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Creative Intelligence
April 10, 2023
November 20, 2023

Creative Intelligence Demystified: Insights for Brands

Varun Baliga

Creative Intelligence Demystified: Insights for Brands

April 10, 2023
November 20, 2023
Varun Baliga


As the digital economy matures, it has become more important than ever for brands to leverage data and analytics in every aspect of their business. Not only does it crystallize your performance with hard numbers, but it informs your strategy at every step. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every quarter and the right adjustments can help your brand achieve better results. 

Despite the apparent benefits of data and analytics, it isn’t always easy to measure the right metrics. This is especially true for creative performance and more so for brands putting out countless creatives across every conceivable digital platform today. 

Source: Gartner

Clearly, there’s a lot of room for more insights, better decisions, and ultimately, better ROI for brands. 

So, what do you get with marketing analytics today and how do you give your brand a competitive edge with deeper insights?

Let’s take a look.

The hits and misses of marketing analytics

Marketing analytics tools have become essential today and rightly so. They cover a considerable portion of your marketing activities and allow you to track your marketing and communication channels.

You can see how interest in your brand shifts to a desire to buy your products or services. You can see which channels are working for your brand and which aren’t. You can also learn more about your audience and how you can reach them better.

But with digital communication today becoming increasingly visual, there is a clear need for insights that offer a deeper perspective on creative decisions. Marketing analytics tools tell you how your creatives are performing, but not so much about the ‘why’ of it all. 

Brands should be able to understand how to modify their creatives for each platform and audience segment to get the best out of every campaign. Besides, with almost every other brand employing marketing analytics in some form or the other, the playing field has leveled out in recent years.

If your brand’s creative teams can back their decisions with the right data, it can help you take more informed decisions and pull ahead of your competition.

Bridging the gap between insights and creative decision-making

The gap between marketing performance data and creative decision-making continues to present a challenge for brands today. Too often, you’re left with an abundance of data, but no clear direction as to how to turn it into meaningful insights and actionable decisions.

Brands that want to gain a competitive edge must sift through a sea of performance metrics to identify the right indicators. This means going beyond traditional techniques of measurement that can help them draw qualitative insights to create increasingly impactful outcomes. While this may appear challenging at the outset, it is already becoming apparent that bringing data and creativity closer is the best way forward today. 

McKinsey considers brands attempting this as ‘integrators’, as they seek to generate the best results for their businesses at the intersection of data-driven insights and creative decision-making. According to a recent survey conducted by the global management consulting firm, these integrators are building revenue at 2X the average pace of growth maintained by S&P 500 companies.

Source: Mckinsey&Company

As more brands move to understand their creatives and campaigns on a deeper level, advanced solutions are coming up to help teams gain better insights. So, how can brands use these solutions to improve their outcomes? 

Creative Intelligence: Advanced analytics for better results

Creative intelligence or creative analytics tools are solutions that use data analytics techniques to evaluate branding, marketing, and other creatives published online to deliver accurate insights on their impact. These solutions offer a unique combination of big data and a human-centered approach that looks holistically at various data points to uncover meaningful and useful insights.

Creative intelligence software uses a range of metrics to analyze how each of your creative decisions is impacting the performance of your campaigns. This includes everything from engagement and conversion rates to social sharing and referrals to your business. Creative intelligence also picks out trends in your audience behavior, such as which types of content are most effective in generating results for your brand. 

Branding and marketing teams can now make the most of tailored insights and enhance their brand's health in more ways than one. Artwork Flow’s own Creative Intelligence solution will soon be available for brands to enrich their strategies further and ensure continued growth for the business in the long run.

Brand-building powered by Creative Intelligence

With Artwork Flow’s Creative Intelligence software in your brand’s marketing tech stack, not only will your teams learn a whole lot more about your creatives, but they will also be able to improve the brand’s perception and nurture a better relationship with your audience. Integrating workflow management software into your processes alongside Creative Intelligence ensures seamless collaboration and efficient execution, optimizing your overall marketing strategy.

Here are just a few things you can do with Creative Intelligence.

1. Understand your audience

While you may know a lot about your audience already, there is a lot that can change over the course of a campaign. Interests shift over time and your creatives may or may not have the impact that you’d want on your audience.

Artwork Flow’s Creative Intelligence software will allow you to get a better read on your audience. The new series of creatives not working as you thought they would? You will be able to analyze each of your creative decisions and see what your audience liked and disliked about your designs. No more second-guessing decisions and less time spent coming up with better alternatives!

2. Personalize your messaging

Getting your messaging right takes time and effort. You could have all your bases covered and still miss a trick at the end of the day. This can be especially challenging when you are communicating with a diverse, global audience.

With Creative Intelligence, you get constant feedback from your audience on your tone of voice and what you might need to change to create a better impact. Your teams will have more clarity on the next steps and campaigns can be adjusted immediately to ensure an uptick in interest and engagement.

3. Refine brand perception

How your brand is perceived online can influence the interest in your products or services. A number of factors impact your brand perception, right from your positioning against your competitors to the emotions you inspire in your communication with your communities.

Creative Intelligence software helps you get a clear read on how your audience feels about your communication. It allows you to take a granular look at each aspect of your brand language and what you could do to improve it.

4. Improve customer loyalty

As a brand, customer loyalty can help you maintain and build your momentum over time. When you’ve got a strong base of customers who support what you do, it allows you to experiment and deliver better products or services in return.

With constant advanced feedback from Creative Intelligence, you can understand exactly what your customers want to see from your brand. As you continue to adjust campaigns based on customer feedback, you will leave a positive impression on your customer who will feel seen and heard. They will feel more connected with your brand and be more willing to support you in your efforts, even in the face of any difficult situations you may face along the way.

5. Protect brand reputation

Managing your brand’s reputation is a full-time job on its own. Aside from making sure there is nothing potentially damaging in any of your communication, you also need to track how well you’re in sync with the current sentiment online.

Using Creative Intelligence, you can understand exactly how your customers feel about each of your creatives and your messaging. It will allow you to modify your communication at every step and stay ahead of any potential complications to protect and even enhance your brand reputation online.

Wrapping up

Building an intelligent brand with creative insights takes time and effort, but it pays off in the end. Creativity is the key to longevity, and understanding how to unlock the potential of this distinctive intelligence is essential to creating great products and services.

If you would like to see how your brand can use Creative Intelligence to drive greater impact, book a demo with our experts and get a personalized walkthrough of the platform today.

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