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June 19, 2023
September 19, 2023

5 AI News Stories and Trends You Should Know This Week

Shirly Christy

5 AI News Stories and Trends You Should Know This Week

June 19, 2023
September 19, 2023
Shirly Christy


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Updated on: 18th September, 2023

1. Stability AI releases Stability Audio 

Apart from text, images, and audio, Stability AI just pushed its boundaries with a new product called Stability Audio. With this new product, you can now generate high-quality audio straight from text prompts. 

2. EY launches new AI product 

EY announced the launch of its new AI product, EY.ai, that is designed to unify human capabilities and artificial intelligence. Their new AI product helps clients to transform their businesses through adoption of responsible AI practices. 

3. Coca Cola jumps on the AI bandwagon 

Coca Cola fizzes on the AI trend and releases Coca‑Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, co-created using text prompts. This new flavor represents the Y2K aesthetic with shades of blue and pink throughout. 

4. Adobe Firefly is now available for public 

Adobe Firefly is now available for the public as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. It can be a great addition for your creative, design, and brand teams. Firefly is also safe for businesses as it has been trained only on publicly available content. 

5. Robolox goes AI 

Popular video game platform, Roblox uses an AI assistant that lets creators generate virtual items and backgrounds with text prompts. This new AI tool goes to show that creativity continues to set us apart in today’s AI-powered world.

Updated on: 11th September, 2023

1. AI is now cool for school 

Education’s Week latest survey shows that over 70% of teachers believe that AI is here to stay, and teaching students how to use them is essential. OpenAI capitalized on this trend and launched an AI guide for teachers last week — be sure to check it out if you’re a parent or teacher. 

2. Glaze safeguards the human artist community 

A new AI tool Glaze, created by the scientists at the University of Chicago that helps you cloak your digital images in such a way that it becomes confusing for AI models to understand and crawl. 

Going by their official website, it says that their AI model makes minimal changes to artworks but appears as a different art style to AI models. This is now becoming a favorite among artists to protect their art. 

3. 1.3 million videos generated to thank customers 

Caravana, a popular leader for buying and selling cars in the market, made intuitive use of AI and ML tools to thank their 1.3 million customers through fun and uniquely creative digital experiences for customers so they can remember the day they met their vehicle. 

4. AI companion for your Zoom meetings 

Zoom announces a powerful AI companion at no additional cost to paid subscribers. The AI companion can operate across multiple platforms starting with Meetings, Team Chat, Phone, Email, and Whiteboard. Have you started using this yet?

5. Hubspot launches a whole new AI toolkit 

At Inbound 2023, Hubspot launches Hubspot AI and Sales Hub with a whole new range of capabilities that help SMBs grow better. These AI features include high powered products to help customer facing teams improve data readability, unlock productivity, and improve customer performance.

Updated on: 4th September, 2023

1. An AI tool 5x faster than ChatGPT 

A new AI tool on the block called Gemini, developed by Google, is all set to beat GPT - 4 by 5X in terms of speed. This was in comparison to the existing state-of-the-art generative model, OpenAI GPT-2.

2. Amazon is stepping up its AI game 

Amazon is all set to experiment with generative AI to help create concise summaries of product reviews. This feature is expected to help shoppers get a convenient snapshot of the pros and cons of products highlighted by other shoppers. 

3. OpenAI releases ChatGPT for work

OpenAI launches an exclusive enterprise plan with features such as: 

  • Speed that is up to 2X faster GPT-4
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy
  • Unlimited access to GPT-4 with no usage caps
  • Unlimited access to advanced data analysis tools (Code Interpreter)

4. Walmart’s employees go all in favor of AI 

50,000 Walmart employees each get an AI assistant via their program, Wednesday. It is an application that is trained on corporate information. It is deemed to help workers summarize documents, assist in content generation, and free workers from monotonous tasks. 

5. Google launches a new watermarking tool 

Google DeepMind launched SynthID, a tool exclusively for watermarking and identifying AI-generated images. The tool has been designed so that the watermark is not directly visible to the naked eye but is made detectable for identification. 

Updated on: 28th August, 2023

1. Meta launches SeamlessM4T

Meta’s SeamlessM4T — where the M4T stands for Massively Multilingual and Multimodal Machine Translation — is a multimodal AI translation and transcription model for up to 100 languages. 

2. Fine-tune ChatGPT for your brand

Open AI is now letting its users customize AI by uploading the data to ChatGPT 3.5 to execute use cases specially tailored to your business. You can now give it specific instructions and set preferences for your brand’s distinctive style.

3. ElevenLabs is now available in over 30 languages

ElevenLabs is yet another viral AI-powered platform for creating synthetic voices and it supports more than 30 languages. With its new AI model developed in-house, ElevenLabs is open to anyone who wants to make content universally accessible in any language without typing text. 

4. VMware and Nvidia collaborate to fine-tune their modern data center

VMware and Nvidia collaborate to transform their modern data center on VMware Cloud and bring AI to every enterprise. This will help enterprises customize and run generative AI models on their infrastructure in their data centers and the cloud. 

5. Microsoft’s AI-powered designer is now available for Edge users. 

Microsoft Designer’s free AI-powered design tool is now available to all Edge users in the US. This means that you can now access Microsoft Designer from Edge’s sidebar and  generate designs without opening up a separate tab.  

Updated on: 21st August, 2023

1. An AI tool just for the vibes 

A new AI tool called Vibes created by a marketing tech company has created its own Nexus engine to help brands plan, run, and execute mobile marketing campaigns effectively. Vibes can help you tailor your messages and suggest the best timing for running your campaigns based on your customer segments. 

2. ChatGPT gets six new features 

Open AI announced a set of new features for ChatGPT: 

  • Prompt examples to help you start a conversation. 
  • Additional suggested replies to help you continue conversations. 
  • GPT-4 will stay the default model for all plus users. 
  • Upload up to ten files on the code interpreter feature. 
  • New keyboard shortcuts to help work faster, streamline productivity, and save time. 

3. Google’s AI is here to overtake ChatGPT

Gemini, Google’s new AI capabilities, has a comprehensive set of features, including dynamic input, summarization, generation, reasoning, translation, and much more. Rumor has it that Google is also set to launch a marketplace for developers, which means we will have access to a wide range of AI products. 

4. 15B AI images created so far

AI has officially created over 15 billion images, more than photographers have clicked over 150 years. Here’s what generative AI tools have cooked up as of August 2023: 

5. AI to control climate 

The UK government is all set to invest one million euros across 12 green AI initiatives, aiming to make the country carbon-free by 2050. 

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