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June 19, 2023
February 14, 2024

5 AI News Stories and Trends You Should Know This Week

Shirly Christy

5 AI News Stories and Trends You Should Know This Week

June 19, 2023
February 14, 2024
Shirly Christy


Updated on: 8th December, 2023

1. Google versus Open AI go head-to-head 

Last week, Google launched Gemini as the most powerful chatbot of all time. But the results didn't impress many when put to the test alongside Open AI 3.5. Open AI's ChatGPT version 3.5, which is free for all users, was seen to perform better than Gemini. 

2. AI to now predict events in your life 

 A group of researchers trained a new large language model, called "life2vec," from 2008 to 2016 on the life stories of different individuals. The model proved to be 78% accurate and predicted events like premature death, having low income, having a mental diagnosis, and more. 

3. Midjourney updates its terms 

Midjourney's latest image generation model, v6, started to raise a lot of concerns among artists, creators, and writers due to its ability to generate identical movie scenes, songs, and more. With lawsuits piling up, Midjourney updated its terms of service, making users responsible for any copyright issues with generated images. 

4. A new freemium AI model on the block 

Hugging Face launched its new business plan, focusing on AI-powered natural language processing models that allow users to build sustainable AI models without spending on expensive research. The Hugging Face offers business plans where anyone can experiment with different AI models and options. 

5. Is it time to sell your GPT? 

Last week, Open AI announced the launch of its new AI store. The store aims to create a marketplace for selling and exchanging artificial intelligence models that lets customers sell, share, and buy chatbots for different purposes. 

Updated on: 26th December, 2023

1.OpenAI sets up a fund for early-age startups

OpenAI's Startup Fund: OpenAI's Converge aims to support 10 to 15 early-stage AI startups and transformative startups. This fund is aimed at helping AI startups improve their models, expand their capabilities, and reduce costs.

2. Stability AI launches a membership program

Standing with their ethics to ensure that their technology must be open and available for everyone, Stability AI launches its membership program for three unique tiers. The membership plan consists of three tiers – non-commercial, professional, and their existing enterprise model.

3. A new AI assistant for Saas security

AppOmni launches the first-ever AI assistant designed for SaaS applications. It is a significant advancement in SaaS security posture management (SSPM). This AI tool is designed to streamline security operations, issue resolution, and manage the entire platform.

4. Expedia takes the AI route to cut competition

Expedia, a popular travel company, took the AI route to suggest personalized recommendations to travelers based on their preferences and previous travel history. They plan to reduce Google Travel's traffic and beat the competition with their new AI business strategies.

5. Huawei aims to reshape the finance industry with AI

Huawei Cloud is all set to revolutionize the finance industry through its cutting-edge AI model, Pangu. It is a foundational AI model intended to leverage AI's transformative potential for the industry. The platform's strength lies in its ability to handle large data sets, utilize AI, bring synergy between other sectors, and make Huawei Cloud a powerful yet efficient solution for the finance sector.

Updated on: 18th December, 2023

Updated on: 18th December, 2023

1. Cisco gets a new AI assistant

Last week, Cisco launched a new AI assistant to their Firewall management wing. The new AI tool intends to help their customers smoothly configure through Cisco’s policy changes. Cisco looks forward to releasing an encrypted visibility engine that offers a truly compelling experience for users. 

2. Open AI signals interest in India

Open AI, currently led by Sam Altman, is working closely with Twitter’s former CEO, Rishi Jaitly, to understand better and navigate India’s AI policies, regulations, and standards. While Open AI dominates the market, it still lacks a strong presence in the Indian market, and this collaboration aims to help Open AI gain a strong foothold in India and its AI governance. 

3. Open AI goes all in for Christmas with SantaGPT

Yes, you’re reading that right. With the festive cheer, OpenAI launched SantaGPT, an exclusive personal gifting guide. All ChatGPT plus users can now leverage this new tool if they’re confused about what gifts to choose for you and your loved ones.

