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Inside Artwork Flow
September 24, 2021
July 5, 2023

ARTWORK FLOW: WINTER RELEASE ‘22 | Renderer UI Redesign, Comments Module Revamp and more . .

Keshav Makkar

ARTWORK FLOW: WINTER RELEASE ‘22 | Renderer UI Redesign, Comments Module Revamp and more . .

September 24, 2021
July 5, 2023
Keshav Makkar


A big big thank you to all our customers for their continuous feedback!

We are hereby bringing to you, first and foremost, a major product upgrade - Compact Artwork Proofing Renderer. You wanted flexibility and transparency? You got it. You wanted a collaborative,  more intuitive UX? You got it. We have built for you a better, faster, cleaner, renderer design to enrich your experience. 

The Artwork Proofing Renderer is a collaborative workspace where the uploaded artworks from the graphic designer can be reviewed by multiple teams as per your organization workflow using proofing tools, checklists, and annotations in the comments module. 

What’s New?

The redesigned Renderer has a Proofing Toolbar on the top of the workspace which includes -- the Font Finder, Color Extractor, Measurement & Scale, Spellchecker, Layers and Artwork Version Comparison. The users can view the standard checklists, reference files folder as well as download the artwork from the toolbar itself. The Artwork can now be viewed on a bigger, expanded workspace with a compact design accompanied with intuitive icons for proofing and collaboration. 

NOW, are you as excited as we are? We hope you are. These are extensive and comprehensive upgrades that will change the game. The look and feel of the new version is going to be such a powerful experience for the end-user. 

Let’s dive into the highly coveted amendments to the comments module, pronto.

The Comments Module:

In addition to a whole new renderer, we have revised the comments module plus added a whole lot of features and functions to support customer needs. The following features have been included in the upcoming update:

  1. Tagging a User in the Comments section: On typing “@” in the comments, a user will be able to tag other members and will also be provided with a dropdown (list of users) to make a selection. This feature will bring transparency and accountability to your processes
  2. Rich Text Editor: Users will be able to format the text into ‘Bold, Italic, Underline & Bullet Form’ while entering or editing the comment. You can lay emphasis on keywords and specifications in addition to pinpointing the focus area using the “Annotate” tool. 
  3. Editing the comments after posting: Users can now edit their past comments on an Artwork, while its Review Task is still incomplete
  4. Mention URLs or Hyperlink in the Comments: Users can add URLs in the comment which would be highlighted as a hyperlink and opened in a new tab
  5. Threads in Comments:  One of the most exciting additions to the Comments module is Threads. Users can reply to a standalone comment and continue the conversation in the form of a mail thread. They would be equipped with a ‘Reply’ button to affect this dialogue
  6. Highlight Relevant Comments: When a user is tagged in a thread, the comments concerning that user will be highlighted for a better experience

Auto-Compliance Proofing Tool (Beta):

You can now use our Auto-Compliance Proofing Tool (Beta) to check the presence of following elements on any Artwork present in the Library    

- Nutritional Value Table

- FSSAI License Number

- Non - Veg Logo

- Veg Logo

- Barcode


  • Increased time limit on tasks for external users: External users will now have up to 30 days instead of the previous 7-day limit, to use the review link for their task action before it expires
  • Provision to Delete Artworks and Projects on the Platform: As a standard SaaS platform, we allow the "right to user-data control" (here, permanent deletion). The project manager can delete an artwork/project permanently using the ‘delete’ option, which has been an addition to the earlier ‘archive’ option. This translates to the ‘archive’ functioning as a recycle bin, while ‘delete’ is emptying the bin
  • De-Activated Users to Not Appear on ‘Dashboard’: It seemed uneven that the de-activated users, with no active tasks, appear on the User Tasks Dashboard and stymie the project manager’s visualization. In this release, we have amended the aforementioned issue to show just the active users and include the deactivated ones, only if that user has some tasks assigned to them
  • Task Due Date Accounting for Weekends: Until now, if a task was created on a Friday and the due days for that particular team task is set for 2 days, then the due date is set for a Sunday and the task is already overdue, by the time the user gets a chance to even review that task.
    To ensure you don’t get caught up in this web, we fixed this catch-22 situation by providing the Admin with the control settings to include or exclude the weekends as a part of the due date calculation in their organization.
  • Simplified the sharing of Artworks: Sharing an Artwork is much simpler now. All you need to do is select what files you want to share
  1. Approved Artwork (Pdf file)
  2. Artwork Source (.ai / .cdr file)
  3. Artwork Resources (any other collaterals uploaded)

What’s Next?

  • Filter your Comments: Filters would be available on the renderer as well as the artwork version comparison screens. User can filter out the comments where he/she has been tagged and respond to them accordingly
  • Optional Checklists: While creating workflows, Project Managers and Admins will get a chance to define which checklist items can be optional and which ones will be mandatory for the reviewers to evaluate
  • Subscription & Usage Management: This will be a major feature in the next release. Admins will soon be able to have better control and visibility over their subscriptions and add-ons. The Settings tab will get a complete makeover and will contribute to the transparency attributes of Artwork Flow

  • Tasks Summary over Emails: All users will soon receive a weekly summary of their historical project performance and pending tasks. They will also see plenty of improvements in the way we notify users over emails regarding tasks and updates

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