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May 9, 2024
May 9, 2024

10 Best Tools to Use in Combination with Esko WebCenter

Gouri Sasidharan

10 Best Tools to Use in Combination with Esko WebCenter

May 9, 2024
May 9, 2024
Gouri Sasidharan


Over 30,000 products are launched every year. To keep up with the competitive landscape, consumers need to notice your product among other products sitting on supermarket shelves.  And for this, you need your product to reach the market faster and in style. 

If you've been keeping up with our blog posts, you're probably already familiar with Artwork Flow’s powerful label management software that can help elevate your packaging process. However, if you’re someone who uses Esko WebCenter or a similar product, we would like to help you learn how you can streamline your packaging design by including the best possible integrations in your toolkit. 

Esko WebCenter is a packaging artwork management solution that manages packaging projects from specification to approval to distribution. Using it, you can systematize your packaging workflows, review designs, and track team performance.

Esko WebCenter
Source: Esko

Esko WebCenter is a suitable software for SMBs and enterprises specializing in CPG, technology, retail, and life sciences. 

Esko integrations

Rather than having dozens of scattered products in their tool kit, brands have started preferring integrating tools that would work well with their workflows. This practice enables product data synchronization and easy transfer of files.  

84% of businesses believe it is important for their customers that their products are integrated. Your software absolutely needs to merge with your customers' other tools to avoid losing to competitors who do.

Likewise, here are the top tools that would complement Esko WebCenter that you should consider.

1. ComplyAI

Artwork Flow’s ComplyAI is your go-to tool for AI-powered compliance. For instance, if you’ve got a missing allergen on your label despite reviewing it manually a dozen times, you’ll soon be staring down an expensive recall. ComplyAI helps you avoid such pricey errors by highlighting them using the rules you set for specific terms (allergens in this case), images, and font styles backed by the magic of AI. This way, it saves you from expensive product recalls and damaging brand reputation. 

ComplyAI label check
Artwork Flow’s ComplyAI

Is it specific to one industry? Certainly not! ComplyAI helps streamline compliance for your brand irrespective of your industry. The rulebooks are so flexible, you get to decide which regulations you need to comply with and create the rules yourself on the platform for maximum customization and flexibility.

Note: ComplyAI is a label compliance software that does not in any way offer recommendations. To learn more about any regulation, head to its respective site for more information.

Key highlights

  • Customized rulebook: Create your own flexible rulebook and add the required number of rules on nutrient content, logo, address of the manufacturer, warning symbols, and more for AI to screen your labels to detect any missing item. 

      Outcome: Stay compliant witha the regulatory rules and save product recall        costs. 

  • Industry standardized labels: Build your rulebook and set your preferences to effortlessly untangle every complex guideline set by the FDA, California Bottle Bill, MoCRA, OSHA, FSSAI, AAFCO, and more. This helps you send packages without risking your brand or the product.

        Outcome: You can move your packages to market faster and avoid legal threats.

  • Barcode reader: Scan your barcode in a fraction of a second to determine the right product details and send it your customers’ way.

        Outcome: Ensure valid product information on the packaging without doing it

      manually to send out quality products. 

  • Label review: ComplyAI highlights typos and grammar mistakes without letting you squint your eyes at each label. 

        Outcome: Accurate and compliant labels build trust with your consumers and        maintain your brand reputation.

ComplyAI by Artwork Flow

Why is it a good integration tool?

With products being introduced in the market at a fast pace, maintaining an image and launching compliant products quickly is essential. Especially with AI playing a larger role, it is ideal to use ComplyAI in tandem with software like Esko which, at its core, focuses on managing packaging artworks. 

ComplyAI is the first of its kind to introduce a feature that lets you create your own rulebook and rules for each section of the label to ensure no details are overlooked on your creative with the help of intelligent automation. It ensures your packaging designs are adhered to the industry regulations and you don’t miss out on including any critical detail. 

ComplyAI CTA banner

2. GlobalVision

GlobalVision is an automated proofreading and inspection software. It is one of the top Esko integrations that automates quality control processes for product packaging. 

