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March 14, 2024
March 14, 2024

5 Best ProofHQ/Workfront Alternatives for A Faster Review Process

Mitha Shameer

5 Best ProofHQ/Workfront Alternatives for A Faster Review Process

March 14, 2024
March 14, 2024
Mitha Shameer


Workfront Proof (previously known as ProofHQ) is an online proofing tool that has been loved by creative teams everywhere ever since its inception in 2007. The online proofing solution helps accelerate reviews and streamlines approval processes.

Earlier this year, Adobe revealed plans to discontinue Workfront Proof, prompting numerous users to search for a replacement solution. Thankfully, there are several other ProofHQ alternatives available today that are on par or even better than ProofHQ in terms of the advanced features they offer.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best ProofHQ alternatives available in the market today. 

1. Artwork Flow

Artwork Flow is an AI-powered file management and proofing software that helps creative, brand, and design teams review artwork faster and simplify feedback cycles. The proofing module has a rich toolkit — including annotations, version compare, barcode scanner, braille, font extractor, measurement scale, spell check, and more.

Artwork Flow integrates seamlessly with other tools such as monday.com, Figma, Slack, Drive, Dropbox, and more.


  • 160+ file format support, including video proofing
  • Fully automated approval workflows
  • Markup tools for accurate feedback
  • Online proofing tools such as PDF compare, barcode scanner, braille, and more.
  • Automated email reminders to stay on track
  • Version control with complete file history
  • Checklist-oriented tasks
  • Access control for secure file sharing
  • DAM with metadata management for file storage and quick retrieval
  • ComplyAI for customizable regulatory compliance


  • Image compare with side-by-side, difference, and flicker modes
  • Annotate with multiple markup tools for precise feedback
  • Highly flexible workflows to speed up reviews
  • List and Gantt view to track tasks and timelines
  • DAM with smart tags, filters, and private folder options
  • Customizable compliance rulesets for regulatory compliance
  • Offers quick rendering even at extreme zoom levels, ensuring detailed reviews.
  • Intuitive project dashboard to look at data in one glance.


  • Doesn't have a mobile version

Ease of use

Artwork Flow's intuitive proofing tools, approval workflows, and AI-driven features ensure that reviews are fast and seamless for all users. The tool offers a beginner-friendly user interface with little to no learning curve and provides quick response time for any assistance.


A free plan is available. The professional plan is priced at $39 per user per month for 10 users. For enterprise plans, users can contact sales.

Customer rating

  • Capterra: 4.5/5
  • G2: 4.8/5

What makes Artwork Flow a great ProofHQ alternative

The platform has all the features offered by Workfront Proof, and more. It supports 160+ file types, allowing users to download, resize, convert, and share files directly via the platform without relying on multiple tools. 

Plus, 100% transparent review cycles are guaranteed, thanks to version control, autocomplete flexible workflows, and project tracking capabilities. You can leave comments and feedback in the form of annotations and track project progress using the same tool.

2. ProofHub

If you’re seeking an alternative to Workfront Proof, ProofHub won’t disappoint. It is an all-in-one project management and online proofing tool. It is a good choice to review artwork faster and stay on track with ease.


  • Connect with third-party tools such as Slack, Box, Google Drive, and more.
  • Annotate files and leave feedback with different markup tools. 
  • Automated email notifications help fast-track the approval process. 
  • Customize workflows to match your team's unique needs.


  • Lack of helpful integrations for seamless work. 
  • Users have experienced lag while using the app.


ProofHub offers a free trial and starts at $50/month.

Customer rating

  • Capterra: 4.6/5
  • G2: 4.5/5

What makes ProofHub a great ProofHQ alternative

ProofHub is a great choice if you’re looking to simplify feedback cycles. The proofing software enables cross-team collaboration by allowing you to share files with internal and external stakeholders. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive range of features and advanced capabilities, it might be good to consider other tools.

3. Ziflow

If you’re looking for an online proofing solution with version control and advanced workflow automation capabilities, then it might be worth it to give Ziflow a try. 


  • Use annotations, version control, and feedback management to collaborate on artwork files. 
  • Track task assignments, deadlines, and progress tracking with project management features. 
  • Build flexible workflows to streamline the review process and approve files quickly. 
  • Compare and view different file versions to see changes made by other collaborators. 


  • There is a risk of missing critical feedback comments as users might receive too many notifications for each piece of feedback.


Ziflow offers a range of pricing plans based on both personal and business needs.

The plans include:

Personal: $0/month

Business: $40/user/month

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Customer rating

  • Capterra: 4.8/5
  • G2: 4.5/5

What makes Ziflow a great ProofHQ alternative

From project management to proofing, the tool offers multiple features that help in streamlined approvals. The tool's flexibility and robust features make it a decent choice for various teams looking for a Workfront Proof alternative. ‍

4. Filestage

Filestage is another Workfront alternative. It is an online review and approval software. 


  • A simple and intuitive user interface that is easy to use. 
  • Centralized feedback for easy tracking and collaboration. 
  • Review files within the platform, without the need for long email threads.
  • Automated reminders and email notifications help keep everyone in the loop of any updates or changes.


  • Occasionally, email alerts may fail to be delivered.


Filestage offers 3 pricing plans with the standard plan starting at $24/user/month.

Customer rating

  • Capterra: 4.7/5
  • G2: 4.6/5

What makes Filestage a great Workfront alternative

The platform specializes in audio, video, and design proofing. The tool allows you to easily upload and share your files, leave feedback and comments, and collaborate with your team in real-time. 

5. Approval Studio 

Another great pick for a ProofHQ alternative is Approval Studio. It is an online proofing software that has a wide range of features such as version comparison and annotations. The platform is ideal for creative teams for faster reviews.


  • Review design files with annotations, on-screen ruler, live comments, spell checker, barcode scanner, and more.
  • Simple and organized dashboard for task and project management.
  • Option to switch between multiple project layouts.


  • Limited integrations to other tools. 
  • No option to review and proof video files. 


The platform offers two pricing options. The Lite plan starts at $9/user/month.

Customer rating

  • Capterra: 5/5
  • G2: 4.9/5

What makes Approval Studio a great Workfront alternative

Whether you are looking for simple approval software or a cookie-cutter project management platform, Approval Studio is worth considering. The software integrates with a few tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Slack, making it easy to incorporate into your existing workflow.

Picking the right online proofing solution

Choosing the right online proofing tool is crucial to ensuring a seamless review and approval cycle. Now that we have provided our top picks of the best online proofing software, making the switch and choosing a ProofHQ alternative would be quick and easy.

Before we bid goodbye, here is a list of important features to consider when choosing an online proofing solution:

  • Version control: Centralize asset versions in one location and track or reclaim previous versions effortlessly.
  • Markup tools: Simplify feedback with annotations. Use various markup tools to leave feedback comments right on visual files.
  • Proofing tools: Tools such as spell check, version compare, barcode scanner, measurement scale, and more ensure accurate proofing.
  • Project tracking: Track projects and timelines with List view and Gantt charts.
  • Workflow automation: Bluid workflows from scratch or use pre-existing templates to set up approval workflows in seconds.
  • DAM: Store and access all design files in one place. Use auto tags and custom metadata for faster search and retrieval.
  • Collaboration tools: Share files, set permissions, create private folders, get notifications, and more to collaborate with anyone.

Artwork Flow is an online proofing solution that offers all the above features, plus so much more. Book a demo to see how we can help you streamline your approval workflow and go to market faster.

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