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April 8, 2023
January 2, 2024

8 Best Creative Workflow Management Tools For the Technology Industry

Shirly Christy

8 Best Creative Workflow Management Tools For the Technology Industry

March 31, 2023
January 2, 2024
Shirly Christy


It is safe to say that technology has changed the way we work. With the pandemic and remote work becoming a norm, there has been a growing need for an increase in work efficiency. It is important to ensure that your team has the right tools to manage their workflow with efficiency. Especially for creative teams such as marketing and design, there might be a hundred email threads and several levels of approvals for just that one creative for your social media. 

It’s essential to have a highly functional creative workflow management tool that does it all for you in a seamless manner. Whether you have a full-time employee, an intern, or a freelancer, having the right creative workflow management tool is key. Today, we’re going to show you the top ten creative workflow management tools and which of these could potentially be the best creative workflow management tool, let’s find out! 

Why are creative workflow management tools required for the technology industry? 

Just like every other industry, creative workflow management tools are essential for brands and enterprises in the technology industry. Here are a few reasons why creative workflow management tools are of importance to technology companies. 

  • Higher task load - Almost all of the creative projects in the technology industry have a larger task intensity and deliverables. Using a creative workflow management tool can help in serving as a centralized platform for tracking, proofing, and organizing tasks and deliverables. 
  • Multi-project tracking - Most projects handled by technical teams involve multiple specific technical requirements. With a creative workflow management tool, you can set a framework for every single project and resolve any issues and track progress accordingly. 
  • Increases productivity - Not just for technology companies, but using creative workflow management tools can help in increasing overall productivity. It helps cross-functional teams to work together as one from different locations. It helps in reducing time and  effort by tracking projects and pushing teams to work towards the same goal.

1. Artwork Flow 

Artwork Flow is one of the top creative workflow management tools that helps teams to create and collaborate in an efficient manner. With Artwork Flow, teams collaborate with each other effortlessly. You can create stunning creative projects, proof, and deliver them on time. 

What are the features of Artwork Flow? 

  • A smart yet intuitive interface for creative workflow management. 
  • A fully centralized digital asset management library. 
  • AI-based proofing tools that support 160+ file formats. 
  • Offers brand compliance and regulatory guidelines to maintain brand reputation. 
Creative workflow management for technology industry


At its current capacity, Artwork Flow does not offer a free version of the product. 

2. Trello 

Trello is a project management tool that allows users to visually organize their tasks and projects on kanban-style digital boards. 


  • Trello offers digital whiteboards that can be customized and shared among team members.
  • Under each board, team members can create lists to categorize and track their tasks.
  • Each task can be turned into a card which can contain additional details of their tasks. 
  • Each team member can apply labels to their cards to help categorize and prioritize their tasks. 


Even though Trello's simplicity is one of its strengths it can also be a limitation for users who require advanced features. 

3. Monday.com 

Monday.com is a popular project management tool that enables teams to plan, organize, and track their work in a collaborative manner.


  • It provides a customizable platform where teams can create their own workflows to fit their specific needs and processes.
  • Team members can visualize their team's progress and project status. 
  • Teams can also easily collaborate and communicate with each other by assigning tasks, sharing files, and leaving comments within the platform.
  • It also offers integrations with various third-party tools. 


Monday.com is priced relatively expensive when compared to other creative workflow management tools. 

4. ClickUp 

ClickUp is a popular project management software that offers a range of features to help teams stay organized and efficient. 


  • It helps you and your team to create custom workflows to match the project your team is working on. 
  • It has a time tracking feature, you can track time spent on tasks and projects, and even bill clients accordingly.
  • It offers a range of collaboration tools, including comments, mentions, and shared task lists, to keep your team connected.
  • It offers a wide range of integration options to make it easy to bring all your tools into one place.


The platform can turn out to be overwhelming for users who are using project management tools for the first time. 

5. Wrike 

Wrike is a project management software that offers a range of features to help teams collaborate and stay on top of their work. 


  • Wrike provides a simple interface for creating, organizing, and assigning tasks to team members.
  • It offers a wide variety of collaboration tools to help your team to work together in an effective manner. 
  • Wrike integrates with a variety of other tools and helps bring all your work to one single platform. 


Some unique features such as time tracking, reporting, and such are only available in their pro-plan. 

6. Notion 

Notion is a popular project management tool. It offers an all-in-one workplace that can help you keep you organized and stay on track. 


  • Notion allows you to create customizable pages, to-do lists, project trackers, and content calendars. 
  • It provides a spreadsheet-style database that helps you sort, filter, and group data. 
  • It offers a wide variety of collaboration tools, tags, and mentions that can help your team to work effectively. 
  • It offers a range of templates to help you quickly set up tasks, projects, and workflows. 


However, most users seem to have reported performance issues when working on larger projects or data sets. 

7. Airtable 

Amongst all the popular workflow management tools, Airtable is one of the leading Workflow Management Software tools. It offers a wide range of features with kanban boards, calendars, and to-do lists that help your team to collaborate effectively.


  • It offers numerous views which include grid view, calendar view, and kanban view, and allows team members to work with efficiency. 
  • It allows you to use smart filters on your database functionality and work in a flexible way. 
  • Just like every other tool, Airtable also offers other collaboration tools to help teams work together. 
  • Airtable allows you to customize forms that can help you collect data from internal and external team members. 


In a few instances, Airtable users have reported difficulties in exporting and importing data from Airtable. It is also seen that some of their features are available only on higher-pricing plans. 

8. Hive 

Hive is a project management software that offers a wide range of features for teams to work effectively and efficiently. 


  • Hive offers a simple workspace that enables team members to create, organize, and assign tasks to each other on the team. 
  • It offers multiple features that allow you to collaborate with your team in the form of comments, mentions, tags, and so much more. 
  • It also offers reporting and analytics capabilities to track the progress of your projects. 


Many users feel that the platform is slow to load, especially when working with large numbers of projects. It is also seen that due to some pre-set templates, it is difficult for teams to work in a flexible manner. 

So, what’s the best creative workflow management tool for the technology industry? 

Now that we have spoken to you about all the top creative workflow management tools, it’s time for you to now decide. When choosing your creative workflow management tool, you should remember to consider factors such as team size, projects, approval cycles, and, most importantly, workflow automation. This ensures that your creative processes are streamlined, enhancing efficiency and collaboration within your team. If you are looking for a solution that does it all for you, then Artwork Flow is the right choice. Start your seven-day free trial today! 

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