Source: G2

Key highlights

  • File compliance: Proofread text-heavy documents, inspect graphics, and compare versions.
  • Quality control: Identify unintended errors before printing or launching the creative.
  • Barcode verifier: Discover the presence of barcode deficiencies and ensure compliance with industry regulations.
  • Braille inspection: Detect braille language and translate it into 44 languages with adherence to the requirements of Marburg Medium Braille Font Standard.

Why is it a good integration tool?

If you’re working in a pharma company or an agency, this integration is ideal for you. GlobalVision has a built-in medical dictionary to help you detect various medical terms while inspecting the label or packaging. This fast-tracks your review process, helping you launch products in the market on time.

3. ArtiosCAD

Coming from the family of Esko, ArtiosCAD is a structural design tool for packaging. It helps packaging professionals in structural design, product development, and manufacturing operations.

Source: ArtiosCAD

Key highlights

  • Create 2D and 3D designs: Design 2D and 3D layouts along with dielines and resize them.
  • Digital prototyping: Build packaging design mockups and view them in 3D to catch errors before the launch.
  • Folding carton design: Not only is it about beautifying the packaging for the launch, but it is also about making the packaging more user-friendly and transferrable.

Why is it a good integration tool?

What makes ArtiosCAD different from its market competitors is that you can draw in 2D which lets you also visualize in 3D — A feature you might not find common and would quicken the packaging design process, making it a suitable tool to combine with your Esko software.

4. SAP

Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP) is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that helps large businesses facilitate the flow of information and centralize data across various departments. 

Source: SAP

Key highlights

  • Production planning: Helps product development team in planning, following, administration, and execution.
  • Materials management: Efficiently manages end-to-end procurement and inventory processes.
  • Quality management: Quality checks and controls are done in each stage of procurement, production, and sales business processes.

Why is it a good integration tool?

For operations in a CPG brand, instructing and bringing together every team under one roof is complicated. With a tool like SAP which has different modules designed for each department from supply chain to sales, it is easier to integrate them into a single platform. This improves team productivity and brings transparency in the packaging process.

5. Oracle

Oracle Corporation is a globally recognized company that provides database management systems, cloud infrastructure, and a suite of business software applications. It offers a diverse range of products, such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Cloud, and Oracle NetSuite, catering to various industries including finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail.

Key highlights

  • Intelligent analysis and reporting: Use AI to analyze the financial position of the business and make better financial decisions.
  • Digital assistant: Take care of routine tasks, such as managing project progress and finances, from your smartphone with voice or text commands.
  • Monitor with AI: Automate monitoring user activity including reviewing and reporting using AI.

Why is it a good integration tool?

Oracle is a suite of tools with so much to offer in every department. Integrating it with Esko is only going to help teams automate tasks, plan budgets, secure sensitive information, and more with the help of AI and advanced technology.

6. Microsoft Dynamics 365

MS Dynamics 365 is a powerful suite of intelligent business applications that improve operational efficiency and help businesses reduce complexity without increasing costs.

Microsoft Dynamics
Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Key highlights

  • AI-driven asset performance: Manage asset lifecycle efficiently and maximize productivity by detecting defects early using AI.
  • Automate digital commerce needs: Scale operations with agility for seasonal demand and complete orders using AI and real-time inventory.
  • Efficient project completion: Optimize resourcing, improve accounting, and use AI-powered insights to complete projects on time and within budget.
  • Improved manufacturing options: Schedule production, automate assigning tasks, and implement smart factory.  

Why is it a good integration tool?

Esko WebCenter mainly focuses on managing the packaging workflow. With MS Dynamics 365 tool, you can have smooth supply chain management during the product development cycle. From obtaining real-time data on material costs to having a clear idea of finance breakup, both these tools can work together. 

7. SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration software where you can secure, organize, and share data, files, resources, and news. You can customize your site and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders across devices.

