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December 30, 2023
January 1, 2024

15+ Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns and How to Prep for 2024

Gouri Sasidharan

15+ Best Holiday Marketing Campaigns and How to Prep for 2024

December 29, 2023
January 1, 2024
Gouri Sasidharan


Holiday seasons are about celebration, togetherness, a cup of hot chocolate, and guess what? Shopping! It is said that in the US, the holiday season, i.e. from October to December, accounts for 25% of total retail sales of the year. It means it’s the best time to promote your brand by releasing holiday campaigns that resonate with your target audience.

Let’s do a deep dive into holiday marketing campaigns and their takeaways to prepare you in time for the holiday season 2024.

Top holiday marketing campaigns: Learn from the best 

Holidays are not just about Christmas or Thanksgiving (nor are we against it!). Being inclusive while planning a holiday campaign can work many wonders. Here, we’ve got you covered — From Hanukkah holiday marketing campaigns to Chinese New Year, let’s unwrap some recent standout holiday marketing campaigns that left an impression on the consumers.

1. Ikea Canada: A break from everything

In this busy season, Ikea has come up with a holiday campaign to remind its customers to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays and spend some time in solitude. They also did not forget to promote their products while emphasizing personal well-being, and taking a moment for yourself amidst the holiday frenzy.


Again, Ikea has positioned itself as more than just a furniture retail brand. Here, they have focused on the mental health and self-care of the audience which is very relatable in this fast-paced world.

2. The Perfect Tree by John Lewis

The king of holiday advertising campaigns is back with another video campaign this year but with an unexpected twist. The story begins with a boy buying and nurturing a Christmas tree which turns out to be a Venus Flytrap. This video is a perfect portrayal of spending holidays with your family and the growing bond between the boy and the Snapper (Venus Flytrap) while showcasing John Lewis products. 

Kid and a Venus Flytrap
Source: YouTube


John Lewis tugged at heartstrings and evoked nostalgia through strong storytelling while highlighting their range of Christmas products and family togetherness.

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3. Spotify Wrapped

Spotify’s annual year-end campaign has become a ritual for their listeners. This campaign capitalizes on personalized data, offering listeners a unique look at their past year's listening routines. Spotify not only promotes their campaigns on social media but also does outdoor advertising like billboards. Following the wrap trend, other brands have also started doing a year-end wrap list. 

Spotify wrapped
Source: X


Spotify connects with their listeners on a personal level. It is a shareable experience and fosters a sense of community.

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4. Amazon: Joy Ride

Ladies sitting on a bench
Source: YouTube

Amazon’s “Joy Ride” is all about going down the nostalgic lane. It showcases the joy of gift-giving and the magic of the holidays. Also, a reminder to never let the child in you go. 


This ad campaign tells you what Amazon is — A pillar of joy and celebration. The brand knows how to tap into their audience’s emotions and how easily you can get a present for your dear ones keeping the holiday spirits. 

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5. “Gifted” by Gap

Gap's 2023 holiday campaign, aptly named "Gifted," aimed to celebrate the season beyond just gift-giving. It focused on themes of self-expression, gratitude, togetherness, and the gift of individuality. Featuring a diverse cast of "gifted" individuals, including Jay Shetty and his wife, Alanis Morissette with her family, and more, the campaign resonated with a message of embracing uniqueness and connecting with loved ones. Gap also highlighted its signature cozy essentials, denim, khakis, and outerwear to show that they cater to every unique expression. 

Celebrities in the GAP holiday campaign


The campaign centered on the word "gifted," playing on its multiple meanings - talented, received as a present, and given naturally. Likewise, you can execute a campaign with a playful name showing inclusivity focusing on the main purpose of holidays.

6. DashMart x Magnolia

The iconic New York-based bakery Magnolia collaborated with DashMart — DoorDash’s grocery delivery service to engage with their audience. And what better way to engage them than a friendly user generated-driven design contest? The contest was to come up with the best design that would go on the brand’s shopping bags during the holiday season. They also made sure that the winner never left empty-handed. There was a cash prize and promotion on Magnolia Bakery’s Instagram page.

DashMart x Magnolia


They took advantage of the user-generated content which is a less costly and more effective way to pass the word around. As this contest was for all, it showed inclusivity as well. Returning the participants with a cash prize or a gift is also a route to win attention.

