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Creative Automation
June 13, 2023
January 10, 2024

What is Creative Automation? 5 Ways How Creative Automation Can Help In Creating Content Faster

Shirly Christy

What is Creative Automation? 5 Ways How Creative Automation Can Help In Creating Content Faster

April 28, 2023
January 10, 2024
Shirly Christy


We can all agree that we are living in the age of automation. If ChatGPT can write your content and DALL-E can create your images, you are pretty much sorted, right? But what if you want to scale up your creative production process? Well, here comes the real problem, read along as we tell you how you can scale your creative process in a creative manner. 

With the entry of AI and other dynamic automation tools, there has been a drastic increase in media created by brands to match the expectations of their target audience. This calls for creating a higher volume of creatives with shorter turnaround times. At this stage, most companies either spend a lot of money on hiring marketing, creative, and brand teams for their specific talents or they end up working with a third-party vendor chasing last-minute deadlines. But what really is the solution you ask? Well, why not empower your creative and brand teams to become smarter by diverting resources to focus on core tasks and allow creative automation tools to do the repetitive tasks? In this article, we are going to talk about what creative automation is and how creative automation tools are the game changer for creative and brand teams. Let’s start.

What is creative automation? 

Let me give you a scenario. Imagine you run a coffee shop and with the summer season right around the corner, you want to run an exclusive summer campaign on all your refresher range of drinks. With this campaign, comes the need to create 80 different sets of posters, each with slightly different text, color combinations, and dimensions. Would it be physically possible for your creative team to make a mass volume of creatives every day? The answer is no, right? 

What do we do then?  It is here where creative automation comes into play. 

In simple words, creative automation tools and software are designed for marketing and creative teams to scale their creative production process. These tools scale up the asset production process automatically by incorporating a workflow system, slightly adjusting a few aspects of the creative with no manual effort involved.

With a creative automation tool, you not only scale the creative production process but also transform your overall content creation approach. It also directs your team towards spending time and effort on actually creative tasks, rather than repetitive tasks. 

What are the advantages of using creative automation software? 

Now that we have understood the meaning of creative automation, let’s dive into understanding the advantages of creative automation software. 

1. Increased productivity 

One of the most obvious advantages of using a creative automation tool is an increase in the overall productivity levels of all your brand, creative, and design teams. With a creative automation tool in place, you can streamline your entire creative and content production process and improve the productivity of your creative teams. 

2. Consistency in branding

With creative automation tools, you no longer have to worry about whether all your creatives speak your brand language. A creative automation tool will ensure that all your messaging, creative elements, and all other guidelines of the brand are followed in a consistent manner. This will help not only to build brand recognition but also to establish trust with your target audience. 

3. Increased efficiency 

With a creative automation tool in place, your brand and creative teams will no longer be working on mundane tasks. You can simply let your creative automation software take charge of all your repetitive tasks and direct your team to focus on creative and strategic tasks instead. This way, you will not only increase the efficiency of the team but reduce the overall turnaround time of your project. 

4. Allows brand personalization 

Most creative automation software allow you to offer tailored messaging and design for specific segments of your target audience. With these personalization features, you can be creative in different languages and use different color variations and localize your brand to your target segment. This can help in connecting better with your audience and increasing your overall engagement and conversions.  

5. Saves cost

In today’s rapidly growing media landscape, the most expensive activity for brands is really creative and content production. With just investing on a creative automation software, you can save money on production and staffing costs and invest in other useful areas of your business. 

6. Smarter workflows

You no longer have to worry about feedback scattered across different emails, forget approvals, and miss deadlines. A creative automation tool can help streamline your entire creative workflow process and ensure easier collaboration across different internal teams and external stakeholders. Artwork Flow’s creative automation tool helps brand and creative teams create and scale their creative production process in a jiffy. 

7. On-demand scaling 

One of the most clear-cut benefits of using creative automation software is that it helps your brand to scale as your business grows. Over the course of time, it becomes challenging for any brand to keep up with the growing demands. With a creative automation software, you can scale your content and creative production process and make teams 10x more productive. 

8. Improved returns on investment

One of the underrated benefits of using creative automation tools is how they help in increasing the overall returns on investment. With a creative automation tool, you get an increase in efficiency along with reduced costs, which means you can go faster to market, test what your audience likes, and create effective marketing campaigns that bring in a higher ROI. 

Who uses creative automation tools? 

A creative automation tool can be used by anyone because the underlying objective really is to create an efficient, effective, and creative production process that is scalable according to demand. Boiling it down to specific teams, here are examples of a few teams that can use creative automation tools. 

1. Marketing teams

It goes without saying that, a creative automation tool is majorly used by marketing teams, especially digital marketing teams. With a creative automation software, marketing teams can streamline their content and creative production process. With automating these tasks, marketers can focus on much more higher-value tasks like campaign ideation, strategy development, and so much more. 

