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April 17, 2023
July 14, 2023

5 Tips To Improve CTR on Facebook With Creative Analytics

Varun Baliga

5 Tips To Improve CTR on Facebook With Creative Analytics

April 17, 2023
July 14, 2023
Varun Baliga


Creating a strong click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook is critical for your campaign's success. It can drive everything from the interest in your brand to conversions from your ads, ultimately improving your return on investment (ROI).

The CTR from your Facebook ads is the first clear indicator of how your campaign is performing. It allows you to see if your advertising strategy is making an impact without spending too much time, money, or resources. Depending on your CTR, you can then experiment with your campaigns to attract a larger audience and build engagement over time. 

That said, improving the CTR for your ad creatives rides on a number of factors. It is important to analyze your creatives and your messaging to understand where your campaign might need refining.

Click Through Rate on Facebook

Facebook measures your CTR as the percentage of clicks out of the total impressions for each of your creatives. This means your CTR measures the number of people who click on your ad creative against the total number of people who viewed the ad on their Facebook home page.

Average CTR for Facebook Ads by industry

The average CTR for Facebook Ads across industries is 0.89% as of 2019. However, this varies for each industry, with food & beverage taking the advertising cake at 1.2%. The figure is above the global average for beauty & fitness (1.02%) and real estate (0.98%), while business and industrial companies have a CTR of 0.89%. 

Facebook Ads don’t seem to work as well for internet & telecom companies (0.68%), while finance (0.58%) and science (0.45%) also have significant room to improve.

Source: WordStream

How to measure CTR on Facebook

Facebook records ad clicks and impressions to calculate your click-through rate. To check your CTR, you need to visit Ads Manager through your Facebook account. You can follow the steps below to find your CTR.

Step 1: Select the Ads Manager option on your home page.

Step 2: Click on the tab labeled ‘Ads’.

Step 3: Set the time frame for which you would like to measure the CTR of your ads.

Step 4: Click on the dropdown option for ‘Columns’ and select ‘Performance and clicks’.

Step 5: Scroll to the right until you find the CTR for each ad post. 

Depending on your requirements, you can choose between the link click-through rate and the overall click-through rate to assess your performance. Link click-through rate counts the number of times users clicked on the link in your ad, whereas CTR (all) is your overall CTR which counts the number of times users clicked on any part of your ad post. This includes profile visits and likes or comments on your post.

Improving CTR with creative analytics 

Your click-through rate depends on a number of factors ranging from the messaging in your campaigns to the quality of your designs. When it comes to analyzing your performance, the usual data only gets you so far. To make the best creative decisions and improve engagement, you need to dig deeper with an advanced analysis of your posts.

Creative analytics solutions today offer in-depth insights into your creative decisions. These insights go beyond the usual performance data to show you exactly what is working for your creatives and where you have room for improvement. You will be able to tweak your ads during the course of the campaign and back each of your decisions with the right data.

Artwork Flow’s Creative Intelligence solution was built to help organizations clear the blind spots in their creative decision-making process and equip their advertising strategies with intelligent insights. Let’s look at the various tactics you can adopt with Creative Intelligence to grow your CTR and ensure better returns for your brand with every campaign.

5 ways to improve CTR for Facebook Ads

1. Refine your ad copy

The ad copy is the first thing users notice as they scroll past your ad. It is the first thing that can grab their attention and create a positive impression on your brand and its offerings. Ad copy is also subjective by nature. It may be good copy and yet not have the desired effect on your audience. This is where Creative Intelligence can help you make informed decisions as you make changes to your copy.


Adding personal elements to your copy helps your audience connect with your post. It makes your brand more relatable and increases your credibility. With Creative Intelligence, you can check to see how your personalized copy is working with your audience. You will be able to see posts with the most successful copy and make adjustments wherever necessary.


Making your ad more conversational can be compelling and encourage your audience to respond to your post. It might even start with a like or a comment, but it will change the way your audience thinks about your brand build curiosity around your offerings. 

You can use Creative Intelligence to find out which of your creatives are drawing more engagement and create copy that builds on this during the course of your campaign. Your audience will feel heard and their relationship with your brand will only get stronger over time.

2. Bring your visuals to life

Your visuals play a critical role in improving CTR during a campaign. Users are increasingly partial towards visual content today, and the more you can make use of this, the better the results for your brand. 

Creative analytics solutions like Creative Intelligence give you smart insights into your visual content. You will know what your audience likes about your visuals and what you can change to improve engagement. 

Using too much text in your posts? How about the colors in your creatives? The answers to these questions will allow you to modify your creatives with less experimentation and see better results obtained using fewer resources.

3. Shine the spotlight on your brand

Building a consistent brand identity makes a huge difference to your perception online. It adds recall value and crystallizes your personality for anyone looking at your creatives for the first time. 

Update your brand guidelines and create brand elements that highlight your values and identity online. Artwork Flow’s brand compliance software allows you to measure each creative with a comprehensive brand score. You will get insights on the use of your logo and other brand elements while giving you a better picture of areas that can be improved from a branding point of view.

4. Polish your messaging

You might begin your campaign with a particular message in mind, but your audience may want to hear something a little different from your brand. You can’t always get your messaging right the first time, but you can listen to your audience.

Creative Intelligence backs your messaging and tone of voice with data, so you can make the right changes to your creatives. You will be able to see which of your posts worked better because of your message and which posts struggled in the same area. As you post further, your insights will be more accurate and you will be able to make better changes to your messaging and generate more engagement online.

5. A/B test your creatives 

Ultimately, your campaigns can only be improved with experimentation and A/B testing gives you a safe platform to do this. Putting up two variations with specific differences will give you a clear indication of which creative works better with your audience.

Using creative analytics solutions like Creative Intelligence, you will be able to see which elements in your creatives worked for the winning ads and how you can incorporate them into the rest of your campaign.

Wrapping up

Pushing your CTR higher takes time and effort but with the right data and insights on hand, the process can be driven with greater purpose. Your results improve considerably and the impact is seen through a better ROI over time.

Adding creative analytics tools to your marketing tech stack will help your teams deliver better with fewer resources, allowing you to achieve your goals faster. If you would like to see how Creative Intelligence would support your marketing efforts, book a quick demo with our experts today and get a personalized walkthrough of the platform. 

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