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February 24, 2022
June 23, 2023

Online Alcohol Packaging: How To Prepare Your Wine And Spirits Labels For Ecommerce Success

Mrignayni Pandey

Online Alcohol Packaging: How To Prepare Your Wine And Spirits Labels For Ecommerce Success

February 24, 2022
June 23, 2023
Mrignayni Pandey


With the pandemic, we can see a shift in the way people buy their alcohol. The online sales of alcohol saw a jump of 10% in revenue in the year 2020, clearly indicating that consumers now prefer buying alcohol online.

Well, in a market expecting a 7.45 % CAGR till 2025, one cannot escape competitions.

But how can you make your customers pick you among a sea of different options online?

You need to capture the attention with what they see first about your alcohol brand, your label. It needs to create the impact that can convince your buyers to stop and buy your alcohol bottle. 

In this article, we will talk about how you can use your labels to boost your alcohol business online.

Let’s dive in. 

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What Makes A Good Alcohol Label?

While there are a lot of things you can do to make your label attractive, here are a few points that will surely work in grabbing your customer’s attention.   

1. Color

Dull or plain labels are ignored very easily when scrolling through a list of different products. Here’s where the label color plays a role in attracting the customers. The contrast and brightness of colors can be an effective tool to convey your brand’s values. Different hues can be used to convey different emotions.

For example, green can be used to convey relaxation and peacefulness whereas if you want to convey enthusiasm, youthfulness and adventure then orange can be your label color. Black can be your label color for an exclusive range of alcohol or a luxurious edition.

The combination of the colors must compliment the qualities of your alcohol brand. But you must refrain from using too many colors as that may decrease the clarity in your labels.

fda food labeling guide

Source: pastemagazine.com

2. Font

You don’t want your brand to be just another bottle in the lot and for that you need to stand out with your fonts. Your fonts must also help convey the brand’s values and align with the label colors.

Traditionally, wine bottles have gothic or classic scripts in their labels. And this use is attributed to the customers’ preference of traditional looking labels, and that labels with germanic or gothic fonts and vineyard pictures sell more. 

But an article by Forbes suggests otherwise. It says that many of the younger wine drinkers are now looking for a more modern look in their wine labels. And this can be easily achieved by more modern fonts that are new and refreshing.

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Source: Behance

3. Design

To grow your wine and spirits sales online, you need to enhance your label designs to suit the platform. While small details might look good on the bottle but may be lost when shown on a screen.

You must be able to communicate through your designs and look unique. You might have to ditch the traditional designs with vineyards and grapes, and an ancient looking vibe. And instead try to experiment with the designs and create a more contemporary look that buyers can relate to. 

The labels must notably show your product details to your customers so that they don’t click away due to lack of information. And your labels must clearly show the details of your brand, so that your repeat buyers can quickly identify you.

It is also important to keep in mind the labeling guidelines by the FDA. Here’s a guide to all the labeling requirements for alcohol.

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Source: 99 designs

What Is Different In Labeling For Ecommerce?

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Selling alcohol online is very different from selling traditionally in stores in terms of how you convince your customers to buy. Here are two differences that make alcohol ecommerce a different game altogether:

1. The Attention Span

Human being’s average attention span has been narrowing over the years. And now with too many options, our attention span is less than that of a goldfish! Now you just have 8 seconds to grab your buyer’s attention.

Is it enough?

It depends largely on what you show your customers in those 8 seconds. Unless you offer a burst of emotions in those seconds, you might not stand a chance of selling your alcohol. So, your labels have to be designed in such a way that they can inflict those emotions.

You must always remember that you won’t have the option to go back to your potential customers and sell after they have scrolled away from your product.

2. The Experience

Selling online cuts down the use of one of the senses for attracting a buyer and that is touch. And this means you need to capture the other sense that involves the visual appeal.

About 90% of the information perceived by the brain is visual and you can use this to your benefit by creating just the right impact on your customer’s mind. So, when uploading your products on ecommerce platforms make sure that its images are clear, shot in good lighting and pop out. Also, the visual experience of the brand must be consistent across all screens, be it a PC or a smartphone.

Also, the online purchase experience is quite different, as you cannot answer your customers directly. You must make sure that your product’s label answers all those queries. 

Wrapping Up

Growing in a highly competitive market is not an easy task. You would need to put in extra efforts in making your brand a success. Your wine and spirits label should be ready to enter the ecommerce niche.

You would need a tool like Artwork flow that can streamline all your label management, help you compare artworks and create checklists for consistency. You can start with a free trial and let Artwork flow assist you while you build your alcohol brand online.

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