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Label Management
February 15, 2022
February 12, 2024

Simplify Label Management For Cosmetic In 5 Easy Steps - Artwork Flow

Mrignayni Pandey

Simplify Label Management For Cosmetic In 5 Easy Steps - Artwork Flow

February 15, 2022
February 12, 2024
Mrignayni Pandey


Non compliance with standards, heavy fines for not adhering to regulatory guidelines, expensive product recalls- and the worst of all, the negative impact it has on the brand.

Doesn't it sound like a nightmare for any cosmetic brand?

A cosmetic that has false labeling or doesn’t have all the information as per FDA guidelines is termed to be misbranded. But we know that keeping track of every guideline and keeping the entire design, legal and production team together can be very tough. It becomes very easy for mistakes to occur in the absence of a right system. 

So, in this article we will simplify the label management software for your cosmetic brand.

How can you simplify label management for cosmetics

Even what seems like a harmless little typo can cost heavily for the brand when not taken care of at the designing stage. Your cosmetic brand will have to go through a painful and grueling process of setting things right again.

How to avoid all this and simplify label management for cosmetics? Here are some points you can take care of:

1. Make the process digital

Making the process of label management digital helps immensely in keeping record of the latest changes and tracking the progress of the artwork

Keeping all artworks on paper is anyways dated now. A digital process can not only make collaboration easier but can also help avoid mishandling. For a cosmetic brand it becomes even more important to have a digital process that efficiently handles artworks for different products at one place.

Even if you have the artworks being revised through suggestions on email, it is a tedious task to keep track of all updates. Hence, it becomes important to have a tool like artwork flow that can automate this digital process. A robust digital process assures accuracy and enhances transparency in the process.

Source: freepik

2. Have control on product versions

As the artwork moves forward in the designing and proofing process, the number of people involved increases, hence making management difficult. That is where having a control on the product versions comes into picture.

The control on product versions aids in going back to any previous stage of designing and keeping a record of the feedback and suggestions given by the team members. They also let you know the journey of any artwork development.

Product versions are crucial for tracking mistakes in case of product recalls as they help you know who did what and at which stage. This can help you save time and also increase accountability.

3. Set Up A system Of checks

You must make sure that your artwork is being checked at every stage with the guidelines. Set up a system of checks with the use of checklists and charts that assist you to stay compliant with the rules. It can also help you be up-to-date with the latest guidelines of the FDA.

Failure to comply with these guidelines results in a huge loss of time, energy and money. It also has a negative impact on your customers and brings hesitation in customers when choosing to buy your products. 

This system will help eliminate the friction in your proofing process and decrease the number of rounds in artwork edits. A systematic approach can significantly reduce the amount of time needed for artwork approval and assist you to be more accurate.

Artwork management software
Source: artwork flow

4. Bring the teams together

The process of getting the artworks approved from the design team, medical team and the legal team can be fast-tracked by bringing all these teams together on a platform. All the teams can simultaneously work on an artwork and fasten up the suggestions and editing process. 

A cosmetic product needs the eyes of both the legal and medical team for regulatory compliance and the design team to make the packaging visually appealing. Collaborating these teams is crucial for the exchange of information.

Bringing the teams together makes it easier to keep track of the updates made to an artwork and the members stay aware of the work done at each stage. This also boosts team spirit and responsiveness among the members.

Source: freepik

5. Review your artwork

Consistency in your labels and packaging is important for your brand image and a reviewing process can become a tool to create the right designs for the same. It also helps in keeping all the information on the packaging accurate.

When buying any cosmetic, you just naturally turn to the components section of the label. And the customers put trust on you keeping the information on the label in mind. So, it is important to accurately and clearly state all the constituents of any cosmetic product.

You can simplify this process with the use of workflows that let you see all the points of compliance at a glance. A workflow allows you to keep track of all the information to be included in the packaging and streamline the process of artwork management.

While you might want to have systems to take care of all the above points, getting these problems solved through different platforms can introduce even more friction into the process.

Artwork flow helps you unify your label management into one platform with its effective tools and helps you get rid of the inefficiency in the approval process.

Here’s how.

Artwork Flow- The right tool for cosmetic label management

If you are looking to cut down on your approval time, leave behind emails for information exchange and move towards a smarter label management process, then artwork flow is your answer. 

1. Collaborate all teams

Artwork flow is the perfect tool for you to collaborate with all your teams. Bring your design, legal and review team on one platform to ease up and quicken the process of reviews. 

Collaborating the team not only simplifies the process of regulatory compliance but also reduces the movement of the artwork from one team to another. The whole team knows the progress and changes, and is able to communicate suggestions more efficiently.

2. Accurate labeling with Artwork Flow

To create a good brand image, it is necessary to create an impact with your packaging. That can happen only if you stay consistent with your designs and labels. 

Artwork flow allows you to create workflows that make label management smooth and hassle free. You can also update the workflow according to new updates in the guidelines.

With artwork flow, you can stay on point with all the labeling guidelines for cosmetics and still be creative in your design.  

3. Effective checklists

Checklists are the most effective when you need to take care of a series of different guidelines. Artwork flow gives you just that so that you always adhere to the rules and save a ton of time in editing and reviewing.

Different checklists for different teams can become your tool for task assignment, tracking and proofing. You can make smart checklists that are custom made for your cosmetic business. 

You can add all the FDA guidelines that you need to comply with in these checklists while designing the labels and packaging for your brand and update them to conform with the latest rules.

4. Hassle free design proofing

Artwork flow’s proofing tool can efficiently super simplify the proofing process of your artworks. You can use this tool to access and compare all your previous artworks and design your next artwork in the same tone and theme to keep uniformity.

This tool helps you ensure that all your artworks follow a similar designing so that your customers encounter a congruous brand experience. 

Wrapping up

Keeping up with the complex guidelines of the FDA can be a tedious task. And FDA guidelines can be all jargons to a common man building a cosmetic brand. 

But not anymore! 

Artwork flow can make your label management process effortless and swift. It helps you keep your teams on toes with efficient systems that help you minimize risks of designing mistakes, non compliance and product recalls. 

If you want a complete solution for all your label management, get started with Artwork flow. Contact the team now!

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