7. Sugarfina’s Hanukkah Campaign  

Imagine you’re celebrating Hanukkah and seeing an ad on it when your neighborhood is filled with Christmas trees.

Sugarfina understood the assignment and celebrated the Festival of Lights with a limited-edition collection of Hanukkah-themed candy treats.

Hanukkah themed packaging


Sugarfina positioned themselves as the best gifting option for Hanukkah with their gourmet offerings and elegant packaging. To top it all, the campaign celebrates the cultural traditions and symbolism of Hanukkah.

8. Tommy Hilfiger x Miffy Capsule Edition

About the Lunar New Year 2023 and the Year of Rabbit, Tommy Hilfiger and Miffy, a popular rabbit in fiction came together with a banging holiday ad campaign. The former featured Miffy on their limited edition of apparel showcasing a playful and nostalgic collection of clothing and accessories for adults and children.

Tommy Hilfiger x Miffy Capsule
Source: Brands Untapped


The collaboration showed how you can carry the iconic rabbit in your pocket! Along with focusing on fashion, especially for Gen Z and millennials, the campaign was timeless, playful, and nostalgic. 

9. Hanukkah by Paris Discovery Guide

Paris Discovery Guide organized a public Menorah celebration right in front of the iconic Eiffel Tower for people to visit Paris and engage with the brand. It creates visibility as a “brand for all” and attracts people from different groups. 

Menorah celebration infront of Eiffel Tower


Not only did they show the importance of celebrating a festival like Hanukkah but also promoted the city of Paris as the perfect destination for all kinds of celebrations. 

10. Walmart ft. Mean Girls 

Walmart brought back the cast of the popular teen movie Mean Girls this season. Isn’t that so fetch?

Focusing on the nostalgic humor and camaraderie of the beloved film, this campaign featured lighthearted skits with the cast showcasing Walmart's holiday finds and deals. It’s all about grabbing catchy gifts without breaking the bank!

Walmart x Mean girls cast
Source: Ad Age


First, the inclusive star-studded cast was more than enough to get the attention of a specific group of audience. Second, the brand didn’t forget to highlight their products that offered discounts.

11. Foot Locker’s “Hype for the Holidays”

Partnering with NBA stars, the sportswear and footwear retailer launched a holiday campaign further showcasing the brand’s role in the basketball and sneaker culture. After their launch on November 6, the brand has earned over 1 billion media and influencer impressions

Foot Locker
Source: YouTube


Getting sports stars to promote your sportswear brand is one of the top marketing techniques that would attract your audience. This campaign also promotes values like teamwork and community while highlighting diversity and inclusivity in the sports world.

12. Buchanan’s blended traditions

Buchanan’s Blended Scotch Whisky, launched the “We are the Spirit of the 200%” campaign this year to celebrate those who call themselves both 100% Hispanic and 100% American. The campaign included Saturday Night Live cast member Marcello Hernández and a group of Hispanic-American creators who came together to celebrate their cultural heritage where they reimagine their way of celebration. In the series of events, you can see the Whiskey bottle focused in the center with relatable messaging.  


This campaign is a big example of celebrating inclusive cultures while highlighting the product neatly.

13. Macy’s: Thanksgiving Day Parade

Gathering around the TV or streets to watch the traditional Thanksgiving Day Parade which has been hosted by Macy’s for decades is a must-include brand in this list. The floating balloons and the celebration of the immigrant employees behind the success of the store are quite different from the other brands’ campaigns which promote offers and sales.

Paw Petrol floating balloon
Source: Getty Images


Macy’s holiday campaign is all about celebrating people and the spirit of the holiday season by focusing on unity, community, and the joy of shared experiences. Let’s also note how they have been consistent with their branding throughout the years.

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14. Bath and Body Works 10ft Candle 

The brand unveiled a 10ft candle in New York City with their new platform “Come Back to Your Senses” encouraging consumers to stop and enjoy the calming fragrance in the middle of the holiday rush. The campaign was promoted through video, social media, radio, and more.

Bath and Body Works campaign in the middle of the city


The campaign focused on the wellness of the consumers by reminding them to take a moment from their busy lives. You can also promote campaigns through different platforms such as print, television, and the internet and not stick to one. 

