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Creative Intelligence
April 25, 2023
December 27, 2023

12 Best Creative Intelligence Software You Should Try

Gouri Sasidharan

12 Best Creative Intelligence Software You Should Try

April 24, 2023
December 27, 2023
Gouri Sasidharan


The more ads you generate, the merrier. 

But where’s the time to visualize and create each and every creative upon constant demand?

That’s where creative intelligence steps in. 

Creative intelligence or creative analytics software uses data analytics systematically and provides insights into the performance of creative assets and ads. 

The goal of analyzing your creative is to improve your brands’ engagement on your advertising assets. This, ultimately, increase both Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and Return On Investment (ROI) for your marketing campaigns.

The need for a Creative Intelligence tool

As mentioned above, Creative Intelligence software makes an impact on how your creatives perform. With ads being shot from every direction, people have moved past the traditional methods of pushing out creatives. On the other hand, there is social media where the trends vary from time to time. We know it is challenging to learn and catch up with everything within time. 

With the help of AI-powered Creative Intelligence tools, not only can you analyze how your creatives work but also learn what your customers want in a better way. To keep up with the current marketing environment, it is important to understand consumer behavior. This software enables you to identify patterns and trends among the entire set of data. These insights can help you create targeted campaigns for your audience driving customer loyalty, all while streamlining your creative process with a With the help of AI-powered Creative Intelligence tools, not only can you analyze how your creatives work but also learn what your customers want in a better way. To keep up with the current marketing environment, it is important to understand consumer behavior. This software enables you to identify patterns and trends among the entire set of data. These insights can help you create targeted campaigns for your audience driving customer loyalty, all while streamlining your creative process with a Packaging and Artwork management platform.

But this doesn’t mean you should avoid inputs from your creative team. Once the software generates the insights, it’s always better to discuss them with the right people to tweak creatives. For example, an ad that brings more traffic to the website could be because of the imagery or the copy that’s created by a team member. Once you receive the insights using creative analytics, that same person can improve the ad with better color or font with more clarity.

In short, analyzing the performance of creatives often requires both the human touch and a qualitative and quantitative approach to analytics. However, creative intelligence can be just as important as other forms of marketing analytics if they are used with the right tools.

Top 12 Creative Intelligence tools

Now you must be more curious about which suitable platform can you use for your marketing team. Here is the list of the best creative intelligence tools in the market that can help you enhance your creatives and sustain customer brand perception. 

1. Artwork Flow

Artwork Flow is a creative management platform that facilitates brand asset management, AI-enabled proofing, creative automation (upcoming feature), and real-time collaboration. Using the platform’s creative intelligence software, you can say goodbye to uncertainties by creating, managing, and running successful advertising campaigns and driving revenues with your creatives.  

Artwork Flow's Creative Intelligence feature

Key highlights

1. Maximize ROI with data-driven ads.

2. AI-powered smart tagging.

3. Centralized digital asset library.

4. Automate brand and legal compliance.

5. Intuitive creative workflow management.

6. Version control to avoid errors and repetitions.

7. Optimize content with in-depth insights on aspect ratio, color, and more.

Artwork Flow - 7-day free trial - CTA banner

2. Rocketium

It is a Creative Analytics platform that will provide your team with cross-platform creative-level insights. Rocketium also helps in taking creative decisions to produce more effective campaigns.

Rocketium - website

Key highlights

1. Track and analyze competitor campaigns and draw insights into them.

2. Smart tracking and AI-powered tagging. 

3. Ensure styling control, text length restriction, and more with template rules.

4. Widgets help to visualize and convey performance insights.

5. Integrate with publishing platforms to focus on performance insights.

3. Vidmob

VidMob is an intelligent creative platform that uses AI to study digital ads to provide actionable insights on the creative to function better. 

Vidmob - creative analytics platform

Key highlights

1. Insight-powered campaigns.

2. Frame-by-frame creative analysis for ads and live campaign performance.

3. Compare ads side-by-side to learn how your creative performs by ad type, audience, objective, and ad placement. 

4. Check how your creative aligns with brand guidelines before they go live.

4. Darwin

Darwin generates creative algorithms to help deliver the right message to the right audience.