4. Make your AI agent with ease

Relevance AI is a new AI tool on the block that can help businesses of all sizes create AI agents and build their own AI workforce. This AI agent can help improve function to maximize productivity, create detailed workflows, and accomplish tasks accurately. 

5. Instagram launches yet another AI tool.

Meta’s Instagram launched a new AI tool called “Backdrop,” which will make your stories enjoyable. This AI tool boosts AI image generation, where users can enter their prompts and invite other users to use the same prompt. Are we ready to check it out?

Updated on: 11th December, 2023

1. Meta launches “Seamless” 

 Meta AI launches Seamless Communication, a suite of artificial intelligence models that enhance cross-language communication. This release brings the Universal Speech Translator concept to life, allowing users to translate over 100 languages in real-time. 

2. NVIDIA AND HPE join hands to create a GenAI solution 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NVIDIA announced a strategic collaboration to build a full-stack GenAI solution for enterprises to customize their models using private data and product applications from anywhere in the world. This full-stack Gen AI solution is designed to reduce the complexity of developing and deploying GenAI infrastructure wherever the business needs it

3. Gemini takes a step back 

Google pushes back its plan to release Gemini, a natural language model widely considered to become OpenAI’s GPT-4 competitor. This reported delay was due to Gemini’s struggle with handling non-English queries, a key indicator to surpassing GPT-4. 

4. OpenAI heads against 50+ companies

While artificial intelligence continues to rule the world, OpenAI is taking the lead. With larger language models coming into the picture, creating “open, safe, and responsible AI” continues to be a problem. To solve this problem, IBM, Meta, and 50 other companies aim to launch an AI alliance, “a community” focused on creating responsible AI solutions. Other companies in the groups include Oracle, Sony, Dell Technologies, and others, to name a few. 

5. Runway partners with Getty Images 

RunwayML is partnering with Getty Images to launch a new video model for enterprise customers. This model aims to launch a few video models for enterprise customers who need to create high-quality yet customized content that can bring ideas and stories to life through videos credibly and safely. 

Updated on: 4th December, 2023

1. Adobe acquires Rephrase AI

Adobe sets its foot into India’s startup ecosystem by acquiring Rephrase.ai. This is Adobe’s first step into venturing acquisition for a generative AI startup. This acquisition signifies Adobe’s interest in utilizing generative AI and expanding its capabilities. 

2. Elon launches yet another AI tool 

xAI recently introduced a new chatbot called Grok AI, which comes with “rebellious streak” as its title. It is said to have been inspired by  Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

3. Amazon launches Q 

With a series of launches, Amazon launches Amazon “Q”, a generative AI-powered assistant tailored for business applications. With Amazon Q, you can now have your own AI expert to answer your questions, solve problems, have conversations, generate content, and even do a lot more. 

4. An AI tool that can generate images as fast as you can type 

SDXL Turbo introduces a text-to-image mode based on a newfound technology called Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD). The novel technique allows the model to create high-quality image outputs in a single step, enabling real-time text-to-image generation at a fast time. Currently, SDXL Turbo is not open for commercial use. 

5. Create  AI voices of your own 

Voicemod, a popular AI voice clone, now allows users to create and tweak voices with the AI voice changer feature. The app also allows users to share their voices in their community voices. 

Updated on: 27th November, 2023

1. An impressive AI application right now 

ChatGPT-4 (ChatGPT with Vision) now possesses image comprehension capabilities, allowing users to send photos for understanding complex visuals. It provides feedback on visual elements such as slide decks, UX layouts, and data visualizations. Lastly, users can also recreate product visuals by uploading screenshots and extracting code, with the added discovery of tldraw, a tool converting simple sketches into functional designs.

2. YouTube releases a new AI tool 

YouTube along with Google unveiled their new tool Lyria, an AI-based music generator tool for creators on YouTube Shorts. Lyria allows users to create unique tunes based on text prompts with specific instructions.

