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Hit the Shelves Faster with an All-New, 10X Better Artwork Flow


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September 20, 2022

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Artwork Flow has added a whole host of features and functionalities to help Brand and Marketing teams accelerate web-to-shelf workflows. Here's the story behind our new and improved platform.

We are building Artwork Flow with a razor sharp focus on our mission: To build an intelligence first platform that helps brands go to market faster, by digitally supercharging Product Development, Asset Management, and Proofing. 

Brands of today are more ambitious and agile than ever. New product development is happening at an unprecedented pace. The fastest growing brands believe in experimentation and innovation at a fast pace. But today, most progress is delayed because of fragmented communication, lack of clarity, and accountability. Our mission is to empower such brands and their teams to do more, and do so smoothly. 

We started Artwork Flow in 2020 because we recognised a crucial challenge in the packaging industry — that even after the label designs were completed, the launch actually took a much longer time. Sometimes delays would amount to even over a year. Most technology solutions present at the time were archaic, and took several months for implementation. 

On interviewing people using such systems, we started wondering why B2B software should be clunky in the age of seamless user experience for consumer apps. Hence, Artwork Flow took the shape of a label management platform and more than 40 enterprises and their teams trusted us for their end-to-end artwork management process. 

As our global ambitions shaped up, we spoke with more Creative Leaders, Brand Heads, and Marketing Leaders in organizations across the globe. It was inspiring to hear the stories of their teams and products. We came to the realization that to impact a larger part of their go-to-market workflow, we have to be able to give them a platform that goes beyond packaging labels to all types of creative collaborations. 

Therefore at the start of 2022, we started conceptualizing an Artwork Flow that would facilitate any and every workflow that Marketing and Brand teams need to accelerate speed to shelf. Shelf could be a supermarket shelf, of course! But we also went in with the digital shelf in mind.

And here we are…

Today, we launched the all new Artwork Flow. As you will see, the platform comes with a state-of-the-art Workflow Builder that can encompass any complexity of collaboration that you throw at it and create complex workflows in the most visual way possible. 

These workflows can be used not only for label management but for any creative collaboration project like extension of a product line, proofing of concepts and content, managing all kinds of collaterals, and so much more. 

We have also built in a 10x better proofing suite that empowers you to do much more with annotations, work with print proof files, and automate compliance. This suite supports over 160 file formats and is more powerful than the other creative proofing tools you’ll find in the market. 

Creating a seamless, joyful experience for our users is the core philosophy on which the platform is built. We are so excited to give the platform to our customers and see the wonderful ways in which it can empower them to do collaborative work.

Happy creating! 

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