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April 21, 2022
May 11, 2023

Artwork Flow Spring Release: What’s New? - Artwork Flow

Prachi Upadhyay

Artwork Flow Spring Release: What’s New? - Artwork Flow

April 17, 2022
May 11, 2023
Prachi Upadhyay


Your artwork approval process just got a whole lot easier. Take a look below to see what’s available today.

Artwork Flow is your one-stop shop for all your artwork approval processes. Say adios to mainstream emailing and the oh-so-tiring way of proofing each letter on your packaging. Let’s quickly dive into our amazing features while you fix yourself a drink because honestly there’s nothing for you to do anymore, we’ve got your back. 

Feature Improvements:

Advanced Artwork Comparison tool.

We have introduced a new way for you to compare your active version of the artwork. With our advanced comparison tool, you can now compare your artworks with a PDF of: 

  • Any previous versions of your artwork on which the new round of edits was suggested
  • Any file from the library that was previously approved. All the final artworks saved and uploaded on the cloud will be available to put on the Compare screen for pixel-by-pixel comparison.
  • Any referenced file from the project, which may include sample briefs for the designer, prerequisites for the whole team, an input from a third party, or any information that you might have been using up till now to compare. The platform also allows you to add reference files in any format like PDF, Google Slides, Excel Sheets, and more.
  • Any file on your system. You can either drag or drop the files available on your system or browse your computer. 

Take a look at the video below for a better understanding:

Artwork Comparison Tool for Label Management

We learned working with our current customers that the comparisons of artworks can not always happen with the rejected artwork, there's a lot of work that goes into it. The designers might need references, the legal team would want the veg/non-veg logos checked, the marketing team might need to check the ingredient table, and so on and so forth. That’s why we came up with a quick solution to make your process smoother. 

Providing everything in one place was always the aim.  With this update, we come a little closer to our goal.

Font Finder Units now in Millimeter too

Initially, the font units on our platform were in points (pt). We have now updated it to millimeter (mm) for your convenience.

What’s New?

Company audit logs

We have come up with significant security updates that will help you with your audits. An admin can download logs for the activities performed by different users at an account level in PDF and CSV format. These activities include: 

  • Login activities & role changes:  Admins can now download the activity logs of all the members using the platform along with role changes. For instance, if a team member’s role is changed to project manager, it will be highlighted for you.
  • Configuration changes: Any changes in the configuration will be tracked. This is to make sure that admins have control over all necessary aspects provided by us.
  • Changes to Notification settings: Update in notifications by any member will be visible in the activity logs. 
  • Changes in plan: Any updates in the plan will be made visible in the audit logs.
  • Artwork library activities can also be tracked at the admin level to make sure no unauthorized person has access to approved artworks or delete an artwork without proper approval. 
Audit Logs for Online Proofing Software


Commenting in all languages.

Do you also struggle with proofing your artworks in regional/global languages?
Not anymore, because with the integration of the Google extension on our platform, you can now type in any language you’d like, make annotations, and never miss a deadline by trying to find the meaning of ઘટકો. (If you’re curious, its “ingredients” in Gujarati)


Artwork Proofing Software with regional Languages

I know they say nothing’s perfect, but they didn’t know the packaging has to be more than perfect. A little spelling error could ruin a brand’s image, stability, and profits. So take a look below to know how it works.

You can now use any language on the platform to converse. After all, we’re global. Why shouldn’t the platform be so as well? 

With this Google extension, you can:

  • Type in any language whether it be Spanish or German or any European or even any regional language
  • Correct errors in your artwork
  • Advise the designer on the spelling or meaning of words

Admin Controls Revisited

That’s not all! We have more information for all the Admins in the house. 

Admins can now receive alerts for Multiple failed Login attempts. When any user on their account fails to log in consecutively 3 times the admin will be alerted. This helps prevent unauthorized access to the platform. 

As an admin, you can also now choose the duration post which the passwords for each user in your account will expire and they'll be required to set a new password. 

The project managers and admins can also now validate e-signatures. They will also be able to check whether they have been added along with artwork approvals in audit logs.

Try these new updates for free on our site and let us know if there’s anything we can add. We’re always open to feedback.



What’s Next?

Upcoming Features

If you think we’ll stop here, you’re wrong. We will soon be launching the much-awaited Customized Workflows

Customized Workflows
What are customized workflows you may ask?

Customized workflows let you add upload stages after review stages or a mixture of both. It allows you to be as creative with your workflows as possible. We don’t want to restrict you to follow a certain pattern. 

New Look
Just like you don’t wanna look the same all day every day, we are giving ourselves a makeover too. Our site will soon be more aesthetically pleasing, more organized, and easier to navigate.

Stay tuned for the biggest updates next season. Thank you and keep an eye out for our next releases. 

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