3. Copilot comes to Windows

Microsoft announced that it’s extending its Copilot feature to Windows 10 users, initially exclusive to Windows 11. This feature will now allow users to test the collaborative coding feature and enhance the coding experience for Windows 10 users through the inclusion of Copilot.

4. OpenAI’s new project can endanger humanity 

In a letter to the board of executives, the researchers at OpenAI spoke about Project Q* and revealed its potential to pose a serious threat to humanity. They expressed their concerns over the powerful implications of the progress made in Project Q*, emphasizing the need for careful consideration and ethical oversight to prevent any risks to human well-being.

5. Bard expands its capabilities 

With Bard’s latest update, users can now ask questions on videos, find information, and even summarize any particular video on YouTube on the platform. 

Updated on: 6th November, 2023

1. Brave goes AI mode 

With all the new AI buzz made by Bing and ChatGPT, Brave browser launched a new AI chatbot – Leo, with no extra costs. Similar to other AI chatbots, Leo prioritizes user privacy for providing secure, anonymous AI-powered assistance. Brave also launched “Leo Premium” for users with a large scale of interactions. 

2. Humane launches their first AI product 

Founded by former Apple employees, Humane launched their first AI pin, a tiny laser projector. It is pinned to your t-shirt and works like a virtual assistant. It can help you make calls, connect to the internet, and answer questions. It is marketed as a luxury device and is said to cost around $1000. 

3. Instagram is making an AI fake friend 

Instagram is developing an AI friend that users can customize based on their personality. They can choose their AI based on gender, age, and ethnicity. This new feature will allow users to converse with their AI friends. 

4. Microsoft launches AI assistant

Last week, Microsoft launched its AI assistant called Microsoft 365 Copilot AI assistant for selected enterprise clients at $30 per month. The AI assistant uses generative AI features to transform how users interact with office documents, generate text, and respond to queries. The new AI assistant is also said to analyze data, create reports, and improve productivity across the Microsoft 365 suite. 

5. Google launches a new Bug Bounty program

Google launched a new Vulnerability Reporting Program for AI safety with a $10 million fund. This is aimed at incentivizing researchers to discover flaws in generative AI features, which include bias distortion and model tampering. This initiative ois sure to set a standard for the industry.

Updated on: 30th October, 2023

1. YouTube starts AI voice cloning 

YouTube is developing an AI-powered tool that allows users to duplicate the voices of famous musicians while recording audio. They are also reportedly approaching music companies to obtain rights and train their new AI tool. 

2. Open AI launches new features

OpenAI has now introduced DALL-E 3 to its ChatGPT Plus subscription service and enterprise users. With DALL-E 3, users can generate highly detailed visuals, including text, hands, and faces. It is also said to allow users to integrate text and typography into images. This is all set to keep OpenAI apart from its competitors like Adobe Firefly and Midjourney. 

3. Apple brings in gen AI features to Siri

With new launches, Apple is said to introduce a whole range of generative AI features to Siri, which include: 

  • More personalized music recommendations on Apple Music from Siri. 
  • Mood-based playlists that Apple Music users can ask Siri to create. 
  • Quick replies based on the conversation thanks to a Messages integration. 

4. Amazon rolls out new AI features

Amazon launches a new AI-powered image generator for advertisers to enhance their ad creatives. With efforts to improve their digital advertising, the Amazon Ads team is launching a new image generation feature to help sellers (advertisers) create engaging imagery to boost ad performance and improve click-through rates with zero technical expertise. 

5. Google Maps gets new AI features

Google Maps adds new AI features to enhance navigation, exploration, and trip planning. A new immersive route view is being introduced in selected cities, including previews for walking, cycling, and driving. It is also said that they’re making use of AI to represent better real-world conditions, HOV lanes, visual features, and more. 

