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June 13, 2023
June 13, 2023

BAM for Social Media Marketing: Simplifying the Social Media Chaos

Mitha Shameer

BAM for Social Media Marketing: Simplifying the Social Media Chaos

June 12, 2023
June 13, 2023
Mitha Shameer


Picture this: You're the social media manager for the trendy lifestyle brand, GlobeGlow. Your mission? To create captivating content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that engages your target audience and establishes a strong brand presence. But, let's be real — managing multiple platforms and the constant need for fresh content can quickly become overwhelming.

You need a platform that can help you streamline your workflows and store all your assets in one place. That’s exactly what you get with Brand asset management (BAM) tools. 

With BAM, you have everything you need to store, access, retrieve, and distribute your social media assets in one convenient location. These platforms also tackle the never-ending demand for brand assets across various channels by automating the creative design process.

So, what are brand assets? They are the building blocks of your brand's online presence – encompassing everything from logos and profile pictures to images, videos, captions, and user-generated content. These assets are what make your brand shine in the digital landscape.

But why is it essential to manage these assets effectively? 

In today's fast-paced digital world, keeping a handle on social media assets has become a daunting task. The days of simply saving everything on a drive are long gone. With the need for endless content variations, tight production cycles, and consistent branding across channels, things can quickly spiral out of control.

To tackle this complexity, brand asset management software offer a wide range of features tailored specifically to help you create, manage, and distribute social media assets effortlessly. These tools bring order to the chaos and enhance your experience as a creative professional.

Before we dive into it, if you're interested to learn more about how BAM helps in social media marketing, check out our comprehensive guide below.

Now let's explore the key benefits of utilizing brand asset management tools:

Asset library: Never lose a file again!

We've all experienced the frustration of trying to find a specific file buried deep within folders. With a brand asset management platform, this becomes a thing of the past. You can rely on your memory and simply describe what you're looking for, like "a girl wearing a red hat and blue socks." The asset library will swiftly fetch the creative that matches your precise description. The BAM acts as a centralized location for all your assets, accessible to your entire team. You can save valuable time and energy by using contextual search, smart tags, version control, and other filters to search and retrieve assets quicker.

Collaboration: Teamwork makes the dream work

Managing social media assets often involves teamwork, with multiple individuals or departments contributing to the content creation process. Asset management tools facilitate smooth collaboration by allowing team members to access and work on assets simultaneously. As a manager, you can assign specific tasks, set due dates, and track project progress, ensuring everyone stays on the same page.

Creative scaling: Expand your brand reach

Social media asset management tools enable you to generate multiple creative variations by making edits and adjustments seamlessly. Whether you need to update a text overlay, change an image, tweak colors, or update copy, these tools provide user-friendly interfaces that simplify the process. You don't need to be a technical expert to make changes, as the platform offers intuitive copy guidance, language translation, and generative AI tools that anyone can understand and use.

Repurposing: Make the most of each asset

As marketers or managers, we are always striving to maximize our return on investment (ROI) and create engaging content. Social media asset management tools allow you to repurpose existing assets effectively, saving you time, money, and resources. 

Suppose you have a stunning image from a previous campaign featuring GlobeGlow's eco-travel essentials. With a brand asset management tool, you can easily access that image via version control, make minor edits or add new overlays, and repurpose it for a different platform or campaign. This not only saves you the hassle of starting from scratch but also ensures consistency in your brand visuals across different channels.

Brand consistency: Keep your brand on point

Maintaining consistent branding across various social media platforms is essential for building brand recognition and credibility. Brand asset management software enable you to store brand guidelines, templates, and approved assets, ensuring that everyone involved in content creation adheres to the brand's visual and messaging standards. This helps maintain a unified brand identity and avoids inconsistencies that can confuse or alienate your audience.

Access control: What you need, and nothing more

Obtaining the necessary rights and permissions for creatives and files is essential. BAM tools offer features like access rights and permissions, allowing you to set permissions before sharing files with team members or external stakeholders. This ensures compliance, avoids unnecessary back and forth, and protects your organization from legal issues.

Creative insights: Know what clicks, and why 

A BAM solution offers actionable creative insights into the performance of your content. Analytics features track the usage, engagement, and performance of your social media assets. For instance, if you launched a campaign with creatives featuring high-intensity workout clothes, you can access analytics that provides data on the most effective design elements, tone, and imagery. Metrics like likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates help you make informed decisions and guide your future content strategy.

Integrations: Work smarter, not harder

BAM tools understand the importance of seamless integration with other marketing technology (MarTech) tools. They offer compatibility with a wide range of MarTech tools, eliminating the need to switch between different systems. For example, if your designer uses Figma, BAM can integrate with it, allowing you to access your Figma designs within the platform. This integration simplifies your workflow, saves time, and ensures consistent asset usage for your social media posts.

Asset distribution: Get, set, publish

Once your social media assets are created and ready to be shared, brand asset management platforms simplify the distribution process. You can easily export assets in the appropriate formats and sizes for different social media platforms. Some tools even offer integrations with scheduling and publishing platforms, allowing you to automate the distribution of your content and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Wrapping up

Brand asset management software offer invaluable insights into creatives and integrate seamlessly with other MarTech tools, making them indispensable for modern marketing teams. By effectively managing your social media assets, you'll elevate your digital marketing efforts and optimize your brand's social media presence. If you're ready to conquer the chaos and boost your marketing efficiency, consider adopting a brand asset management tool.

Curious to learn more about the capabilities of a BAM solution? Request a demo of Artwork Flow today!

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