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July 7, 2022
July 3, 2023

Chocolate Commerce: How Packaging is the Storefront for eCommerce Sales

Shruti Ramanujam

Chocolate Commerce: How Packaging is the Storefront for eCommerce Sales

July 7, 2022
July 3, 2023
Shruti Ramanujam


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As the internet grows, so too does the eCommerce business. With multiple sellers such as yourself vying for your target customer’s attention, how can your brand stand out? How are you going to make your customer stop mid-scroll and say “this is what I want to buy right now”?

Enter product packaging.

Packaging really is the storefront for eCommerce sales. 

In a brick-and-mortar store, customers can touch and feel products, leading to an emotional connection being made. Online, however, is a whole different ball game. 

While browsing online, the packaging is the first thing a target customer sees. They may not be able to pick up and examine the product closely as they would in-store, but dynamic images of the product with its packaging on display will certainly aid in the customer’s decision-making.

Online, the packaging is how you make and reinforce an emotional relationship with the customer. 

No product might require as much an emotional connection as impulse-buying chocolate and candy while out at your local convenience store. With the pandemic, however, consumer behavior has changed.

More shoppers have been purchasing chocolates online since 2020, with reports showing that online sales of chocolate increased to 1.4 billion USD in 2020, compared to 2019’s 817 million USD. This upward trend shows no sign of abating well into 2022 either.

So, how exactly do you sell chocolates online?

This World Chocolate Day, we took a look at some eCommerce websites that have been doing a splendid job of selling chocolates online while also putting their packaging at the forefront on their websites.

5 brands getting chocolate commerce right

Here are 5 brands that sell chocolate online along with packaging inspiration for your next candy venture.

1. Open Secret

This D2C brand is leading the charge when it comes to selling chocolates and other snacks online. 

Every product listing has 50% of the page dedicated to the packaging, showing off the artwork and nutritional information upfront. The fact that these chocolates are “guilt-free” is then reinforced in the description on the right-hand side.

Source: Open Secret

2. Cadbury India

With gifting being a big part of every major festive occasion in India, it’s no wonder that Cadbury India has a whole website dedicated to chocolate boxes and gift packs.

Source: Cadbury India

As you can see from the image, the gift boxes are displayed upfront, once again showing the importance of making packaging prominent when selling chocolates online. The ribbons and other festive finishes complete the look of the packaging.

3. Kyoot 

This plant-based Belgian chocolate brand has a website that’s just as bold and flashy as the packaging of the candy that it sells.

Source: Kyoot

The packaging has prominent product imagery, reinforces the vegan nature of the chocolate, and also lists key information about the candy.

4. Soklet

Soklet is India’s first tree-to-bar chocolate maker and its unique packaging style is inspired by traditional Kanjeevaram saris. The packaging is minimalistic, attractive, and is a love letter to South India, where the brand is based out of.

Source: Soklet

5. Mason & Co.

Mason & Co. is an organic, single-origin chocolate brand with screen-printed packaging made of compostable craft paper. The packaging is sleek and contemporary, and leaves a mark on the consumer by standing out from the crowd.

Source: Mason & Co.

Wrapping up

...pun completely unintended. 😉

The more prominent your packaging is on your website, the better emotional impact it will leave on your customers and drive them to click Buy. 

We hope these examples help you on your chocolate selling journey. And if you’re looking for an artwork management solution that will help you in effective brand asset management proof labels online, collaborate across departments, and go to market faster, check out Artwork Flow today.

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