Updated on: 23rd October, 2023

1. Nvidia uses a new AI training method

Nvidia launches a new AI model NeMo SteerLM, an AI model to teach companies to customize large language models. Developers can use SteerLM to replace time-consuming complex processes and it does not require retraining for each use case. It is supported easily on community built LLMs like Llama - 2 and BLOOM. 

2. Capcut enters the AI game 

Capcut enters the AI game and is rolling out new AI features that help you generate scripts for your products or services. It auto-generates interesting facts about your product that users might like and can level up the way you edit your videos. 

3. Microsoft’s new tool to detect AI 

Azure AI, Microsoft’s content safety tool offers new features to make AI more safer, reliable and accountable. The new AI platform can help in content moderation, mitigate bias in the AI model, and deploy AI responsible solutions. 

4. Amazon orders to reach you sooner than expected 

At their new fulfillment centers, Amazon has deployed AI sortation machines to fast-track their delivery and warehouse operations, reduce delivery times, and track down inventory much more quickly. 

5. Open AI makes two major updates 

While ChatGPT has changed the way we work over these last 12 months, Open AI launched Bing-powered search and DALL-E 3 (now available in beta). This means that ChatGPT can now access and process information from the real world, making it more powerful and versatile. On the other hand, DALL-E 3 can generate realistic images straight from text based prompts too. These two updates are making these AI models more accessible and changing the way we interact. 

Updated on: 16th October, 2023

1. Adobe's new AI editing tool 

Adobe's Project Stardust is all set to release a new AI-powered editing tool that will help users edit pictures without any prior editing skills. The tool is expected to have an "object-aware editing system" to help users quickly move, edit, and remove objects. 

2. A new experiment reveals the best AI image-generation tool 

Super exciting results came out in a small user experiment by Neuron AI on Adobe Firefly, DALL-E 3, and Midjourney. All three tools were given the prompt "Little girl, holding a teddy bear, in the middle of nowhere photograph," and it was apparently Midjourney that came up with the best results. However, they also concluded that Adobe Firefly would suit best for businesses as they need to train their AI on publicly available information. 

3. A new AI to control all kinds of robots 

The researchers at Google DeepMind are working on a new project called Open X-Embodiment and have developed an AI system that can work with physical robots and perform many tasks. This can make training and deploying robots much easier and more efficient. 

4. It's time to start watermarking AI content

Several tech giants, including Adobe, have developed a new symbol to check whether content was created using AI tools. This symbol, called the "icon of transparency," will be embedded into the metadata of images, videos, and other content. 

5. Google AI search levels up 

Google's new Search Generative Experience allows users to create images from text prompts. The new updates include an overall increase in enhancing content creation, visual storytelling, and more. 

Updated on: 9th October, 2023

1. Meta levels up with social media chatbots 

Meta AI, a new ChatGPT-inspired chatbot, is soon to come to all our favorite apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. They say it’s more Gen-Z and can generate stickers and communicate with personality. Meta is also rumored to have 28 other celebrity-inspired chatbots, which include Mr. Beast, Snoop Dogg, Kendall Jenner, and so much more. 

2. A new AI device in town 

Sam, Founder of Open AI, and Ive, designer of the iPhone, have joined hands to build what they’re calling the “iPhone of artificial intelligence.” They are all set to raise $1B to build this natural and intuitive device. This is still early, but it sure will be a knowing AI assistant. 

3. Three exceptional ChatGPT-4 use cases you didn’t know of

With just a few months into the market, ChatGPT-4 has been rolling out many features, earning A+ for its incredible real-world applications. Some exceptional use cases of ChatGPT-4 are: 

  • It can help in identifying manufacturing defects in products.  
  • It can produce radiology-style reports for medical scans. 
  • It can help in assessing vehicle damage through photographs. 

4. LinkedIn launches a new AI career coach

With major AI announcements every day, LinkedIn’s new AI learning coach is all set to help users learn soft skills and how to delegate their work effectively. It is also set to reimagine the way you can learn and hire. 

