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June 15, 2023
July 17, 2023

What Is Creative Analytics? 5 Reasons Why Creative Analytics is Important for Ad performance

Shirly Christy

What Is Creative Analytics? 5 Reasons Why Creative Analytics is Important for Ad performance

April 28, 2023
July 17, 2023
Shirly Christy


Over the years, digital media has completely changed the marketing landscape. Brands are now increasing their marketing efforts through paid advertising and there has been an increased emphasis on creating eye-catching visual content that attracts your target audience. This has led business owners to constantly look for ways to better their marketing efforts and reach out to their audience in their own capacity. Scaling your creative production process comes with increased costs and it can definitely be an expensive affair (not to mention the fact that your competitors are also targeting the same audience that you are). 

At this stage, you might consider running more ads but ideally you still might not see the returns you are expecting. With the sheer number of new brands entering the market, it automatically becomes difficult to identify what is working and what isn’t for your brand. With the advent of AI, a lot of brands blow out a huge amount of money on A/B testing their creatives to strike the right chord with their audience and ensuring conversions. A/B testing, however, involves manual work, what if we automated the entire process? Well, that’s what creative analytics is all about.  In this article, we are going to talk all about creative analytics and how brands can make high-quality data-backed decisions that can create maximum impact on all their marketing efforts. 

What is creative analytics?

Creative analytics is a technology that makes use of creative analytics tools and software to assess the effectiveness of your creatives. It helps assess how your assets and ads are performing and how you can better them to achieve maximum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The primary goal of using creative analytic tools and softwares is to thoroughly evaluate the creative based on parameters such as look, feel, elements, content, text, tone, messaging, and the list goes on. 

In the current age of AI and automation, creative analytics is a game changer and a valuable tool for marketing, creative, and brand teams. It offers detailed insights on what elements of your creatives are working well and how you can apply these insights into your next batch of creatives. With creative analytics you don’t really have to worry about ensuring whether each creative is aligned to your brand guidelines. With Artwork Flow, you don’t get just data on your creatives but also ensure all your images are brand compliant. With brand compliance, you can identify any potential discrepancies that can impact your ad campaign or even the image of your brand. Our creative analytics tool helps in improving your brand’s advertising assets by providing actionable insights based on Meta’s ads manager and many more platforms, coming soon. It’s time to create intelligent creatives, check it out now. 

How does Artwork Flow’s creative analytics really work? 

Let us start with an example. Say you run a skincare brand and you want to understand what kind of digital advertisements work best for your brand. Let’s compare ads that include a human in your creative versus ones that just has your product. 


A creative analytics tool will show you that images with just the product in frame have lesser brand recall and association percentage when compared to having a human in the image. Having a human image in your advertisement can help your target audience in remembering your brand better and associating with it. Artwork Flow’s creative analytics tool, but helps you in analyzing key parameters based on your Meta Ad’s Manager and also provides predictive metrics to optimize your future marketing campaigns. 

Why is creative analytics important for ad performance? 

The creative process doesn’t usually involve data-driven decisions — it’s usually driven by intuition and guesswork into what could work.. It is important to monitor the right metrics to understand campaign performance and generate best practices to follow for your next one. Here are a few reasons why creative analytics are advantageous for marketers: 

1. See what really works 

Creative analytics helps us understand what really works in your creatives. It takes away all the guesswork out of your marketing decisions and gives you data-driven, actionable insights that can help you convert your customers. With Artwork Flow’s creative automation software, you can get in-depth insight into your creatives and understand what works and what doesn’t. 

Let’s say you run a global pizza brand and you want to test which of the images used below will really help you reach out to your audience and convert them. How will you find this out? Artwork Flow’s creative analytics tool can do this for you, without exploding your budgets and help in creating visuals that convert. Let’s find out how with this example below. 

In the image below, you can see a pizza placed in a white background and a darker background with a few more additional elements in it. 

You might prefer the image on the left, where the pizza is placed on a dark background, but here is where Artwork Flow’s creative automation software can come to your rescue. Our creative automation software will analyze your creatives and tell you what  worked and what did not! Have a look. 

2. Smarter budget allocation

With creative analytics, you can identify more than just what works for your brand. You can pull reports as quickly as possible and evaluate your campaigns. Using these analytics, you can make the right decisions and adjust your marketing ad spend accordingly. 

3. Improved targeting 

With a creative analytics tool, you can ensure that you target your audience in a better way. You can create customized campaigns for each of your audience segments, opening more room for them to resonate with your brand. With the insights driven from creative automation tools can also help in creating highly targeted ads and campaigns that can generate more clicks and conversions. 

4. Increased customer engagement

Creative analytics and creative analytical tools can help you create more interactive and engaging ads for your customer segments. These creative analytics software draw data based on indicators like user behavior, preferences, and other important features. They analyze user behavior and give insights with which you can create ads that are more personalized to your customers leading to increase in engagement and overall customer loyalty. 

5. Improved ROAS

With a creative analytics software, you can optimize your ad campaigns and creative effective advertisements that can improve your ROI and reduce your ad spend. It analyzes data performance and adjusts your ad strategies accordingly to achieve better results from your advertising efforts. 

6. Understanding your audience

One benefit of using creative analytics tools is that they help businesses understand their audience. They offer insights into parameters such as preferences, behavior, demographics of their potential target audience. This can help brands to generate ads that are friendly to your audience and helps generate clicks and conversions. 

7. Optimizes your campaigns 

Whether it’s a festive campaign or a summer discount campaign, it is important to A/B test your creatives and pick the right one when you go-to-market. Creative analytics tools allow you to pick the right ad creative, choose the best format, place your text right, and voila! You are all set for grabbing maximum impact and ROI. 

8. Beats competition faster 

With increasing complexities such as changing algorithms, higher manual efforts and more in advertising campaigns, it is important to make creatives that cut across this mass competition. Creative analytics allows businesses to identify the latest trends and gives insights that give brands a competitive edge by using latest ad formats and audience preferences. 

Wrapping up 

In conclusion, creative analytics is a powerful tool that can help businesses achieve success in advertising and drive conversions. When you start incorporating creative analytics insights, you can create more engaging, targeted ads that can drive higher ROI from your advertising efforts. Take data-driven decisions that make your creatives intelligent with Artwork Flow.  Start your seven-day free-trial today! 

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