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April 17, 2023
January 2, 2024

How to Maintain Brand Consistency with BAM Software

Gouri Sasidharan

How to Maintain Brand Consistency with BAM Software

April 7, 2023
January 2, 2024
Gouri Sasidharan


Maintaining your brand identity consistently is something that you should keep a close eye on. With new brands emerging every day, you have to stand out to capture the audience's attention. What’s more, you must present a similar message across all channels when it comes to presenting branded content (e.g., images, slogans, marketing copy).

With brand asset management tools in existence, you can keep up with the content demands of all the channels (email, website, social media, print media, etc) let alone ensure that all content across these channels adheres to your company’s branding guidelines. This helps your marketing team accomplish the branding goals they have established which includes brand consistency.

In this article, we’ll examine how BAM software helps maintain consistency across all channels despite the increasing demand for content these days.

What is brand asset management software?

Brand asset management software is a tool that allows companies to create, maintain, approve, and distribute brand assets across different platforms more efficiently. By providing a central, version-controlled repository, it ensures clarity on revisions and source material, removing room for errors when working with agencies and creative teams. 

The best way to approach brand management is to create a system of policies, procedures, and best practices. These should set branding standards and guidelines and provide anyone who produces content for the public with clear guidance on what they should do. 

This practice will also include quality assurance procedures that are followed before any content is approved. 

Some of the top brand asset management software are,

1. Artwork Flow

It is a robust brand asset management and creative collaboration software built for better team collaboration and smooth feedback and proofing process to maintain brand consistency. It has features such as smart tagging, version management, AI proofing tools, and more.

Artwork Flow's BAM software
Image source: Artwork Flow

2. Frontify

Frontify is a digital asset management software that helps businesses centralize their assets, communicate brand guidelines effectively, and maintain brand consistency across channels. It consists of features like Asset Rights Management, content personalization, multi-channel publishing, and more.

3. Bynder

Bynder is a digital asset management and creative collaboration platform that helps organizations store and organize their brand assets. The features include automatic version creation, automatic tagging, third-party integration, etc.

4. Brandfolder

Brandfolder is yet another brand asset management software that helps you secure your assets, and track their performance. It offers features such as advanced filters, asset tagging capabilities, creative workflow management and more. 

5. Air Inc.

Air Inc. is a brand asset management and creative collaboration tool designed to boost team efficiency and smoothly run creative operations. The tool can auto-tag your content, create timestamps and point-based comments, integrate seamlessly with other tools, etc. 

How brand asset management software supports brand consistency

Brand consistency is essential if you want to stay in the market these days. But keeping up with it can be a little challenging due to the following reasons:

  • Diverse channels: Different channels such as social media, email, websites, and print media require different content and designs. It is difficult to maintain a consistent brand voice and visual identity across all these channels.
  • Multiple teams and stakeholders: Various teams and stakeholders may be responsible for creating and publishing content on different channels. This can lead to differences in messaging and design.
  • Frequent updates: Channels and touchpoints need to be updated regularly to avoid increasing the chances of inconsistency in branding.
  • Localization: In a global market, localized content and designs may be required, which can be challenging to ensure consistency while also meeting local cultural norms.

Brand asset management software can help overcome these challenges in several ways by:

1. Providing a centralized platform for storing and sharing brand assets

By providing a centralized forum, BAM software ensures that all assets are up-to-date and easily accessible to all stakeholders. It also ensures that everyone in the organization has access to the same assets. This eliminates the need for individuals or teams to store brand assets on their own, which can lead to inconsistency in branding. 

2. Enforcing brand guidelines to ensure consistency

BAM software can execute brand guidelines and rules across all marketing and communications channels. This ensures that all materials adhere to the same standards and guidelines, reducing the risk of inconsistencies in messaging and design. With BAM software, organizations can establish approval workflows, establish usage rights and restrictions, and set up alerts and notifications to ensure compliance with brand guidelines.

3. Automating repetitive tasks and streamlining workflows

This makes the branding process easier for teams and more efficient to create and distribute branded content. For example, BAM software can automatically resize images or generate customized templates, reducing the time and effort required to create branded content. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies. Scaling your creatives with creative automation software is an upcoming feature of the Artwork Flow software.

4. Providing analytics and insights to track brand performance and identify areas for improvement

By tracking metrics such as engagement, reach, and sentiment, organizations can gain valuable insights into how their brand is perceived and where improvements can be made. This allows organizations to make data-driven decisions and adjust their branding strategy accordingly.

What features to look for in a BAM software

Brand asset management software offers a wide range of tools that allow users to create, organize, update, and control all branded assets from one centralized location.

We have listed a few key features that you must look out for while choosing the right BAM software for your business.

Features to look for in brand asset management software

1. Digital asset management (DAM) capabilities

Brand asset management software typically includes a digital asset management system to store, organize, and manage digital files such as logos, images, videos, and other brand assets. DAM capabilities ensure these assets are easily accessible to allowed users and that they are always up to date.

2. Brand guidelines and rules enforcement

The software includes a system for enforcing brand guidelines and rules, ensuring that all brand assets are used consistently across all channels and touchpoints. This includes ensuring that all marketing and promotional materials meet specific branding criteria, such as using the correct fonts, colors, and imagery. 

3. Customizable workflows and approval processes

It includes customizable workflows and approval processes to ensure that all brand assets go through a standardized approval process before being used. This helps to maintain consistency and quality control over all brand assets.

4. Analytics and reporting

The software offers analytics and reporting tools that enable users to track how brand assets are being used across various channels and touchpoints. This helps to identify areas where brand consistency may lack and to make adjustments to improve overall consistency.

5. Integration with other marketing and design tools

Brand asset management software often integrates with other marketing and design tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, to streamline workflows and improve  collaboration among team members. This helps to ensure that all brand assets are created and used in a consistent and efficient manner.


Brand consistency is crucial for businesses to establish a recognizable and trustworthy brand identity. With the help of brand asset management software, businesses can effectively manage and maintain their brand assets, ensuring consistency across all channels and touchpoints. These software solutions offer features such as centralized storage, automated workflows, and version control, which make it easier for teams to collaborate and maintain consistency in branding materials.

Overall, brand asset management software is a wise investment for any business looking to maintain consistency in its branding efforts.

Is it time for you to elevate your brand by keeping its operations consistent? Artwork Flow, with its brand compliance software, is an ideal platform if you’re looking for a brand asset management solution. It helps you establish a coherent brand development strategy by centralizing your assets and marketing materials and maintaining brand consistency with the proofing tools

To explore more of what we offer, you can give a try to our free 7-day trial.

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