5. Google launches Pixel phones with new Gen AI features

Google’s new Pixel 8 Pro comes with new AI features, which include Magical Editor, background editor, image resizer, magic eraser, and more. It also comes with a new temperature sensor that helps you measure the temperature of objects.

Updated on: 25th September, 2023

1. DALL.E 3 is finally here

Open AI launched the third version of DALL.E, their AI-based visual art platform. Users can make use of ChatGPT prompts and convert text to images, with more context. The new version also includes more safety features to safeguard the interests of artists. 

2. Alexa will soon get new AI upgrades 

Amazon’s echo device Alexa is all set to be supercharged with new generative AI features. With more contextual understanding, this conversational device will become more opinionated and have more personality. 

3. AI to boost productivity for the side hustle industry 

In the recent study conducted by Morgan Stanley, ChatGPT is all set to increase the productivity of the side hustle industry to over $1.4 trillion. 

The AI-focused productivity revolution could be more global than the PC revolution.

Anzoategui, Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley 

4. Bard’s got an update 

Google’s ChatGTP, Bard AI has got a recent update called “Bard Extensions”. Bard can now help you find relevant information from Google tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Maps, Youtube, and more. 

5. YouTube launches new AI editing app 

YouTube launches YouTube Creative, an AI-powered video editing app with features like precision-based editing, trimming, auto-voiceovers, and more. This new application is all set to give Google an edge in the AI race. 

Updated on: 18th September, 2023

1. Stability AI releases Stability Audio 

Apart from text, images, and audio, Stability AI just pushed its boundaries with a new product called Stability Audio. With this new product, you can now generate high-quality audio straight from text prompts. 

2. EY launches new AI product 

EY announced the launch of its new AI product, EY.ai, that is designed to unify human capabilities and artificial intelligence. Their new AI product helps clients to transform their businesses through adoption of responsible AI practices. 

3. Coca Cola jumps on the AI bandwagon 

Coca Cola fizzes on the AI trend and releases Coca‑Cola Y3000 Zero Sugar, co-created using text prompts. This new flavor represents the Y2K aesthetic with shades of blue and pink throughout. 

4. Adobe Firefly is now available for public 

Adobe Firefly is now available for the public as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. It can be a great addition for your creative, design, and brand teams. Firefly is also safe for businesses as it has been trained only on publicly available content. 

5. Robolox goes AI 

Popular video game platform, Roblox uses an AI assistant that lets creators generate virtual items and backgrounds with text prompts. This new AI tool goes to show that creativity continues to set us apart in today’s AI-powered world.

Updated on: 11th September, 2023

1. AI is now cool for school 

Education’s Week latest survey shows that over 70% of teachers believe that AI is here to stay, and teaching students how to use them is essential. OpenAI capitalized on this trend and launched an AI guide for teachers last week — be sure to check it out if you’re a parent or teacher. 

2. Glaze safeguards the human artist community 

A new AI tool Glaze, created by the scientists at the University of Chicago that helps you cloak your digital images in such a way that it becomes confusing for AI models to understand and crawl. 

Going by their official website, it says that their AI model makes minimal changes to artworks but appears as a different art style to AI models. This is now becoming a favorite among artists to protect their art. 

3. 1.3 million videos generated to thank customers 

Caravana, a popular leader for buying and selling cars in the market, made intuitive use of AI and ML tools to thank their 1.3 million customers through fun and uniquely creative digital experiences for customers so they can remember the day they met their vehicle. 

4. AI companion for your Zoom meetings 

Zoom announces a powerful AI companion at no additional cost to paid subscribers. The AI companion can operate across multiple platforms starting with Meetings, Team Chat, Phone, Email, and Whiteboard. Have you started using this yet?

5. Hubspot launches a whole new AI toolkit 

At Inbound 2023, Hubspot launches Hubspot AI and Sales Hub with a whole new range of capabilities that help SMBs grow better. These AI features include high powered products to help customer facing teams improve data readability, unlock productivity, and improve customer performance.

