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Make creative operations a breeze and grow your brand with an AI-powered creative management software that helps with brand asset management, creative automation, and online proofing.

Creative Collaboration & Digital Asset Management Tool
The go-to platform for

Get client feedback faster, ease design rework, save all brand assets in a centralized digital asset management library, and accelerate multi-stage reviews.

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The go-to platform for
Brand Managers

Avoid publishing and launch delays due to siloed reviews and communication. Collaborate across teams to review and approve creatives in minutes.

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Brand Managers
The go-to platform for
Legal teams

Comply with regulatory mandates through checklists and AI-enabled smart proofing. Hold stakeholders accountable with audit logs and avoid oversight.

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Legal Teams
The go-to platform for
Marketing Managers

Store brand guidelines and collateral in the DAM, collaborate easily with the design team, and get creatives ready for marketing campaigns on the time.

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Marketing Managers

Create visuals at scale

Automate the production of 1000+ on-brand creative variations including changes to dimensions, background colors, copy, calls to action, and more. Get what takes your team 5 hours done in 5 minutes and go live in record time.

Online Proofing Tool

Manage all things brand in one place

Enhance your brand asset management with AI-powered smart tagging, contextual search, and creative intelligence. Find the perfect asset with ease and assess compliance scores that check against your brand guidelines.

Digital Asset Management

Collaborate like a pro

Work together on creatives across departments, companies, and the globe with AI-powered online proofing and workflow management. Build complex workflows, proof files across 160+ formats (yes, even videos), and ensure effortless brand consistency across channels and components.

Organized Campaign Asset Management

Stay on-brand every time, everywhere

Ensure brand compliance across all customer touchpoints with centralized access to brand guidelines. Add your colors, typography, and more easily to Artwork Flow and let AI check every asset against your guidelines in seconds.

Organized Campaign Asset Management

Design creative ads that convert

Boost your sales and increase ROAS with data-informed creative decisions. Get the metrics you need with AI-powered insight and stop wasting ad spend on creatives based on intuition and guesswork.

Artwork Workflow Management System
Capterra Rating
“...We love that the system is as simple or as complicated as our team needs it to be. We can use either some or all of the powerful tools on it to better organize our brand.”
Ease of use
Customer Experience

What our customers say

“Artwork Flow’s online artwork management automates multiple iterations of workflows for artwork approval and offers a single point of storage for all digital assets. It’s flexible for technical teams.”

Ankit Srivastava's testimonial on Artwork Flow.
Ankit Srivastava
Senior Project Manager, Diageo

What our customers say

“What stands out most about Artwork Flow is its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s remarkably user-friendly, turning the complex dance of artwork management into a breeze. Overall, the platform has been instrumental in cutting down the approval time and boosting our go-to-market speed with a fun and efficient workflow.”

Valentine's testimonial on Artwork Flow.
Valentine F.
Innovation Project Manager, Lavie Foods

What our customers say

“Artwork Flow has made hard copy reviews obsolete and helps us share files with anyone anywhere anytime.”

Renee's testimonial on Artwork Flow.
Renee Lau
Senior Graphic Designer, Hovid

What our customers say

"We found Artwork Flow to be a very comprehensive and well-thought-out piece of software that had been developed through the lens of the user. The training and support were first class with weekly check-ins which was so helpful."

Susan's testimonial on Artwork Flow.
Susan E
Director of Marketing and Innovation, Quest Personal Care

What our customers say

"Artwork Flow allows us to collaborate in a way that we haven’t before. The ability to create designs, make notes, compare versions and store them in one place has allowed us to not rely on emails and the cumbersome tools we have used in the past. It also keeps me honest by making sure I'm meeting my tasks on time."

How Jones Dairy Farm used Artwork Flow's creative management software
Lisa Caras
Marketing Manager, Jones Dairy Farm

What our customers say

"Thanks to Artwork Flow, collating comments on creatives and setting up workflows is seamless now. Also, what I really liked about the platform is the digital library, being able to have different versions of our creatives has been really good for our technical and food safety teams."

William Page
William Page
Marketing and Branding Manager, Simply Lunch

What our customers say

“Before we started using this artwork approval software, it was far too easy for the details of our various projects to fall through the cracks in the back-and-forth of email. Now, everything is consolidated in one place.”

Manny Arthur
Manny Arthur
Design Manager, LesserEvil

What our customers say

“Artwork Flow is a fantastic product with an amazing team behind it to support.”

