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December 29, 2021

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Consumer behavior drastically changed over 2020 and 2021.. Here are 13 of the best packaging designs in 2021 that focuses on change in consumer behavior, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Consumer behavior drastically changed over 2020 and 2021. With the pandemic accelerating the growth of e-commerce, manufacturers rushed to create safe and hygienic packaging. Moreover, manufacturers focused on designs that would look good not just on the shelves, but also on screens. Throughout most of 2020, manufacturers focused on the packaging that consumers can sanitize easily – a shift from creating more sustainable packaging. However, throughout 2021, new launches focused on sustainable packaging, more transparent designs, and inclusive labeling. Here are some of the best launches in 2021.

Food and Beverages

best product packaging launches of 2021

Benton's Music Box Cookie Tin

Right in time for Christmas, Benton's limited-edition cookie tins come with an embedded music box. It comes with four different designs, and each plays a different Christmas tune. The cookies are present in a plastic bag that is tucked inside the tin can. The wind-up key is located at the bottom, right where the nutrition panel is. The tin can itself amplifies the sound. 

Unlike most other tin cans which just end up in the garbage, this will surely stay with consumers for years as a keepsake. 

Music Box Cookie Tin is Truly 'Note-Able' |
Music Box Cookie Tin is Truly 'Note-Able' |


Chobani’s Yoghurts

With most of the new launches, Chobani has shifted to paper-based packaging. Their cold-brew coffee, coffee creamers, and oat milk already come in paper-based packaging. Now, they are using paper cups for packaging their yogurt. The packaging was in development for two years and is completely recyclable. 

Chobani’s Yoghurts packaging


Righteous Felon’s Beef Jerky

The new packaging from Righteous Felon uses paper laminated packaging that reduces the plastics used in packaging. The kraft paper look and the playful design language give a rustic look. Each packaging features a unique criminal bull character. 

Righteous Felon’s Beef Jerky package

Source: Twitter

Ralahami’s Jute Spice Packaging

Jute bags and spices have been in extensive use throughout India and parts of Asia. This Sri Lankan spice company uses compostable and biodegradable jute bags that can be reused or composted. The bag is wrapped in a paper label that is locked in place with a button stitched to the bag. 

Ralahami’s Jute Spice Packaging

Source: Twitter

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic Beverages packaging

Pulpoloco Sangria

The all-new Pulpoloco Sangria by Splash Beverages now comes in a packaging they call the CartoCan. The new can is constructed from sustainable wood fiber that makes it easier to recycle and also uses less energy and drinking water during production. 

Pulpoloco Sangria package

Source: Twitter,

Lay’s Vodka

Lay’s partnered with Eastside Distill to release their potatoes into a vodka blend. Available in limited quantities, the bottle features Lay’s iconic logo in a bright yellow and black label. Lay’s decided to keep the label design simple and true to its roots. It's a product that will surprise a lot of people. 

Lay’s Vodka bottle

Source: Twitter

Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé

11 Minutes from Pasqua comes with a clever, sophisticated, and subtle label design that probably needed impeccable artwork management. The front and the back labels work together to create an intriguing visual experience. The front label has a cutout through which you can see the rear label. The inside of the rear label has a portrait of a woman in Renaissance style.

Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé bottle

Source: Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé – Wine Label Reviews

Bud Light’s new packaging

Beer packaging is mostly made from aluminum, glass, and paperboard, and recycling them is easy. However, the general consumer awareness is low. Bud Light’s new packaging deserves mention as they are the first beer brand to highlight How2Recycle® on their packaging. This information should encourage consumers to dispose of beer packaging in a more environmentally friendly manner. 

Bud Light’s new packaging

Source: Twitter

Cosmetics and Personal Care

Cosmetics and Personal Care packaging

Eilish By Billie Eilish

The new Fragrance by Billie Eilish, called Eilish comes with a packaging where every element is chosen keeping in mind sustainability and recyclability. The box comes with a metallic color with graphics printed using Envirofoil that makes the box completely recyclable. Moreover, the packaging is completely made using renewable energy.

Eilish By Billie Eilish fragrance

Source: The Dieline

Olay’s New Containers

To make their products more inclusive, Olay has designed new lids for people with disabilities. The new lid, called “Easy Open Lid” comes with a winged cap, a high contrast label, and braille lettering. Moreover, the company decided to make the CAD file open-source, so any brand can use it or improve it. 

Olay’s New Containers

Source: The Dieline

Dove Body Wash

It is often challenging for more popular brands to rebrand their products or update the packaging design. However, with the rise of e-commerce, brands need to adapt. After five years, Dove has decided to update the packaging design of their body wash line-up to attract new customers. 

Early research shows that consumers knew about three or four variants of the body wash. However, the brand had thirteen of them. The new packaging highlights the different variants of the products, making the ingredients stand out. The redesign has allowed the brand to see a record share growth of over twenty percent in the body wash category. 

Dove Body Wash bottle

Source: The Dieline

Chemicals and Life Sciences

Chemicals and Life Sciences products

Cristal Seal

The Mexico-based brand of cleaning products has an unusual polygonal label that changes the color palette entirely depending on the product. The brand uses a unique visual system that puts the product forward and not the brand. However, through its uniqueness, the brand manages to fit its different cleaning products under a unified graphical umbrella.

Cristal Seal package


Better brand

Supplement brand Better brand has wildly simple bottles that come with the brand's logo, the purpose of the supplement, and the number of capsules on the front. The 100% recyclable bottles achieve their unique identity through their color and their simplicity.

Better brand

Wrap Up

We hope that this list inspires your packaging design journey. To speed up packaging design and make it a more error-free process, check out Artwork Flow.

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