Updated on: 4th September, 2023

1. An AI tool 5x faster than ChatGPT 

A new AI tool on the block called Gemini, developed by Google, is all set to beat GPT - 4 by 5X in terms of speed. This was in comparison to the existing state-of-the-art generative model, OpenAI GPT-2.

2. Amazon is stepping up its AI game 

Amazon is all set to experiment with generative AI to help create concise summaries of product reviews. This feature is expected to help shoppers get a convenient snapshot of the pros and cons of products highlighted by other shoppers. 

3. OpenAI releases ChatGPT for work

OpenAI launches an exclusive enterprise plan with features such as: 

  • Speed that is up to 2X faster GPT-4
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy
  • Unlimited access to GPT-4 with no usage caps
  • Unlimited access to advanced data analysis tools (Code Interpreter)

4. Walmart’s employees go all in favor of AI 

50,000 Walmart employees each get an AI assistant via their program, Wednesday. It is an application that is trained on corporate information. It is deemed to help workers summarize documents, assist in content generation, and free workers from monotonous tasks. 

5. Google launches a new watermarking tool 

Google DeepMind launched SynthID, a tool exclusively for watermarking and identifying AI-generated images. The tool has been designed so that the watermark is not directly visible to the naked eye but is made detectable for identification. 

Updated on: 28th August, 2023

1. Meta launches SeamlessM4T

Meta’s SeamlessM4T — where the M4T stands for Massively Multilingual and Multimodal Machine Translation — is a multimodal AI translation and transcription model for up to 100 languages. 

2. Fine-tune ChatGPT for your brand

Open AI is now letting its users customize AI by uploading the data to ChatGPT 3.5 to execute use cases specially tailored to your business. You can now give it specific instructions and set preferences for your brand’s distinctive style.

3. ElevenLabs is now available in over 30 languages

ElevenLabs is yet another viral AI-powered platform for creating synthetic voices and it supports more than 30 languages. With its new AI model developed in-house, ElevenLabs is open to anyone who wants to make content universally accessible in any language without typing text. 

4. VMware and Nvidia collaborate to fine-tune their modern data center

VMware and Nvidia collaborate to transform their modern data center on VMware Cloud and bring AI to every enterprise. This will help enterprises customize and run generative AI models on their infrastructure in their data centers and the cloud. 

5. Microsoft’s AI-powered designer is now available for Edge users. 

Microsoft Designer’s free AI-powered design tool is now available to all Edge users in the US. This means that you can now access Microsoft Designer from Edge’s sidebar and  generate designs without opening up a separate tab.  

Updated on: 21st August, 2023

1. An AI tool just for the vibes 

A new AI tool called Vibes created by a marketing tech company has created its own Nexus engine to help brands plan, run, and execute mobile marketing campaigns effectively. Vibes can help you tailor your messages and suggest the best timing for running your campaigns based on your customer segments. 

2. ChatGPT gets six new features 

Open AI announced a set of new features for ChatGPT: 

  • Prompt examples to help you start a conversation. 
  • Additional suggested replies to help you continue conversations. 
  • GPT-4 will stay the default model for all plus users. 
  • Upload up to ten files on the code interpreter feature. 
  • New keyboard shortcuts to help work faster, streamline productivity, and save time. 

3. Google’s AI is here to overtake ChatGPT

Gemini, Google’s new AI capabilities, has a comprehensive set of features, including dynamic input, summarization, generation, reasoning, translation, and much more. Rumor has it that Google is also set to launch a marketplace for developers, which means we will have access to a wide range of AI products. 

4. 15B AI images created so far

AI has officially created over 15 billion images, more than photographers have clicked over 150 years. Here’s what generative AI tools have cooked up as of August 2023: 

5. AI to control climate 

The UK government is all set to invest one million euros across 12 green AI initiatives, aiming to make the country carbon-free by 2050. 

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