Leo Smirnov
Leo Smirnov
Creative Director, DS Healthcare Group

Become intelligent with Artwork Flow

AI-powered creative management

Bring humans and machines together through creative analytics and brand asset management to start making intelligent creatives.

Artwork flow
Save on A/B testing

Don’t blow out your budget on A/B testing — use creative intelligence to analyze success. Creative advertising has never been easier!

AI-powered asset search makes running campaigns easy as pie. Search by emotions, branding, context, and semantics to become more purpose-driven.

Proof videos in a jiffy

Use the high-speed renderer of this creative platform to proof videos, generate smart tags automatically, and do so much more.

Manage changes with version control

Use this creative platform to get the full picture of design iterations with automated versioning and history tracking.

Manage end-to-end campaigns

Build complex workflows at scale and manage any marketing campaign from start to finish with ease. Project managing your next campaign is going to be a breeze!

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Artwork Flow can help you with creative intelligence and brand asset management

What is creative collaboration?

Creative collaboration is the process of working with different stakeholders to accomplish a common goal. It streamlines the creative process and ensures all voices are taken into account in the most efficient way possible.

The best design collaboration software allows creatives to work efficiently even while they're not sat across from each other physically. With creative collaboration tools, even remote workers can come together online to create the best design projects.

Artwork Flow is a creative collaboration platform that helps you work on marketing creatives cross-functionally from within the same tool. With additional features such as a workflow management system, online proofing, and digital asset management, Artwork Flow is the go-to creative collaboration software for dynamic teams.

Why do we need creative collaboration?

Creative collaboration is important in the workplace to make your team more productive and consistent. The best collaboration tools for creatives allow them to achieve their highest quality of work with great consistency, thanks to additional brand management features.

Online creative collaboration coupled with strategic brand management will help your team with both increased productivity internally and brand consistency externally. In addition to being a creative collaboration app, Artwork Flow is also a brand management software. Using Artwork Flow, you can collaborate on creatives, build complex workflows, and address all your cross-media marketing needs.

Benefits of creative collaboration software

Creative team collaboration is important for productivity, smooth communication, and production of quality work. Creative collaboration tools have a myriad of benefits, including efficient team communication, breaking down of silos, and faster multi-stage reviews for dynamic teams.

Creative collaboration platforms like Artwork Flow help get the different stakeholders of any project together on one platform, ensuring dynamic feedback. With additional industry-leading features such as workflow management, online proofing, DAM, and brand management, Artwork Flow serves as one of the best creative collaboration spaces for dynamic teams.

Features of creative collaboration tools

The best collaboration tools for creatives include features such as comments, annotation, markups, external sharing, and more. Creative collaboration platforms like Artwork Flow have intuitive online proofing features which ensure all creatives are error-free. Look for creative collaboration software that will allow you to bring your entire team under one roof, providing the ultimate collaboration tool for designers.

Some other features you need in creative collaboration software include brand management, flexible workflows to manage projects from start to finish, collaboration workspaces, digital asset management, and more. Once you start integrating creative collaboration into your your business, the benefits will automatically follow.

What is brand management?

Brand management is the process of measuring, maintaining, and enhancing your brand's reputation over time. It is a type of marketing that helps you maintain brand equity, increase customer loyalty, improve brand awareness over time, and spread a positive brand image amongst your target audience.

Brand management software like Artwork Flow help businesses to manage their brands by providing brand asset management, creative collaboration, and cross-media marketing features. With digital brand management, you can improve brand equity and make your brand a household name.

Features of brand management software

Brand management software can help you streamline your messaging across all marketing touchpoints. With a dedicated brand management system in your marketing tech stack, you can effortlessly improve brand awareness.

Some of the brand management features you should look for include creative collaboration, dynamic feedback, online proofing to ensure brand consistency, strategic brand management functionalities, and more. While some agencies offer brand management services, brand management software might be the best option for fast-moving brands who can also afford to add another tool to their in-house tech stack.

Brand management tools like Artwork Flow allow you to collaborate on creatives, avoid project management overhead, create scaleable workflows, proof creatives across 160+ formats, and do so much more. With product and brand management, you can ensure that your brand reaches the level of perception and awareness it deserves.

Who uses brand management software?

Brand management software are not just for brand managers, despite what the name indicates. Brand management tools are for any member of dynamic marketing teams who has a hand in building brand awareness online.

Designers need brand management and brand asset management for creative collaboration and ensuring brand consistency across all creatives. With brand management solutions, they can save time on creatives, avoid rework, and reduce iterations in multi-stage creative reviews.