Key highlights

1. Creative testing strategies.

2. Advertisers may opt into the Darwin Index to see at a macro level what is working across all campaigns.

3. Work with curated creative talent to execute the insights in the Creative Analytics Product.

4. Create specific category tracking unique to your brand to determine what elements have the most impact. 

5. Ad-Lib

Ad-Lib.io is a creative management platform that uses intelligent automation. It converts brands’ storytelling into effective digital ads.

Key highlights

1. Smart brief creation with asset management built-in.

2. Collaborate on campaign assets with markup designs, by mentioning colleagues, and carrying out discussion threads.

3. Intelligent automation of video and social ad creation.

4. Provides data on reporting, optimizations, and content recommendations.

5. Seamless integration with Google, Meta, YouTube, etc.

6. Omnkey

Omneky is a creative intelligence tool that uses algorithms to generate personalized ads.

Omnkey's Creative intelligence tool

Key highlights

1. Cross-platform integration with advertising channels.

2. Workflow automation.

3. Annotate ads and collaborate with multiple stakeholders.

4. Analyze cross-platform creative performance.

5. Localize content in any language.

7. Replai.io

With Replai.io, app publishers can analyze creatives and drive performance using computer vision AI.

Key highlights

1. Highly visual user interface.

2. Creative data integration.

3. Video creative tagging.

4. Analyze and compare competitor’s creatives.

5. Historical analysis of creatives for new concepts.

Replai.io enables measuring success based on performance

8. Revealbot

Automate your ad management routine with Revealbot to attain results faster. It helps marketers create dozens of ad variations, get cross-platform reports, and automatically promote the top posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Key highlights

1. Visual builder to build complex automation.

2. Show top audience reports.

3. Analyze creatives' performance at different funnels.

4. Edit faster in bulk.

5. App integrations.

9. Dragonfly.ai

It's a platform that helps you analyze your creative across any format and channel to improve its effectiveness and quality.

Key highlights

1. Predictive heatmaps give you an idea of customer behavior. 

2. A/B test your creatives.

3. With the mobile app, analyze creative assets in real-world environments from product packaging to visual merchandising and more.

4. Track gaze paths on your ads.

5. Auto-tagging of objects.

10. Bannerflow

A Creative Analytics platform like Bannerflow enables in-house marketing teams to improve and manage their digital advertising effectively.

Bannerflow's creative analytics feature example

Key highlights

1. Intuitive interface and automated distribution.

2. With heat maps, gain live insight into how customers are interacting with your creatives.

3. A/B testing to evaluate versions and ad variations.

4. Drive clicks by using a range of live data feeds and dynamic options.

5. Directly export images and videos to Facebook Ads Manager.

11. Pixis.ai

Pixis is a tech company that develops accessible AI technology, helping to generate personalized variants of your creative that influences consumer decision.

1. Persona-based creative recommendation to enhance customer experience.

2. AI-led design recommendations.

3. Generates copies based on demographics.

4. Render images from text prompts.

5. Easy and quick integrations.

12. Fluid ads

The Fluid Ads platform automates captivating ads to work everywhere using dynamic data.

Key highlights

1. A/B testing enables you to see which variation works for your audience.

2. Geolocation breakdown–see where your audience lives and where to target future spending.

3. Advanced reporting insights.

4. Contextual advertising shows relevant content to the right audience.

5. Third-party app integrations.


Now we know that creative intelligence has a huge impact on the marketing materials generated. Having that competitive advantage takes you a step ahead, and that is why enabling a suitable creative intelligence tool is essential in your organization. It can help you gather data revolving around your creatives and assist you in producing high-quality creatives that actually bring in results.

Artwork Flow is a powerful creative intelligence platform that can transform how your creatives work into something better. To find out more about this user-friendly tool, book a demo with our experts today.

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