizing genuine connection over glitzy campaigns. Be transparent, consistent, and true to your brand's core values. Remember, actions speak louder than words—demonstrate your authenticity through ethical practices and responsible social impact initiatives.

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3. Accessible and inclusive experiences

Cater to the diverse needs and preferences of different generations. Think omnichannel experiences that are available across platforms and physical stores. Spotify, for example, thrives by offering personalized playlists and diverse podcast selections, keeping users of all ages engaged and coming back for more. Make sure your brand is accessible, user-friendly, and inclusive in its language, visuals, and overall message.

4. Adaptability and evolution

The world is constantly changing, and so should your brand. Don't be afraid to experiment, embrace new technologies, and evolve your offerings to stay relevant. LEGO, for instance, continuously reinvents itself by combining classic bricks with cutting-edge robotics and digital experiences, capturing the imagination of both kids and nostalgic adults. Be open to feedback, listen to your audience, and adapt your brand narrative to reflect the changing social landscape.

5. Storytelling that connects

Stories have the power to transcend generations and forge emotional bonds. Brands like The North Face use powerful narratives of adventure and exploration to connect with both seasoned mountaineers and aspiring young hikers. Share your brand story in a way that resonates with universal emotions and values, creating a sense of shared identity and belonging.

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7 tips to build a cross-generational brand

Building a brand that speaks to grandparents, parents, and children alike is a thrilling challenge. But fear not, intrepid brand builders! Here are 7 tips to guide you on your journey:

1. Conduct intergenerational research

Don't assume, investigate! Understand the values, preferences, and communication styles of different generations. Dive into surveys, focus groups, and social media listening to uncover their unique needs and aspirations. This research will be your compass, guiding you toward relevant messaging and experiences. You can explore creative operations platforms to help you aggregate data and create designs for your marketing campaigns around that data. 

2. Foster shared experiences

Create campaigns and events that bring people together, regardless of age. Think family-friendly festivals, intergenerational storytelling projects, or collaborative product development initiatives. These shared experiences build memories and strengthen the bonds between generations. You can use Artwork Flow to create marketing campaigns built around intergenerational storytelling. 

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3. Embrace accessibility and inclusivity

Make sure your brand is accessible across platforms and channels, from physical stores to social media. Use inclusive language and visuals that resonate with diverse audiences. This ensures everyone feels welcome and engaged, regardless of age, technology comfort level, or cultural background. Leverage digital asset management to create consistent marketing campaigns collaboratively while catering to completely different age groups. 

4. Celebrate user-generated content

Amplify the voices of your fans! Encourage people of all ages to share their experiences with your brand on social media. This authentic content builds trust, inspires others, and showcases the diverse perspectives within your brand community.

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5. Partner with cross-generational influencers

Collaborate with personalities who appeal to different age groups. This broadens your reach, diversifies your message, and allows you to tap into the unique trust and influence these individuals hold with their audiences. Artwork Flow allows easy onboarding of external agencies, or in this case, influencers of your choice. Its simple UI allows everyone to collaborate on your marketing campaigns, regardless of their level of technical literacy. 

6. Prioritize storytelling

Share your brand story in a way that connects with emotions and values across generations. Patagonia's environmental activism resonates with all ages, while IKEA's focus on family creates a sense of warmth and belonging. Craft narratives that highlight your core values and spark a shared sense of identity. Using collaborative platforms like Artwork Flow, building such campaigns with complex workflows becomes a breeze. 

7. Stay adaptable and open-minded

The world is constantly changing, and so should your brand. Be flexible, embrace new technologies, and experiment with fresh ideas. Don't be afraid to evolve your offerings and messaging to stay relevant and engaging for all generations.

Bonus Tips

Besides the seven main tips, here are a few that you can also explore to build a customer base that transcends generations:

Play the nostalgia card.

Use familiar favorites with a modern twist. Classic games with online modes, vintage clothes with sustainable updates, or campaigns that evoke happy memories with a contemporary spin. It's all about tapping into shared history while keeping things exciting for all ages. Think of comfort food with a gourmet twist, not museum exhibits!

This remix strategy builds bridges between generations, reminding them of what they love while sparking curiosity about what's to come. So, crank up the retro tunes, update those beloved icons, and get ready to rock the age gap with a fresh vibe!

Embrace change.

Keep an eye on emerging trends and cultural shifts. Understanding how the world is changing can help you anticipate the needs and preferences of future generations, ensuring your brand remains relevant and adaptable in the years to come.


In a world increasingly divided by age, building a cross-generational brand is more than just marketing magic; it's a bridge across the years, a campfire where stories are shared and laughter echoes through generations. Remember, age is just a number, a chapter in the human story. Focus on shared values, tell authentic stories, and create experiences that bring people together. And if you want an extra hand, you can always use Artwork Flow. To see how you can craft cross-generational campaigns with an AI-powered platform like Artwork Flow, check out the demo today!

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