Marketing managers need brand management tools to store brand guidelines, review designers' work, ensure brand consistency in messaging, and streamlining feedback. Digital brand management tools also allow them to make quick decisions on campaigns and paid ads with advanced analytics and creative intelligence.

Sales representatives also derive great value out of brand asset management and brand management systems. Having all brand assets in one place allows the sales team to focus on their primary goal of closing deals, as a brand management software takes care of their other requirements such as housing all marketing collateral under one roof.

Brand asset management software such as Artwork Flow are for all members of your team and also external agencies, freelancers, and partners involved in promoting your work to the world. In all, brand management solutions are for anyone involved in maintaining brand perception and equity.

How to select the best brand management software?

There are a whole host of brand management tools out there. How, then, do you select the best brand management software for you? Any platform that intrinsically understands the importance of brand management and provides the tools to help you control your brand across markets is a good brand management software.

Brand management tools like Artwork Flow come with a variety of features and functionalities that help you with brand consistency and awareness. Artwork Flow offers creative collaboration, workflow management, online proofing, brand asset management, and much more to help you with brand equity, consistency, awareness, and growth.

What is Artwork Management?

Artwork management is the process of simplifying busywork while launching new packages and label designs. Usually, label development involves issues such as regular bottlenecks, compliance errors, launch delays, and sometimes, even costly recalls.

Label management software and tools for creative collaboration such as Artwork Flow can help you overcome these challenges and go to market faster. With advanced and intuitive features such as proofing, compliance management, digital asset management, and a complex workflow builder, Artwork Flow can help you meet all your labeling and creative collaboration needs.

What are the benefits of using artwork management software?

Companies still using traditional labeling and artwork management systems struggle with endless email loops, longer approval times, siloed team communication, and complex workflows.

Implementing an artwork management tool can help you streamline the entire label management workflow, reduce revisions, and speed up time-to-market. Artwork management tools such as Artwork Flow also come with additional creative collaboration features to boost team productivity and ease cross-media marketing. This way, you can avoid the pitfalls of traditional channels of communication for packaging labeling and artwork management.

Label management systems also help you with digital artwork management, storage, and discovery, artwork version control, and faster approvals. As an artwork workflow software, Artwork Flow also streamlines the most complex of project management tasks with an intuitive workflow management system.

Who should use artwork management tools?

Artwork management tools are for designers, brand managers, legal teams, project managers, and any other stakeholder involved in the process of creating, reviewing, approving, or launching a label design.

Brand managers need a label management system to get end-to-end visibility into creative workflows and establish a smart artwork approval system. They also need it for digital artwork management and digital asset management so they can repurpose creatives for seasonal campaigns.

Designers use online artwork collaborative tools to streamline the design lifecycle and for creative collaboration with other teams. With an artwork management solution like Artwork Flow, they can rework designs, access all assets in one place, and accelerate multi-stage reviews.

Legal teams use labeling and artwork management to make the compliance process easier. A label management system can help them ensure all required elements make it to a packaging label and they are compliant with regulatory mandates.

Project managers use label management software to manage complex workflows and get a complete overview of a creative project. Label management systems that double up as collaboration tools make multi-stage reviews and approval so much easier.

What is a collaboration tool?

Online collaboration tools help teams to get on the same platform and ease multi-stage reviews and approvals. Project collaboration tools in the context of packaging artwork management help streamline creative workflows and get products from the web to shelf faster. Artwork Flow is one such artwork collaboration tool that helps with creative collaboration, online proofing, digital asset management, and compliance — making it the go-to collaboration tool for design teams.

While team collaboration tools such as Monday and Asana exist, they can’t meet all the niche creative collaboration requirements of a consumer goods brand. What such brands need instead is project collaboration tools like Artwork Flow, where they can build complex workflows at scale.

How collaboration platforms can help with label management?

Remote collaboration tools help brands get all stakeholders on to one platform to make iterative design reviews easier. With project management collaboration tools, stakeholders from different departments can all leave comments, annotations, and markup on creatives. That’s how collaborative design platforms such as Artwork Flow have cemented their position as an important collaboration tool for designers.

What are the benefits of online collaboration tools?

Enterprise collaboration tools help with multi-stage reviews, iterative design and rework, and breaking down silos between different departments. A creative collaboration tool like Artwork Flow takes it up a notch with intuitive online proofing features, complex workflow functionalities, and a strong digital asset management library. Since everything is cloud-based and accessible 24/7, such platforms are the perfect collaboration tools for remote teams. If you’re looking for collaboration tools online, look no further!

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