Source: SharePoint

Key highlights

  • Stay on-brand: Create designs, documents, videos, emails, and other collaterals that adhere to your brand guidelines.
  •  Security: SharePoint ensures your data is protected with compliance and privacy protection.
  • Intelligent search: Sharepoint integrates with Microsoft’s intelligent search to help you find metadata in any files, emails, or presentations. 
  • File type: File names with special characters, leading with dots, and longer than 128 characters are also supported.

Why is it a good integration tool?

You can store packaging-related files and information on Sharepoint, collaborate with your team members on design, share meeting notes, and even access the project from your mobile device if integrated with Esko.  

8. Workfront

Adobe Workfront is a project management tool that helps teams and organizations of all sizes plan, organize, assign, automate, deliver, and measure work. It simplifies project creation because of its user-friendly interface. 

Source: Workfront

Key highlights

  • Online proofing: Request feedback, view comments, and get notifications for pending and completed approvals on the packaging artwork in one place.
  • Project workflows: Customize project templates, automate workflows, and gain overall visibility into projects on a centralized dashboard.
  • Goal Structure: Workfront facilitates clear communication of organizational goals and enables tracking of progress towards them.
  • Agile management: Collaborate effectively and stay focused by accessing your user stories, sprint progress, and burndown charts on an intuitive dashboard.

Why is it a good integration tool?

With this integration, you can collaborate on packaging projects, stick to your team goals and timelines, and stay agile which is essential, especially for an NPD team in CPG brands.

9. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a platform that offers collaboration, work management, and content automation tools for teams, especially in enterprises.

Source: G2

Key highlights

  • Project management: Track and view your packaging artwork projects in a grid, list, or card view, Gantt charts, and calendar. 
  • Advanced workflows: Create intelligent workflows and automate daily or repetitive tasks like manual data entry or building a template.
  • AI-powered tools (upcoming): Generate codes, create copy for your label, and build charts and reports with Smartsheet’s AI tools.  

Why is it a good integration tool?

By integrating Smartsheet with Esko WebCenter, you can track project tasks, deadlines, and dependencies related to packaging. This provides a clear view of project progress and helps identify potential bottlenecks.  

10. Wrike

Wrike is a project management platform that offers real-time collaboration, task management, Gantt charts, and reporting along with great proofing features.

Source: Wrike

Key highlights

  • Automated workflows: Visualize, schedule, share, and assign projects with flexible workflows. 
  • Cross tagging: View tasks in both your specific projects and larger company goals.
  • Custom request form: Create a custom form with various fields and questions to gather accurate information.
  • Custom item types: Create a customizable library for your team or teams within the project where you can personalize the fields with the nature of your work. 

Why is it a good integration tool?

Wrike offers great customization features allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. This flexibility ensures a smooth integration with Esko WebCenter and the way your team works.

How can you benefit from Esko integrations?

  1. Compliant product: Automate compliance checks and catch errors early in the design process. Ensure your packaging adheres to regulations, preventing delays and potential fines.
  2. Quicker review: Break down silos with smoother communication and manage review and approval tasks on packaging designs across various departments.
  3. Easy sharing: Store and transfer files of any size among various teams in a project.
  4. Stay up to date: Minimize errors with version control and ensure everyone is working on the latest files.
  5. Streamlined data exchange: Ensure data consistency across departments by transferring information smoothly from packaging to other departments like product and regulatory.

Choosing the right integration tool

We’ve seen some of the best integration tools for compliance, collaboration, workflow management, and more that could work well with Esko WebCenter. While choosing the right integration(s) keep in mind, why exactly you need it, your team size, budget, style of work, resources, and benefits.  

Apart from the robust platform it provides for label management, smart proofing, and print inspection, Artwork Flow’s ComplyAI gives you an extensive solution to review and manage multiple packaging creatives smoothly. 

Moreover, ComplyAI works seamlessly together with any packaging artwork tools to help you ensure that your packaging labels adhere to any regulatory requirements globally. This eliminates delays in launch and saves heaps of time and manual work. 

Book a demo with us today to learn how to use ComplyAI wisely with Esko WebCenter’s integration and how it benefits your brand and team.

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