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December 23, 2021
February 2, 2024

Christmas Release: What’s New in Artwork Flow - Artwork Flow

Keshav Makkar

Christmas Release: What’s New in Artwork Flow - Artwork Flow

December 24, 2021
February 2, 2024
Keshav Makkar


Hola! Como Estas. Feliz Navidad. Yep, you guessed it right. That’s Spanish. We are so excited to present you with our newest update - The Spanish Spell Checker

Artwork Flow comes bearing a slew of such high-value features as a Christmas gift that you wouldn’t be able to keep calm either.

Let’s see: Optional Checklists, Subscription and Usage Management, AI-powered Compliance Proofing, Portable E-signatures and many more. Very exciting times indeed!

Did you see our Winter Release ’22 yet?

We have made major headway with a lot of utility and experience-based features in this release. We would like to thank our dear customers for the continuous support and feedback which enables us to ideate better and deliver even better.

Let's dive into it then.

We have worked on a variety of areas and refined the existing modules as well. Starting with the optional checklists.

Optional Checklists

In agreement to The Checklist Manifesto (oh yes, it's a whole volume on checklists), these are to-do lists which protect you from oversight. One of the oldest tool ever which remains relevant even today and will continue to do so forever. It breaks down all the complex information into easy, effective actions. Every big project can be easily streamlined into a smooth operation. With Artwork Flow, automated workflows and easy-to-configure checklists have always been the core value offering. This has saved innumerable man-hours for us all and helped us to focus on productivity in addition to accuracy and speed. Assigning the right checklists to the right group of people is of great significance.

checklist in artwork flow

Now, let's consider the context in Artwork Flow terms. We have a Project Manager who is tasked with creating a brilliant workflow including the right team members in respective teams at the right stage of the review process. These members are assigned specific checklist items for evaluating the standards and guidelines of any label design. These checklist items are, however, rigid and must-do tasks. This works well for most cases as they are a necessary compliance instrument. But in some cases, the checklist contains a few skippable or good-to-have checks, Our research tells us that this makes the evaluation and review even more powerful, since you can include a conditional logic to your processes. Hence, we wanted to introduce a flexible element to the current checklist module.

With optional checklists, the user will have the freedom to add more checklist items that could be "must-have" for some projects and "good-to-have" for some other ones.

Using the optional checklists, the project manager can now choose which of the checklist items have to be compulsorily checked by a reviewer and which ones should be optional. Follow these simple steps:

1. Select checklist items in the workflow templates as you normally do

2. Click on the flag next to a checklist item to make it optional

Checklist dashboard for artwork management software

Subscription & Usage Management

As an Artwork Flow Admin, it is necessary to know and manage your subscription and usage pattern. This will ensure a seamless experience into tracking the lifecycle ad activities on the platform.

With the new and improved Settings page, Admins will have a better visibility for the following on their account: -

1. Storage Used

2. Artworks Utilization

3. Users Added

usage management dashboard in artwork flow

Admins will also be able to request the following add-ons: -

1. Printing Vendor Workflow

Integrate with your printing vendors. Collaborate on print proofs to enable accurate launches.

2. Pre-Media/ Agency

Onboard your external design agencies for smoother collaboration using Artwork Flow.

3. External Users

Invite users from outside your company to collaborate on Workflows.

4. Configurable Metadata

Generate data structure for your artworks, library filters according to your requirement.

5. E-Signatures

Collect E-signatures from each reviewer. Get an E-signed approved artwork in your Library.

E-signatures library

Auto-Compliance Proofing for Artwork Library

What is better than using AI-powered proofing tools? More AI-powered proofing tools.

You can now use our Auto-Compliance Proofing Tool (Beta) to check the presence of the following elements on any Artwork present in the Artworks Library.    

- Nutritional Value Table

- FSSAI License Number

- Non - Veg Logo

- Veg Logo

- Barcode

Auto-Compliance Proofing

Portable E-signatures

Is there anything that you can't customize? We want to delight you and add value at every step that would make packaging and label management easier.

E-signatures has always been a key value offering among our accountability and compliance Venn logic. We hereby Salt Bae some more flexibility for our customers.

Users can now move around the E-signatures anywhere on the artwork while also increasing or decreasing the size. You can do this from the Artworks Library

-> Click on "view e-signatures" -> Click edit -> Change the placements -> Click done

Note: Make sure the E-signature add-on has been enabled for your account.

portable E-signature dashboard

File Attachments in Comment Module

Umm, as you can see, we have been paying close attention to the feedback coming from our community, and are bringing another new feature that will allow users to attach a file along with the comment. The file size can be up to 100 MB. Wow . . isn't that awesome !!

The reviewers can directly attach files and references into the comments module to put their point across and add illustrations into the discussion.

file attachment in comment box

Spanish Spell Checker

Now the one you've been waiting for. Drumrolls, please.

Unveiling the Spanish Spell Checker for our multilingual community. The proofreading capability has ascended to another level.

Users will now be able to check the spelling on their artworks using our diglot spellchecker. (Yeah, do Google that . . . Word of the day)

Major Upcoming Feature:

Among the next set of features, we are revamping the Artwork Compare tool making it the first major release in the 2022 edition of our product upgrade. The Compare renderer would be faster and better. The users will be able to comment, review and use the other proofing tools on top of the Compare tool.

Yes, something to definitely keep an eye out for. See you in 2022.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

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