2. Creative teams 

With a creative automation tool, you can automate all tedious design tasks like resizing images, changing content, and revamping colors. You can set up the tool according to your brand guidelines to ensure compliance and consistency and establish a strong brand presence. 

3. Content creators 

You can either be a food blogger, tech blogger, or even a vlogger of any kind, a creative automation tool is literally a game-changer for your content creation process. If you are writing down blogs, creating video content, or anything else a creative automation tool can help in bringing about uniformity and transparency in your content and creative production process. Most creative automation tools usually offer features such as pre-made templates, content analytics, and other important insights which will help them in reaching a wider audience and growing their following. 

How can you accelerate content production through creative automation? 

Over the last few years, creative automation has grown to become a powerful tool for businesses to optimize their creative production process.  The idea of creative automation is to enable brands to speed up their creative production cycle and help marketing and brand teams to deliver high-impact campaigns with a short turnaround time.

1. Scaling personalization

Brands are increasingly tailoring their experiences to not just their target audience as a whole, but also different audience segments. This can become time-consuming and pull away a lot of resources from your team. At this stage, creative automation can allow marketers to generate personalized content through data and AI-driven technologies. This freedom of personalization allows an increase in customer engagement and reduces the time spent producing customized content. 

2. Iterative optimization

We understand that the creative production cycle is the process of being continuously improved and optimized. With creative automation tools, you can grab valuable insights and analytics and measure the performance of all your creatives and their variations. Creative automation tools also help in conducting A/B testing and allow you to quickly identify the best parts of your creative. This way, you can get to that winning creative faster and make high-impact campaigns for your audience.  

3. Automated localization 

For brands to expand into new markets and target diverse audiences, it becomes necessary to create multiple versions of creatives in different languages and design elements that are specific to the regional preference of your audience. With creative automation, you can simplify the process by automating versioning and brand localization

With a single master template, you can make use of creative automation and generate multiple versions of the same creative, by swapping out localized text, images, and other minor elements. This way, marketing teams can become more agile and adaptable and optimize their campaigns for different audience segments at the same time. 

4. Efficient design 

Creative automation works on the foundation of template-based design and fully eliminates the need to work from scratch on every creative. These templates or master creatives become the foundation to extract several other creatives. With these pre-designed templates, you can quickly customize text, images, colors, and other elements and align them to their specific requirements. 

How Artwork Flow’s Creative Automation can help your brand? 

Artwork Flow offers creative automation tools that can scale your creative production process and increase your team productivity up to 10x. Here’s how you can get started with Artwork Flow’s creative automation software. 

Step 1:  Sign up and create your own account on Artwork flow, by clicking here.  

Step 2: Now that you’re in, click on our Studio feature. 

Step 3: It’s now time to get started on creating your master template. You can either pick our pre-made templates or click on the ‘Custom Canvas’ button and create your own canvas, with the dimensions of your own choice. 

Step 4: You can now go ahead and create your master template. It can either be an image of your choice or you can even create your own ‘custom canvas’. With the help of the image, element, and colors tool you can create the dynamic creative that acts as your base. 

Step 5: With your dynamic creative in place, you are all set to work the magic! 

You can simply upload your CSV data sheet with all the specific parameters you require for your creatives. You can provide all details on content like names, icons, content, CTAs, and more to each asset being created. 

All you have to do is to just click on the ‘creative variations’ button. You can simply click on the upload CSV button and add your .csv file with all the parameters of your creatives. 

Step 6:  Once you have completed your .csv file, all you have to do is click on the ‘Configure Export’ button and watch Artwork Flow’s creative automation tool work out the magic for you. Voila! You have all your creatives ready to export. You can also even go ahead and add any elements to create on-brand creatives and content. 

What’s in Artwork Flow’s Creative Automation Software for brands? 

At Artwork Flow, we strongly believe that your creativity is your superpower. With our creative automation software, you can: 

  1. Choose from our 15+ pre-made templates or even create your own custom canvas. 
  2. Create strong master assets that you can tailor to your needs at any point of time. 
  3. Select unlimited variable parameters and make dynamic creatives. 
  4. Instantly generate unlimited versions within just a mouse click. 
  5. Share them with your marketing, brand, and creative teams and use them in the market. 

In addition to our creative automation software, you can even store assets and analyze them all in a single dashboard. Why wait? Learn more about Artwork Flow’s creative management process today


Whether you have an in-house or a remote team, it is always difficult to manage your team and keep them all on the same page. It is essential to keep the knots tied between your marketing, creative, brand, and design teams and create a workflow that is efficient and effective for them. If you are looking to embrace creative automation and scale your creative production process and modernize your workflow, Artwork Flow might be the solution you’re looking for.Artwork Flow’s creative automation tool can help you scale your creative production process and make your teams 10x times more productive. Start your seven-day free trial today!

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