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June 30, 2023
August 29, 2023

How Marketing Teams Can Use ClipDrop

Gouri Sasidharan

How Marketing Teams Can Use ClipDrop

June 26, 2023
August 29, 2023
Gouri Sasidharan


Let’s break these shackles today with a cool AI-powered tool that’s been trending in the market for some time now.

In a world where Adobe Firefly is still awe-inspiring, we'll introduce you to ClipDrop, which lets you not only edit photos but also scale them for marketing purposes.

What is ClipDrop?

ClipDrop is an AI-powered tool developed by Stability AI that allows you to generate visuals in the blink of an eye and edit them as per your will. That is, you can easily remove backgrounds from images, replace them, and upscale images. It is available as a web app, a mobile app, and an API.

Just like the name suggests, you can literally drop your clip into your file. This AI photo editor software facilitates Augmented Reality (AR) by helping you to transfer realistic cut-outs of objects into your desktop. The ClipDrop mobile app allows you to snap a picture of any object and import it directly into your Photoshop file by pointing your phone at the screen.

Features and functions

Features provided by ClipDrop

1. Cleanup

This feature allows you to remove unnecessary elements such as objects, humans, or texts using a brush. It also makes your visual look error-free by helping you to remove defects from it. You can easily adjust the size of the brush depending on how you want to remove the object.

Before and after pictures - cleanup feature
Spot the difference between the two pictures

2. Remove background

ClipDrop's background removal tool can remove backgrounds while preserving the details of the foreground. The tool is particularly effective at removing backgrounds from complex and sharp objects such as people, cars, and furniture. Not many online AI tools can do it accurately as ClipDrop.

Before and after removing the portrait background

Note: The quality of the background removal depends on the quality of the image. If the image is low-resolution or has a lot of noise, the background removal may not be as good.

3. Relight

Photography is defined as ‘painting with light’ for a reason. Lighting is important to every photograph. You can always adjust it during the post-production process as well. There are tools like Photoshop and Lightroom that dedicates to adjusting the lighting of the visuals. But for beginner and novice designers, getting used to these advanced tools can take time. Relight feature from ClipDrop can help you overcome that. You can easily get an AI-oriented output without even trying. At the same time, you can adjust the lighting of your choice like a photographer would do.

Before and after images of relighting

4. Image upscaler

ClipDrop's image upscaler tool can increase the resolution of an image by up to 16x. This is useful for making images look sharper and more detailed. And what’s more, it can remove the noise from average-quality images, raising their clarity without taking away the sharpness of the image.

In the picture below, you can see how grainy is the picture on the left-hand side, while it’s sharp on the right with the help of the image upscaler option.

Remove grains from your photo using image upscaler feature

5. Stable Diffusion XL

Stable Diffusion has been creating waves ever since its launch. This is proof that ClipDrop not only lets you edit images but generate them as well through text prompts. With this tool powered by Stability AI, you can generate high-quality realistic images in different styles such as anime, photographic, analog, comic, fantasy, etc. As a marketer, it helps you unlock your creative side.

An image generated of Chihuahua in BC age using stable diffusion

Prompt for the above image: “A Beverly Hills Chihuahua in Before Christ age.”

Style generated: Fantasy

6. Replace background

ClipDrop's background changer tool allows you to change the background of an image with a simple click. For instance, if you want to change the background of a picture of a product you clicked to something more appropriate or lively, upload the picture and describe your requirements. You would be magically taken to where you want.

Here’s a photograph of a Nike shoe taken from a studio.

A product image of Nike shoe

You could transport the shoe to a busy Parisian night street without even moving from your studio.

Nike shoe in a busy street

7. Text remover

This feature enables you to remove unwanted text or messages from your creatives. This way, you can start over with a fresh concept.

Remove text from billboards

8. Reimagine XL

Reimagine is the process of generating multiple variations of your creative using stable diffusion. With this feature, you can find design inspiration for your next set of campaigns. 

Before and after images of reimagining a picture

9. Uncrop

Uncrop is the latest feature that ClipDrop has introduced. It has the ability to expand any of the visuals that you add to this free tool. From quality to texture to landscape style, give a twist to your photos and let them do wonders for your projects. And guess what? You can use this feature for free without even logging in to the web app.

Below, you can find the same picture being extended without derailing the existing details using the uncrop feature.

A woman walking on a Thailand beach
Extended version of the above picture
Uncropped image

ClipDrop for marketing teams

ClipDrop can help marketing teams in a variety of ways, including:

1. Creating high-quality product images

You can now generate quality images with Stable Diffusion. So while removing the background or editing the picture, you can do it easily without tampering with the image resolution. This can help to improve the overall look and feel of your product pages, and it can also make your products more appealing to potential customers.

2. Delivering eye-catching social media posts

ClipDrop can create eye-catching social media posts that will capture the attention of your target audience. You can use ClipDrop to remove backgrounds or unnecessary texts from images, replace them, or upscale images to create visually appealing posts that will stand out from the crowd.

3. Saving time and money

ClipDrop can save you time and money by automating the editing process and upscaling images. This can free up your time to focus on other aspects of your marketing campaigns, and it can also help you save money by maximizing the use of existing resources.

Use cases

Here are some scenarios of how ClipDrop can be used by marketing teams:

1. Fashion brand and social media marketing

You and a friend own a small clothing business and want to launch a spring collection on social media. To announce this you want photos of the products. You plan to shoot in the middle of a beautiful landscape to represent spring. However, the weather prevented you from doing so. So, you decide to shoot indoors. With ClipDrop, you can remove the background from product images and add the location you want, giving them a more polished and appealing appearance. Your audience would be compelled to purchase the photo's concept and notice the product because it would appear original.

2. Travel agency and website 

Let's say you designed a fresh layout for your travel website. You can easily replace the current background using the replace background option to make it look more inviting to your intended audience. You'll save time and money by doing this.

3. B2B and meme marketing

With ClipDrop, a B2B company can make the most out of meme marketing. It works by taking a screenshot of an old meme from archives and upscaling it using the image upscaler.  This way you get a brand new meme by elevating the quality of the image and also removing the old text using the text remover.

Final thoughts

Overall, ClipDrop is a powerful AI-powered tool that not only allows you to edit images without meddling with their quality but also generates pictures in any style. It is a free tool that is easy to use, and offers a variety of features that make it a valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike. With its pro version, you can get your hands on more amazing features and create without limitations. 

With the rise in demand for marketing materials in your day-to-day activities, you need a solution to repurpose your content and accelerate creative production without exhausting your team members. But you also need to track how your creatives are clicking with the public and refine your communication as needed. This is where you can incorporate AI-enabled tools like creative intelligence and creative automation to streamline creative operations and drive ad performance. To understand how these tools work, get a personalized demo from our experts at Artwork Flow.

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