15. Starbucks holiday cups

A holiday is never complete without the influence of Starbucks! Keeping up with the tradition of launching holiday-themed cups, it’s a ritual for many consumers to visit the store and order their favorite coffee as a takeaway in the fancy cup. Encouraging customers to post pictures with the popular cup is another tactic the brand uses on social media to gain more visitors around the holiday season. 

Christmas themed holiday cup by Starbucks


Give a holiday makeover to your brand or the packaging to attract customers. Encourage them to share their experiences with creative pictures on social media to spread the word for free.

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16. Skincare Stories” by ELEMIS 

The British luxe brand created a series of seasonal gifts and built a library filled with “skincare stories” to remind customers to take time out of their busy schedules to care for their skin and its wellness. The brand also came up with advent calendars with aesthetically pleasing packaging and boxes.

Advent calendar by ELEMIS


ELEMIS brightened the holiday season for two reasons; One by focusing on the skin wellness of their customers by providing the right message and two with seasonal packaging and an advent calendar. Come up with innovative views to keep your customers hooked to your brand.

17. Kinfield’s “Better Together” campaign

Kinfield is a personal care product company that came up with the “Better Together” campaign during Small Business Saturday. They created a holiday guide to help customers find small businesses owned by women and BIPOC. The campaign included companies like Pineapple Collaborative and Margaux. The tagline “Shop small. Gift with intention.” clearly communicates what the brand is aiming for.

Source: Kinfield


Kinfield demonstrates its commitment to community and fostering a vibrant local economy. This fosters goodwill and attracts customers who value supporting small businesses.

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8 clever holiday marketing strategies to use in 2024

As we reflect on the wins of the past, your business needs to prepare for the future. Here are some tips to ensure your holiday marketing strategy shines in the coming year.

1. Start early

Plan your holiday marketing well in advance. Starting early allows for a well-thought-out strategy, ensuring there is no room for errors when ready to launch. Teasing upcoming promotions or product launches, releasing

holiday-themed content on social media, or offering exclusive early-bird discounts for early shoppers are a few ways to start.

2. Promote on various relevant platforms

Expanding your marketing across various platforms ensures you reach a wider audience and meet your customers where they are most active. You can create content for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or such. Do an influencer marketing campaign or paid advertising.

3. Email marketing

Email remains a powerful tool for direct communication. Crafting engaging emails helps nurture relationships with existing customers and attracts new ones. Design emails with catchy visuals and copy, personalize them, and introduce exclusive offers.

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4. Festive ads

Festive ads evoke a sense of holiday spirit and resonate with consumers emotionally. Well-crafted ads include good storytelling, visuals, music, and last but not least, the right placement of your products. It can leave a lasting impression.

5. Discounts and offers

Holidays are when shoppers are ready to steal the deal and splurge. They keep a lookout for the best deals. Providing attractive offers can reward purchases and increase customer loyalty. It can be done by introducing limited-time discounts or flash sales, or by considering loyalty programs or exclusive perks for repeat customers.

6. Engage customers for a lifetime 

Interactive content can engage customers, and you can encourage them to take part in various activities. Host holiday-themed quizzes or contests on social media. Ask them to share their holiday experiences with your products.

Showcase user-generated content in your marketing materials.

7. A take on emotions

Emotional connections leave a lasting impact. Tapping into the sentimental factors of the holiday season can resonate with consumers. Share heartwarming stories related to your brand or customers, create content that evokes nostalgia or captures the joy of the season, and emphasize the emotional benefits of your products or services.

8. Shower gratitude 

Expressing gratitude to your customers brings a positive brand image and strengthens customer relationships. Send thank-you notes or emails to loyal customers and feature customer testimonials in your marketing materials.

Be an early bird

Pulling off a holiday marketing campaign is no piece of cake when there are so many brands doing the same. To execute your perfect holiday campaign, begin early, which would buy you time to plan every step. 

To add to that, if you’re looking to resize your campaign creatives for various social platforms in a single go or proof them effortlessly with the help of AI, Artwork Flow’s creative operations platform is your go-to tool. The software also ensures all your collateral matches your brand guidelines before making them live. 

To learn more about this efficient platform before you plan your next campaign, schedule a demo with our expert team today.

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